Southeastern Amateur Championship presented by Orlando Disc Golf

PDGA logoSat-Mon, August 31-September 2, 2019 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Michael Tracy    Sticky 2 days ago

Links on sac website for course assignments is not working. Where can I find course and pad assignments for ma60

Mark Janssen   10 hours ago

I took them down as they were causing confusion. Should have the schedule up in the next few days. Working them out up here at Worlds. Pads will be short for 60+

Morgan Weed    July 11 at 4:04pm

Just wondering where the 5th course is. I know turkey and Barnett but never heard of Parkside. Is that 65th infantry?

Morgan Weed   July 11 at 4:05pm

And also when will pad assignments be out?

Bill Vanderhoof   July 11 at 7:46pm

Parkside is at Barnett Park. Parkside and North Course.

Mark Janssen   7 days ago

Pad assignments will most likely stay the same as next year which are posted on the website

James Elhart    July 10 at 8:51am

Which courses would MA3 be playing?

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john harrison   July 10 at 3:54pm

That's my favorite course of all. Please let us play it!

James Elhart   July 10 at 7:31pm

Thank you.

Reed Hancock   July 12 at 4:27pm

Yes please let us

Paul K    July 9 at 12:58pm

With 36 MA50 participants already in the field, any chance of introducing the MA55 to this tourney and allow those who qualify and wish to move into this category?

Mark Janssen   July 9 at 7:59pm

Not in the cards for this year. Would have needed to have that established when registration opened as many people will not look back and see the new option.

Paul K   July 9 at 10:58pm

Thx Mark. Plz consider for next year.

Bryan Kincaid    July 8 at 6:35pm

What courses are MA2 playing? The last update on the site says 8/27/18. Is that still going to be the schedule?

Mark Janssen   July 9 at 7:48pm

NO a new schedule will be posted. Although MA2 will play all five courses offered in the event. The order still needs to be determined.

Shawn Penniman    July 8 at 12:48pm

Hey there Mark, I will be coming from out of town looking to get a hotel just wanted to confirm what I was reading on the main page, that Juniors and Rec players will only be playing Saturday and Sunday just looking for confirmation from what I read thanks Shawn..

Mark Janssen   July 9 at 7:49pm

That is correct. Rec only plays 4 rounds on Sat-Sun. No Monday play.

Victor "Doosh" Smith    July 5 at 4:33pm

Bagermediate (Intermediates) Division is 130.
What a huge Division. All we need is 12 more players
and we'll be Full. Pass the word, let's completely fill this Division.


Dwayne Hoffman    July 4 at 11:42pm

Question: for T-2, since there are green pads, are the red pads in use for MA3? Looking forward to playing the event for the first time.

Mark Janssen   July 5 at 3:16pm

The green pads are not played on T2 except for 16 if you go in water on tee from red pad.

Reed Hancock    June 28 at 8:33pm

Wow this is a great tournament, just look at the registrants! I love this tournament.


Ken Sapp    June 28 at 6:27pm

No vouchers for rec?

Mark Janssen   June 28 at 8:57pm

That is correct. We supply a players package valued at more than the entry fee. Between the players package cost, PDGA fees, EDGE donation and trophy costs there is no monies left for payout in the Rec divisions.

Dusty Cantrell    June 21 at 1:16pm

Can I get a shirt size change for John Howerton MA 50 to a 2XL?

Mark Janssen   June 21 at 5:16pm

Sure I'll do that, but in the future you can use the link sent with your registration to go in and change things like this.

Dusty Cantrell   June 21 at 6:35pm

Thanks and for the info

Kevin Reilly    June 20 at 2:54am

Anything specific need to be done for the doubles event prior to 8/30 or is it all done at BFP that day?

Mark Janssen   June 20 at 3:15am

Its a random doubles for $10 with all money giong back out to payout. It's fairly easy to run and we assign teams right before tee off. So no real prep other than standard course prep

Dale Robertson    June 20 at 2:03am

First time playing this tournament so need some info. Men’s rec what t pads will we play and just the two courses? Any real good deals on motel rooms.

Mark Janssen   June 20 at 3:16am

All of you questons can be answered on the main website:

Davy Reynolds    June 20 at 12:25am

Is it polo and dress shorts or t shirt and basketball shorts when asking about sizes?

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Steve Rubin   June 20 at 3:08am

button fly jorts probably ;)

Mark Janssen   June 20 at 3:17am

actually cut off Yes polo shirts and gym shorts with elastic

Steve Rubin   June 20 at 3:19am

lol,thanks Mark..

Ryan Dunleavy    June 19 at 12:42pm

Hey there, any word on pad assignments for this years event?

Mark Janssen   June 19 at 3:24pm

They should be similar to last years, but not yet confirmed.