Southeastern Amateur Championship presented by Orlando Disc Golf

PDGA logoSat-Mon, August 31-September 2, 2019 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Lao Alovus    September 2 at 3:34pm

Had a blast! Thanks for the hospitality, Orlando. Anyone seen the payouts online or have a pic they can add to the photos section? Heard it was up at HQ.

Reed Hancock   September 4 at 11:22am

Fun event. Will be back every year!

Reed Hancock    August 31 at 12:35am

A tip for the wind this weekend

Reed Hancock   August 31 at 8:22am

What did I just watch HAHA

James Jurden    August 30 at 10:34pm

AM50 playing North course first?

Mandy Sierra   August 30 at 10:55pm

Im at a loss ? what time at Barnett now ? TD, can you please reply here ?

Mark Janssen   August 31 at 12:55am

Check you email and the SAC website for most up to date info - Count made us change plans late today:

Jared Smith    August 30 at 10:07pm

Where’s check in for woods? Can I get player pack there or from main hq

Mark Janssen   August 31 at 12:57am

Please read you caddy book, it has answers like these. Check in for Bill Frederick at main HQ as well as the players meeting.

Josh Blum    August 30 at 9:47pm

Wait... so now Ma3 is playing the 1 course we were never scheduled to play?? Boooooooooo

Justin Brown   August 30 at 10:14pm

Woods course is by far the best course! So much better than original or Parkside!

Josh Blum   August 30 at 10:37pm


Kevin Reilly    August 30 at 9:12pm

It seems unwise to make the trip for those out of town with state-wide gas shortages, state of emergency evacuation traffic, and anticipated tropical force weather starting as soon as Sunday morning. There is no specific criteria for natural disasters influencing PDGA events on their website so why would there be a withdrawal penalty? So, how are withdrawals refunds going be handled in this unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstance?

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Kevin Reilly   August 31 at 12:13am

Thank you for the copy and paste of info from the front page but I asked here because I did all of that. I have yet to receive a response from them which is why I was reaching out. This seems like a situation where the basic rules proposed by the PDGA should be overlooked with so many unknown variables for people traveling from far away.

Josh Blum   August 31 at 12:30am

You and the 200 other people who have emailed asking the same question probably won’t get a response... it’s a ****ty situation.. but at this point I’m pretty sure your options are A) play the event.. or B) follow pdga refund policy guidelines...

Mark Janssen   August 31 at 1:01am

Yes, we will be following PDGA guidelines (which was discussed with the PDGA). At this point, unless someone prefers the 25% refund we will be sending players packages to the address on the registration. This will take a while as we are focused on the event and then the hurricane.

James Jurden    August 30 at 8:52pm

Address to "The Woods" course?

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Scott Alexander   August 30 at 9:22pm

The Woods course is the first road to the left after you enter the park.

Dan Lewis   August 30 at 9:29pm

3401 S Hiawassee Rd, Orlando, FL 32835 Same as the other 2 courses at Bill Frederick Park. The Woods course is up near the front of the park.

James Jurden   August 30 at 10:28pm

Thanks you!!

Jack fan    August 30 at 11:21am

Any locals in Orlando ? What’s the condition like up there ? Are you able to find gas ?
I don’t want to make the 3 hour drive up there and be stuck cause I can’t find gas or roads are closed.

Keith Steinmeyer   August 30 at 2:15pm

Just drove by the 7-11 near tlp, still has gas. Most places still have gas here, just anecdotal but coastal cities seem to be seeing a shortage more than Orlando so far.

Davy Reynolds    August 30 at 10:14am

Travel safe everyone. Evacs have started here and they said to make sure your packed for 5-7 days. Also make sure you to give yourself a lot of time to arrive at the park early enough with all the traffic about to accumulate.

Ken Bess   August 30 at 12:44pm

They stopped doing this in 2017 with Irma, they now have emergency shoulder use, which replaced contraflow. The law enforcement resources became too great so they changed the method of evacuation.

Davy Reynolds   August 31 at 1:03am

Brevard county just issued mandatory evacs......

Mike Gambini    August 30 at 3:13am

Now that we are off the hook for Monday, have tits cooled down yet?! I see Craig PP is still a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Poor bastard. You have a tourney to win. RISE UP SOLDIER!

Mike Cain   August 30 at 4:24am

Really! I’m exhausted and haven’t even played one round yet!

Mike Gambini   August 30 at 1:58pm

Think of it as entertainment humor. Nothing personal!

Joe Baley    August 30 at 1:57am

Can we please use all withdrawal request funds to update signs at Northside and have them say "Funded by Dorian 2019"

Mike Gambini   August 30 at 3:41am


Mike Puna    August 30 at 12:31am

Any other sport would’ve cancelled there event under these circumstances how is this looking out for the safety of our players at the end of the day every player makes there own decision but cmon people stop the madness it’s disc golf is it really worth the risk do you really think your gonna have fun to all my buddies playing and the rest of you die hards be safe out there

Jared Smith   August 30 at 1:05am

You could withdraw instead of complaining.

Jared Smith   August 30 at 8:38am

I mean out of 300+ players signed up your crying the most about bad weather. Makes it seem like you need perfect conditions to play. Yours are your own person if your that afraid of bad weather be an adult and make a decision yourself.

Reed Hancock   August 30 at 9:48am

Craig do you sleep

Roderick Queen    August 30 at 12:30am

I’d think if it could be done condensing to 4 rounds on Saturday and Sunday would ease a lot of people’s minds and give time. Also give the td’s a break, they are trying to be patient and want to make the best decision they can.

Mike Gambini   August 30 at 12:34am

Lmao I literally just said this to my buddy 15 mins ago. Monday is ****ing with people’s minds.

Mike Cain    August 29 at 11:19pm

We are going to break the internet!


Justin Brown    August 29 at 10:06pm

Well I for one am super excited! Time to really test them skills boys and girls.


Conor M    August 29 at 8:16pm

This is pure Kafka

Mike Gambini   August 29 at 8:26pm

I don't expect this kind of high-level thinking from a disc golfer. Bravo sir!

Mike Gambini    August 29 at 8:13pm

I just made some fresh popcorn, would someone please make a stupid comment ASAP??

Craig PP Wesnofske   August 29 at 8:22pm

Trump is about to cancel this from the rose garden.

Mike Cain   August 30 at 1:13am

No he’s going to nuke the storm!

Reed Hancock    August 29 at 6:30pm

Can we please chill! It won’t be too severe until Monday and a fifth round isn’t very necessary anyways


Scott Paul    August 29 at 6:06pm

Wonder if them handing out sandbags at Barnett Patk will afect the Tournament any....


Gregg stevens    August 29 at 6:01pm

Everyone calm down. Storm is slowing. Its nit expected to hut land till early tuesday morning. Lets play!!!

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DJ Smith   August 29 at 6:42pm

Says the 2 guys with a 1-2 hour drive. Some of us have $600 Airbnb’s, $500 passenger van rentals, and 9 hours

DJ Smith   August 29 at 6:42pm

9 hour drives

Ken Bess   August 29 at 7:14pm

As of 11:00 AM Tropical Storm force Winds (39 mph) are expected to hit the Orlando area on Sunday at 8:00 am, and only intensify after that. The eye of the storm is not what I'm afraid of and that is what is expected to reach Orlando around 8:00 am Tuesday.