SkullMaster Disaster XVIII

Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Lake Amador Resort in Ione, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

We are returning once again to beautiful Lake Amador in Ione, CA. Entry includes parking fee of $2. There is ... more
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Chris I    February 9 at 4:53pm

I'm arriving Saturday morning. When will the gate open and do we have to check in at the snack bar? I asked them Tuesday and they think so.

Brian Johnson   February 10 at 2:57am

I called the main building at Amador, the gate opens at 6am

Chris I   February 10 at 3:07am


Brian Johnson    February 8 at 11:45pm

There have been some questions about finishing the second round in the dark due to the amount of people competing. People are bringing Glow plastic, I don't have a lot of glow stuff. I use LED lights on Wednesday nights, and occasionally glow tape when necessary. Will either of those options be legal during the second round at or after dark?

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 9 at 1:41am

We are doing everything possible to prevent playing in the dark bit this is not a pdga event so glo lights are fine.

Brian Johnson   February 9 at 2:30am

Ok. Thanks. I understand, I prefer not using anything with a light but prefer it to loosing plastic, or wasting time each hole looking for shot after shot.

Adam Krauth   February 9 at 4:21pm

Just throw it in the basket and it won't be a problem ;-P

Dave Banish    February 8 at 1:12am

Hey Skull, I have to withdraw from this tournament

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 8 at 3:34am

Done. Refund Processed.

Dave Banish   February 8 at 4:09am

Thanks Skull

Discgolfen Jakkass SRM    February 7 at 2:48am

Is there Friday doubles?

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 7 at 3:22am

There will be Sunday doubles or triples. No formal rounds Friday but many will be practicing the course.

Evan Wanamaker    February 6 at 7:15pm

Skull, I have had $51.00 of extra expenses from this paypall account after the original price of the tournament and the charge for discgolfscene. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. Please get back to me asap, i cant wait for Saturday! Gonna be a great day!!

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 8 at 3:57am

We may need to work together on this, I am not able to see the duplicate transaction.

Mike bubba Mallegni    February 6 at 5:23am

Was just curios what the * symbol next to some of the names meant . Thanks

Dave Sterrett   February 7 at 2:58am

*Indicates registrant may owe payment. Go to registered players page and scroll to bottom. HBD

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 8 at 3:57am

The problem is that Disc Golf Scene just updated their system to show if people havent paid. In some cases, people from last year or from this year may have only paid say 45 instead of 47 which still shows an *. I am not going to be able to fix this in time for the event.

Chris Graham    February 5 at 7:12pm

Skull - are we still playing the south and camp courses? Will there be extra holes, or 6 person cards? I am hoping to come up for a practice round, and am wondering which courses I should focus on. Thanks!

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 5 at 7:54pm

Yes we will be playing the South and Camp courses. We will have 5 and 6 som's to accommodate all the players.

Chris Graham   February 5 at 8:01pm

Sounds good - thanks!

Chris I    February 4 at 12:43am

Wondering where everyone is supposed to park? Will there be a shuttle from the launch area? Valet parking?

Dave Sterrett   February 4 at 5:53am

That is why camping is encouraged. Park at your campsite.

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 4 at 6:25pm

Drive on up to near the Tournament Central area (site K). It is a big area and parking will be available. The launch area is too far away.

Chris I   February 4 at 10:54pm

Thanks Skull!

jason coultrap    February 1 at 6:05pm

Mr. Brown, I am a teacher in Groveland. I am trying to teach and promote disc golf at my school. Would it be possible for me to put a box at tournament central during the tournament for people to donate old plastic? Many of us have many discs sitting on a shelf at home. Obviously most of those are keepers. But many of us have a few discs that we do not care about. I am hoping that people would like to donate those to kids just starting out.

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 2 at 11:21pm

No problem at all, happy to support your cause. Please, no vending however.

Ron "Skull" Brown    February 1 at 5:06pm

Hello Disaster Players. We need to get creative so that no one is playing in the dark so...As of today, we are taking everyone off of the waiting list and putting them in the tournament! Registration is closed and we will no longer be accepting new entries. Please do not try to sign up on the day of the event as you will be turned away. Please arrive early as we will be holding the players meeting at 7:30a.m. with an 8:00 tee off. Those who have already paid do not have to check in until the ... more


Birk Ellis    February 1 at 1:36pm

I need to drop from the tournament, sorry for the late notice. Please process my refund.

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 1 at 5:01pm


jason coultrap    January 30 at 9:40pm

Is there a date set when registration will close and you will pull the remaining players from the waitlist?

Ron "Skull" Brown   February 4 at 6:27pm

All players on the waitlist have been accepted. Registration is closed at this time. No day of entries will be accepted.

Harrison Oswald    January 30 at 7:43am

Possible to get me and a buddy waitlisted for am2? Thanks

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 30 at 8:04pm

Sure, go ahead and sign up for the waiting list.

teri warnick    January 26 at 4:04am

Hi skull unfortunately I injured my shoulder and I can't play the Disaster. If you could refund me at your convenience, I would greatly appreciate it. :) super bummed I can't play. Thanks

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 26 at 6:48am

Sorry to hear about your injury. Your refund has been processed.

teri warnick   January 26 at 3:23pm

Thank you

Thomas Nichols    January 15 at 7:30pm

Sorry Skull, just recuperating from the flu, and can't make the Disaster. Please issue refund at your convenience. Thanks...... bummer

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 16 at 7:20pm

Done. Get well soon Tom.

Mike Griffith    January 14 at 2:03am

Hey Skull, sorry but I'm going to have to work that weekend. Can you please send refund?

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 14 at 7:47pm


T. Funk    January 10 at 3:17am

You have me registered as Theresa Kimmerlein, but my last name is Funk. Looking forward to playing with players who are going to make me up my game or finish with a dismal score.

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 10 at 5:32pm

I wasn't aware of that T.Funk Ill make the change immediately!

frank levings    January 9 at 4:31pm

hey skull if you need some help i'll be arriving on friday am, let me know...................

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 10 at 5:33pm

Thank you Frank for the offer, we should be all set but I'll let you know if not.

Steve Erle    January 3 at 10:56pm

Hey Skull,
Sorry but I need to back out - team challenge for SFDGC that day. Please send a refund when you get a chance.

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 4 at 8:00pm


Justin Smith    December 28 at 3:06am

I paid for camping whats the next step and it will be Friday night that I camp

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 3 at 6:24am

I will be passing along all those who have paid for camping to the Amador Staff. You might want to contact Lake Amador for camping discussions but I think it is primarily a "pick a spot when you get there

Ron "Skull" Brown   January 3 at 6:25am

" type situation. There will be plenty of camping available for all folks wishing to do so.