Southside Showdown, Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSunday, September 6, 2020 at Jefferson Barracks Hist. Park in St. Louis (Mehlville), Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Southside Showdown, Powered by Prodigy graphic


Assistant TDAlex Neupert
Tournament DirectorJeff Willems

About this tournament

Come join the St. Louis Disc Golf Club for our annual B-tier tournaments!

Sunday is the Southside Showdown, featuring Willmore Park DGC and the classic: Jefferson Barracks! We will be doing Tee times for this event and will post your tee times on the PDGA site the day before the tournament. You will play both rounds with the same card. After completion of first round, your card will have an hour break, then you will start your second round at your assigned course.

We’re raffling off tons of great prizes including discs, merch, a basket, a Zuca cart, and more!

Each Pool will have their chance at a special CTP on “Hole 19” at Jefferson Barracks. Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance while registering or through PayPal and Venmo. Winners will be drawn during the virtual awards ceremony following the tourney via the STLDGC group page on FB:

We will be utilizing TEE TIMES for all divisions. To make this possible, we have also changed the start time (First Tee Off) to 7:30am with 10 minute intervals (subject to change). This will help keep us in compliance with local health measures in St. Louis County. Tee times will be posted the day before the tournament. You will play with the same card both rounds. Scoring will be done through the PDGA Live Scoring app. After completion of your first round, your card will have an hour break. You will then report to your assigned course for the 2nd round and start your round. The course TD will know your start time and it will also be posted on the PDGA event page.

Pools are CURRENT but subject to change until Friday, 9/4:

Pool A: All PRO, MA1, and Age-Restricted AMs (MA40, etc.)
Pool B: MA2, MA3, FA1-3, and all Juniors

Layouts are as follows:

-Jefferson Barracks-


Par 55


3C Par 4
5B Par 4
6C Par 4 (basket will be moved here/Gateway Titan Portable will be used)
10C Par 4
Par 5 (basket will be moved here/Gateway Titan Portable will be used)
13D (not currently placed, will be in the triangle, day of)
17C Par 4

Par 61

*We are currently talking to city parks to repair damaged sleeves for noted holes. If not done in time, we will cover/remove permanent basket and have a Gateway Titan Portable available at the designated pin.

Refund policy

River City Flyers / St. Louis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. We will be following PDGA guidelines per amendment of section 1.03, seen here:


Jefferson Barracks Hist. Park
St. Louis (Mehlville), MO   Get Directions
Willmore Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Andrew Presnell504696$495
2Zackeriath Johnson504797$326
3Seth Wood5348101$251
4Aaron Walther5250102$194
5Allen Hooper5650106$144
5Brock Rohler5254106$144
7Adam Marbes5850108$100
7Luke Samson5751108$100
9Kellen Key5653109$83
10Brett Murry5654110$46
10Jacob Anderson5555110$46
10Ryan Rickard5753110$46
13Tyler Fank5754111
14Richard French6151112
15Max Anderson5756113
15Scott Paul6251113
17Thomas Von Brecht6055115
18Nick Ursul6156117
18Ryan Jarvis5661117
20Daniel Ainsworth5860118
21Cory Rains5762119
22Juan Carlos Lightle6259121
Pro 40+
1Roger Reyes5548103$258
2Keo Sabengsy5851109$161
3Mark Flinn5855113$60
3Thomas Dittrich5954113$60
5Jake Schmitz6157118
6Harold Redd6560125
1Taylor Thomas5648104$104
2Scott Houska5549104$83
3Adam Wofford5752109$71
4Dan Kuntz5555110$62
5August Bont5754111$53
6Robert Lenau6251113$43
6Samuel St. John5954113$43
8Frederick Schaljo6252114$31
8Patrick Hoffmann5757114$31
8Spencer Loscar5658114$31
11Brett Elam5758115$27
11Chris Pilarski5956115$27
13Calvin Kinsella5957116$15
13Drake Scott5660116$15
13Mark Jones6254116$15
16Dallas Whittle6057117
16Mike Swehla6156117
18Brett Graham6356119
18Kyle Cox6059119
18Nolan Zoellner6554119
18Ryan Koster6059119
22Henry Sundermann6258120
22Luke Sivertson6159120
22Nicholas Goodman6357120
25Cole Kammien6062122
26Jake Sansoni5964123
26Mason Zetsch6162123
28Lavan Lee6561126
29Trent Fred6463127
30Michael Kearns6862130
31Joe Kuszaj888-888
Amateur 40+
1Joe Jaegers5953112$44
2Will Rosa5961120$29
3Al Kennon6561126$16
3Anthony Rega6561126$16
3Drew Wright6561126$16
6Cameron Steele6760127
6Thomas Spencer6463127
8Cory Sprous6266128
9Jim Niebling6961130
10Timothy Shanx Wiegard6864132
11Bill Zurheide7465139
Amateur 50+
1Kim Matheny6360123$21
2Ray Vuichard6959128$12
3Gregory Herschel7167138
1Xavier Stevens5755112$36
2Alex Adelman5460114$32
2Alex Rode5658114$32
4Jace Leanhart5065115$30
5Nickolas Fritz5759116$28
6Jeff Morrison5463117$26
7Aaron Mullins5761118$23
7Grant Feldt5563118$23
7Paul Schneider5860118$23
10Forrest Cobb5663119$20
11Zachary Hawkins5961120$17
12Brandon Robertson5764121$10
12CJ Novak5566121$10
12John Nimmo5962121$10
12Ramon Espique5764121$10
16George Fiorini5865123
17Austin Nunnery6064124
17Tyler Reed5866124
19Adam Borgschulte6065125
19Keagan Settles6362125
21Daniel Brogli5967126
21Jon Kekec6363126
23Vincent Goodman6168129
24Joe Zoellner6367130
25Nathan Gardner5873131
26Ethan Schroeder6668134
27Kyle Reece6669135
27Phoenix Sprous6372135
29Joshua LaRose6571136
30John Ridenhour7069139
1Jake Koons5362115$38
2Kyle The Hammer Hanner5763120$33
3Eric Edge5864122$32
4Jonathan Reynolds6261123$30
5A.J. Gatewood6066126$26
5Brandon Elms6165126$26
5Josiah Badenoch6363126$26
8Cody Early6167128$23
9Louis Beckley5970129$21
10Cameron Hawkins6169130$21
11Aaron Whitworth6170131$17
11Curtis Wiegand6269131$17
11Jace Roppa5972131$17
11Timothy Gray6566131$17
15Greg Williams6369132$2
15Kolin Scharnhorst6765132$2
15Michael Pavolka6567132$2
15Samuel Krumpe6072132$2
19Anthony Smith6667133
19Tex Bussey6370133
21Sam Bohon6273135
22Andy Huss6870138
23Zack Donaldson6773140
24Daniel White6974143
25Michael Shelton6878146
26Jacob Kaiser6978147
27Andrew Clifton7177148
27Mark DiDonato7375148
29Jon Hellwig7680156
30Amar Besirevic7385158
31Austin Adams7790167
32Wesley McCann8192173
Intermediate Women
1Hayley Day6868136$20
2Debbie Polkinghorne7073143$13
3Virginia Polkinghorne7075145
Junior 18
1Joshua Roseman8681167$5