Soarin’s Spring Fling Doubles Tournament

Saturday, June 19, 2021 at Creola City Park in Creola, Alabama
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Day of Sign Up: 8AM Tee-Off: 9AM Cash out pay out for top teams in each division Hard Cap of 36 Teams Fe ... more
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Tyler Bohanon    June 18 at 9:36pm

It is full Brandon


Brandon Hudson    June 18 at 6:29pm

This full?


Tyler Bohanon    June 18 at 12:53pm

Just wanted to make sure it was posted on here, we still will be playing this Saturday, and if it’s too bad then will make a decision from there

Arri Torres   June 18 at 7:15pm

As in you will post in this message thread if it is too bad before then?

Dickie Robinson    June 6 at 4:14pm

Is there going to be 36 teams playing or 36 players ? The way the sign up is set up it's only 36 players


Tyler Bohanon    June 6 at 2:01am

Technically 1 spot left because it’s doubles and the website counts it by the player, not by the team

Dickie Robinson   June 12 at 1:31pm

Is there going to be 36 teams ? Because you have it set up as 36 players

Dickie Robinson    June 6 at 1:47am

Is there only two spots left?


Tyler Bohanon    April 9 at 5:19pm

Well hopefully the players will be able to make the new date of the tournament, if not then I will get their contact information and I will meet them whenever is good with them. And if they live too far away then I’ll mail it. One way or another I’m going to make sure the people get what is rightfully theirs


David Wofford    April 9 at 3:58am

What is your plan to distribute player packs?

Jeremy Taylor   April 9 at 12:31pm

Would love to know myself.

Tyler Bohanon    April 8 at 9:54pm



Jeremy Taylor    April 8 at 5:54pm

So it’s definitely canceled for this Saturday?


Tyler Bohanon    April 8 at 2:58pm

Sorry for the confusion. Since there is tee shirts involved with the players pack there will not be a refund. I am trying to get the tournament moved to a different date as we speak. If you choose not to play I will have you and your partners players pack put away until we make contact and I will meet you to give them to you. Again I do apologize for the confusion but because tee shirts and disc have already been ordered for you, there will be no refund


Jonathan Bazzel    April 8 at 4:52am

Need a td report


Jeremy Taylor    April 8 at 4:37am

Looking like severe weather in the forecast for Saturday. Any word of cancellation?


Alan Miller    April 6 at 2:10pm

Once again.....BEWARE of SANDBAGGERS in the Beginners Division!!!!


Jonathan Bazzel    April 4 at 3:27pm

Tyler Bohanon you out their lol


Daniel Boutwell    March 31 at 6:16pm

Isn't there soccer games up there on Saturdays?


Jonathan Bazzel    March 31 at 12:29am

Need to Change to team format it is showing a full tournament


Arri Torres    March 21 at 3:57am

What division should I sign up for? I have played recreational and my friend has not played in a tournament at all. Thanks for any suggestions


Tyler Bohanon    February 24 at 3:43pm

In our efforts to try to get more women to play in tournaments we will be adding a couple par 4s only to the teams that have women on it. Not every hole is par 4.


Kevin Keith    February 24 at 2:56pm

Hey hey! Never played mixed doubles with a par 4 handicap, but thinking of entering with my wife. How’s the handicap work?