Smooth Summer Series

June 18, 2022 - September 4, 2022   ·   6 events

About this series

6/18-19 = Smooth Summer Series #1: Trinity Links
7/16-17 = Smooth Summer Series #2: Highland Park
9/3-4 = Smooth Summer Series #3: TBD

3 points for playing
1 additional point per player beat (including ties. Ties for 1st place will give 1st place points to the winner and 2nd place points to all others)

Player’s who are forced out of a division due to a rating change can bring 50% of the points UP to their new divisions as long as they did not play that event in both divisions.If a player chooses to play both days, they will keep the points of the higher division regardless of their placement in the lower division. No points can be dropped to a lower division.