South 71 Sling presented by Innova Champion Discs

PDGA logoSunday, May 23, 2021 at Cleveland Lake in Belton, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

South 71 Sling presented by Innova Champion Discs graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorJohn Wildman
Course CoordinatorClayton Smith

About this tournament

South 71 Sling is a 2-round shotgun start C-tier at Cleveland Lake in Belton and Recreation Park in Raymore. Located only 5-10 minutes apart, competitors will swap courses during the break between rounds.

We have a large amount of added cash- a good portion will be going to the donation made to the Cleveland Lake course, but the remaining will increase payouts well above the standard C-tier tournament.

Refund policy

Final day for a withdrawal and any refund is Tuesday, May 11th. Am refunds requested after discs are ordered in April will still be able to claim their disc, but may not receive the refund for its value. All withdrawals after the May 18th date will not be guaranteed any form of refund.

South Side Events is responsible for all refunds/cancellations, less the processing fee.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Daniel Roman524799$360
2Aaron Hieb5647103$250
3Courage Davis5451105$160
3Vincent Como5451105$160
5Das Loomis5453107$85
5David Potts5651107$85
5Jake Bowen5948107$85
5Mattrick Wright5651107$85
9Ben Peters5553108$55
9Kevin Free5454108$55
11Jordan Renzelman5950109
11Mark Anderson5653109
11Mark Komoroski5950109
11Noah Free5752109
11Trevor Hastert6049109
16Dan Perkins5951110
16Joseph Hesting6050110
16Joshua Bernard5753110
16Micah Noble5852110
20Jitt Belcher6053113
21Kyle Wiedwald6155116
22Kobee Austria6454118
23Brandon Logan6759126
24Fabian Venegas6963132
1Jeff Campbell6051111$235
2John Thompson5853111$150
3Kevin Corbett6052112$110
4Frederick W Smith6251113$75
5Jason Flook5757114
6Dick Parker6155116
7Brian Swezy6156117
7Brian "DGFC" Evans6156117
9Carl Aufner6262124
10Robert Watson6465129
1Spencer Rieschick5655111
2James M Taylor5756113
2Spencer Roberts5855113
4Austen Cummins6054114
5Charlie Peters5857115
6Aaron Bolli6254116
6Dj Christopher6056116
6John Winter6254116
6Zach Cross6551116
10Brett Main6157118
11Alex Mieir6061121
11Michael Barr6457121
11Thomas Ostaszewski6259121
14Brady Tiller136128264
1Jamin Swift5460114
2Jack Lupardus5463117
3Chad Kelley5465119
4Christian Eikermann5466120
5Zack Barber6063123
6Mike Miller5767124
7Scott Mooney6369132
8Donovan Tozier6075135
9Bryan Pitman7689165
1Buford Baker6458122
2Harold Berciunas6558123
3Jon Parsons6163124
4Brian Brasher6462126
5Bill Shinoski6664130
5Shawn Nelson6862130
7Mike Souder6370133
8Kenneth McWhorter7369142
9Randy Meier7571146
10Gary Johnston8069149
11Steve Ellis8171152
1Jake Reimer4662108
2Christian J Alsman5158109
3Ian Roudebush5358111
4Paul Nesmith5560115
5Owen Cobb5660116
6Andrew Rummery5661117
7Austin Anderson5563118
8Bryan Clark5465119
9Devin Sander5466120
10Kelsey Scott5665121
11Jonathan Tebbe5765122
11Rj LAWSON5369122
13Austin Pribyl5964123
13Travis Marrocco5568123
15Christopher Culbertson6064124
16Todd Thurman5868126
17Adrian Hall6267129
17Jared Riley5871129
17Ryan Chilcoat6366129
20Michael Rahmberg5578133
21Timothy Landstra6173134
22Jon Duckworth7865143
23Daniel Hernandez7891169
24Jackson Hagen58-58
25Tim Kerns66-66
1Noah Schwarz5761118
2Tanner Burton5862120
3Tanner Griffin5863121
4Stephen Karst5866124
5Dustin Alexander5966125
5Michael McCarter5966125
5Michael Sapenoff6263125
8Casey Speer6462126
8Earle Riley5868126
8Jordan Becquer5868126
11Chris Lillich6067127
11Quentin Boggs5968127
11Will Plamann5968127
14Cory Wilkes6366129
14Derek Williams6267129
16Cody Bradley6071131
16Cole Blaise6467131
16Tanner McWhorter6566131
19Alejandro Olmo6369132
19Zach Richcreek6270132
21David Schall6469133
21Samuel Schoonover6370133
23Rick Ragsdale6371134
24Aaron Woodson6669135
24Joel Bottemuller6471135
26Johnny Palmieri6472136
26Nate Lillich6670136
26Steven Meyer6472136
29Brittain Manginelli6770137
29Tucker Woodson6473137
31Clint Fizer6773140
32Adam White6576141
33Michael Lane6875143
34Dave Stuck6381144
35Lee Campbell7075145
36Dan Bottemuller7078148
36Scott McCarter6880148
38John Barney8082162
39Matt Albright74-74
1Ali Smith6666132
2Steph Rupp7264136
3Courtney Walbe7465139
4Kelley Kneib7766143
4Tina Beach7469143
6Amanda Borders7869147
7Jenna Galletta79-79
1Rachel Price7771148
2Angela Reimer8074154
3Ava Meyer8378161
4Victoria Andrew8380163
5Moriah Becquer8580165
6Kelsey Bowers8984173
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