Social C's #5- Taste of the Talon

PDGA logoThursday, September 24, 2020 at Raptors Roost in Gordonsville, Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

One round with tee times on the new Talon course! Tee times will be posted tuesday evening after registration closes.
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Christophe Odden    September 23 at 1:37pm

I missed the cut off time... Is it still possible to play? I am talking to my boss now about a half day to hit the late tee time if this is a possibility

John Biscoe   September 23 at 2:19pm

I can get you in at 1245. Please confirm if coming.

Andrew Jorgenson    September 20 at 11:19pm

Hey John I won’t be able to make it now. Can I please get a refund, thank you.

John Biscoe   September 21 at 10:30am

will do

Kim Brennan    September 20 at 8:59pm

I'm presuming that everyone isn't going to be teeing off at midnight and that you have nothing better to do than to respond to frivilous inquiries...

John Biscoe   September 21 at 1:17am

Tee times will be set within an hour of registration closing Tuesday evening.

Cory Schick    September 19 at 12:13pm

John can you move me to intermediate and an erlie tee time I need to be back in Richmond for an obligation. Thank you sorry for the inconvenience

John Biscoe   September 19 at 11:38pm

will do

Cory Schick   September 20 at 12:12am

Thank you

Drew Smith   September 23 at 12:56am

Intermediate? Bro ...

Richard Snapp    September 19 at 1:15am

Doesn't anyone on here work? Lol

John Biscoe   September 19 at 10:12am

Seems like I do nothing else...

Drew Smith   September 23 at 12:56am

7-3 with time off for Social Cs

Christophe Odden   September 23 at 1:31pm

I might be able to get off early. There are late tee times?

Chris McGee    September 16 at 3:54pm

If me and a friend sign up, is it possible to put us on the same tee time? Will be coming from South Boston, and it would just be easier since we will be riding together. We would either play advanced or open.

John Biscoe   September 16 at 6:59pm

In all likelihood yes

J.P. Harasek    September 13 at 9:35pm

What are thinking the time ranges for the early and late tee times will be?

John Biscoe   September 13 at 11:36pm

earliest will be 9 or maybe 8:45. Latest will depend on number of registrants but has been winding up around 2.

Dan Castle    September 10 at 2:46pm

So this is a tee-time event or flex start?

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Dan Castle   September 11 at 2:04am

A flex start meaning you can show up and play your round (with 3 or more people) any time within a given time range.

John Biscoe   September 11 at 2:18am

nope- not doing that. :)

Dan Castle   September 11 at 2:47am

Thanks for clarifying, looking forward to more great golf at the Roost

Brandon T    September 3 at 11:07pm

When will the Talons be open for practice?

John Biscoe   September 4 at 11:48am

Sunday the 20th if not before

Austin Gerber   September 14 at 11:43pm

Come on Brandon you don't need no practice! Just throw the roller of every tee. Guaranteed 9 down

Brandon T   September 17 at 12:14am

LOL @ Austin!