Smooth Summer Series #2 : Highland Park** (MPO, MA2, MA4, FA2, FA4, MA40)

PDGA logoSunday, July 17, 2022 at Highland Park in Joliet, Illinois
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Smooth Summer Series #2 : Highland Park** (MPO, MA2, MA4, FA2, FA4, MA40) graphic

About this tournament

Smooth Summer Series #2: Highland Park
Registration opens for FPO, FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4 on Thursday June 16th, 2022 at 7:00pm Central Time Zone

Registration opens for all other divisions on Friday June 17th, 2022 at 7:00pm Central Time Zone


Smooth Summer Series #2: Highland Park will be the second of three Summer events and the fifth event of a seven overall series events.
Saturday July 16th: FPO, MP40, MP50, MA1, MA3, FA1, FA3, MA50
Sunday July 17th: MPO, MA2, MA4, FA2, FA4, MA40

Course: Highland Park in Joliet, IL


MPO, MP40, MP50, MA1
1 White A (long pin)
2 Blue A
3 White A
4 Blue A (long pin)
5 White B (left pin)
6 White B (right pin)
7 White A
8 Blue A
9 Blue A
10 White A (long pin)
11 Blue B (long pin)
12 White A Pin
13 White A (left pin)
14 White A
15 White A
16 Short pad/pin
17 White A
18 White A

FPO and all others
1 Temp A (long pin)
2 Blue A
3 White A
4 White A (long pin)
5 White B (left pin)
6 White B (right pin)
7 White A
8 White A
9 White A
10 White A (long pin)
11 White B (long pin)
12 White A Pin
13 White A (left pin)
14 White A
15 White A
16 Short pad/pin
17 White A
18 White A

Shotgun start for both rounds.

72 player caps each day.

Check in 7:45 am - 8:30 am
Hole Assignments 8:45 am
Round 1 tee off 9:15 am
Times subject to change

Approximately 1 hour lunch break
Sammy's Linqs and Driqs will be on site both days!
Entry Fees
MPO, MP40, MP50, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, MA40, MA50 : $52
FPO, FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4 : $37
Optional: $5 Ace and $5 50/50 CTPs

If no aces are hit, the ace pot will carry over to the next event. Saturday and Sunday will have their own individual ace pots. If no aces are hit by Smooth Summer Series #3: Highland Park, the remaining ace pot will be donated to the Smooth Finale.


Players Pack
All amateur players will receive a players pack each event. Due to limited supplies and availability, players' packs will vary between 1-3 items each event. Expect any combination of shirt, disc, hat, mini, grip/chalk bag, towel, snacks and a few miscellaneous goodies. Each event will have different variety so to all who are playing every event will not have 6 of the same item. (Full player pack details will be given as we approach closer to the event)

Exact player pack costs will be taken out of the entry fee, nothing more! Our goal is to keep those costs around $15-20 per event. In the event our costs are less, the difference will be put into payouts.

All female divisions will have additional goodie bag items courtesy of Megan Sumner and Smooth Disc Golf!


Player Pack Specific
-Cooling Towel
-Misting Fan
-Rip it Grip - Grip Traction Pad


Money Breakdown
Professional Divisions: $52/$37
$2 = PDGA Sanctioning Fee
$2 = Green’s Fee (Varies per course, will never be more than $2)
$3 = Smooth Series Overall Payouts/Trophies
$45 =MPO, MP40, MP50 Payout
$30 = FPO Payout

Amatuer Payouts: $52/$37
$2 = PDGA Sanctioning Fee
$2 = Green’s Fee (Varies per course, will never be more than $2)
$3 = Smooth Series Overall Payouts/Trophies
~$15 = Players Pack (give or take a few depending on the items: about $10-$15)
~$30 = Payouts (excess from player pack costs determine the range: about $30-$35)
~$15 = FA1-FA4 Payouts (excess from player pack costs determine the range: about $15-$20)
Amateur payouts will be on site and online through Smooth Disc Golf. Players will have the choice to use their payout day of, at future events or be given as credit to the Smooth Disc Golf website (website coming soon).

Expected discs to be available
-Innova Stock/CFR/Misprints
-Innova Tour Series 2016-2022
-Innova Collectibles/Throwers/Gems (11x, CE, PFN, Patent number goodness)
-Discmania Stock/CFR/Misprints
-Discmania Tour Series 2017-2022
-Discraft Stock/CFR/Misprints
-Discraft/McBeth line up
-Prodigy, Trilogy, Legacy, MVP, Axiom, Streamline, Infinite Discs, Above Ground Level, DGA, Divergent Discs, Elevation Disc Golf, EV-7, Hyzer Bomb, Kastaplast, Mint Discs, RPM Discs, Terminal Velocity Discs, Thought Space Athletics, Wild Discs, and more!
-Miscellaneous throwers from all brands
-Shirts, hats, minis, chalk bags, and accessories

Trophies will vary due to division numbers
9+ Players 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies
5-8 Players 1st, 2nd place trophies
1-4 Players 1st place trophies
Smooth Points Series:
3/26-27 = Smooth Spring Series #1: Trinity Links
4/9-10 = Smooth Spring Series #2: Highland Park
5/28-29 = Smooth Spring Series #3: West Park

6/18-19 = Smooth Summer Series #1: Trinity Links
7/16-17 = Smooth Summer Series #2: Highland Park
9/3-4 = Smooth Summer Series #3: TBD

10/8-9 = Smooth Series Finale: Trinity Links and Highland Park ; B-tier 2-day event for all divisions (double points)
Points Breakdown:
Points will be earned at each event of the series and will be tracked on Disc Golf Scene. Top earners for the Spring #1-3 and Summer #1-3 events will earn trophies for each respective half. Top earners of the whole series including the finale will earn trophies and payouts. Professional divisions will earn cash and amateur players will earn payouts through Smooth Disc Golf.

Spring Series: Only the three Spring events count towards Spring total
Summer Series: Only the three Summer events count towards Summer total

Overall: Up to 5 events out of 7 will be counted for the overall total. Meaning, your lowest two events will be dropped including any event you did not attend. The Finale will be worth double the points.

3 points for playing
1 additional point per player beat (including ties. Ties for 1st place will give 1st place points to the winner and 2nd place points to all others) )

20 player division example:
1st place 22 points
2nd place 21 points
3rd place 20 points

20th place 3 points.

20 player division example with ties
1st place 22 points
2nd and 3rd place tie 21 points
4th place 19 points

20th place 3 points.

DNF’s will result in only 3 points.

Player’s who are forced out of a division due to a rating change can bring 50% of the points UP to their new divisions as long as they did not play that event in both divisions.If a player chooses to play both days, they will keep the points of the higher division regardless of their placement in the lower division. No points can be dropped to a lower division.

Double Dipper Example:
Player A earns 5 points in MA3 on Saturday and 20 points in MA4 on Sunday. Their MA3 point total will stay at 5 regardless if they are later moved up due to rating.
Women's Early Registration
All female players will have their registration open 24 hours before all other divisions. I would love to provide as much space as there is demand to play. Divisions with 3 or more players will be guaranteed for the event .If no one signs up for a division, those spots may be reallocated to other divisions.
If you’re interested in playing but your division is full, please join the waitlist! Waitlist will be the full cost of the event but will be fully refunded minus DGS/Paypal fees if you do not get in.
Card Groupings
We will do our best to group you with your division in 4 somes. Last minute no shows or drop outs may create 5 somes and mixed groups.
Refund Policy
All events will be following PDGA Guidelines for refunds.

Refund policy

Smooth Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

All events will be following PDGA Guidelines for refunds.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Kyle Opfer5048$250
2Danny Beauchamp5249$170
3Adam Marbes5252$130
4George Maltsiniotis5257$93
4Paul Russell5356$93
6Thomas Malone5357$65
7Patrick Richert5557$55
8Mike Eichorst5757$45
9Brian Espinoza6352
9Tim Fergus5659
11Daniel Dravet6056
11Hayden Evernden6155
11William Rockcastle5660
14Mac Squibb6057
15Anthony Bakun6059
15Adam Timothy Brkovic5861
15Daniel McCachern6257
18Eric Erok D6061
19Jared Gardner5767
20Ryan Forester7061
Amateur 40+
1William Borzick6056
2Mike Youngberg6060
3Vernon Manning6161
4Matthew Wechter6164
5Ryan Aquino6564
6Michael Lynch6964
7Adam Hritz6668
8Anthony Guzzo6669
1Jon Carlson5051$100
2Nathan Feldheim5652$85
3Loyd Irvine5457$75
4Trevor Deppe5458$68
4Kevin Malone5458$68
6Andrew Binell5558$65
7Brandon Peterson5559$55
8Isaiah Gordon6154$42
8Matthew Hastings5857$42
8Mark Sarti5956$42
11Mark Augle5660$8
11Nicholas Johnson5957$8
11Kyle Kane5759$8
11Jack Rudzinski6056$8
15Dustin Schmollinger6156
16Eamon Samsami6060
17Ethan Flores6061
18Jason Smith6161
19David Jolly6065
20Lindsey Conway6167
20John Culbertson6266
22Bradley J6664
23Chris Accetto67999
23Nicholas Cooper60999
1Joe Regan6558$100
2Josh Meier5964$85
3James Bulvas6262$73
3Tom Makarowski6460$73
5John Nieszel6461$60
6Drew Beilfuss6264$50
7John Andrist6662$45
8Martin Finnie6663$40
9Austin Gunder6862$12
9Jack Jans6961$12
9Robert Jokubauskas6565$12
12James Kardelis6764
12Jake Kotke6764
14Jason Collins7065
14Caleb Martin7065
16Jim Fischer7066
16Brad Lasseigne6967
18Thomas Stankus7571
19Andrew Kramski6483
20Shawn Steward8381
Intermediate Women
1Sara Johnson6569
2Heather Conway8581
Novice Women
1Hannah Nicolas7773
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