Shore Acres League Signup 2020

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at Shore Acres Park in Saugatuck, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Online registration is open! Our plan is to start league on Tuesday, June 2nd. Please understand that th ... more
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Zachary Vaughn    Sticky June 3 at 3:43pm

What a night we had last night! The amount of members we signed up last night took us by surprise, but everything went smooth - special thanks to Rob and Todd for taking money and handing out the players packs!

Our season typically starts with a preseason which allows us time to consolidate our membership & scoring lists, handle financials, and smooth out the administrative logistics associated with managing 100 players. Please bear with us while we do this on the fly.

You can expect ... more


Zachary Vaughn    Sticky June 2 at 4:34am

1. 2020 SADGC League Committee Members:
a. In no particular order – Dennis DeBoer, Dan Kuipers, Rob Buit, Ben Barton, Todd Tracy, Jason Butch and Zach Vaughn
2. Covid Special Rules
a. Despite the stay at home orders lifted, we believe league members should observe social distancing best practices. Please keep 6 feet of distance and refrain from touching other people’s discs, bags, etc.
3. Rules
a. Out of Bounds
i. Hole #1 – Over the fence & on/in the soccer/solar ... more


Zachary Vaughn    Sticky June 2 at 4:26am

Players packs will be available near hole #1. Please plan to tee from #1 between 4pm and 6pm. For those teeing earlier than 4pm, please check in near hole #1 to claim your players packs after your round.
There will be committee members available near hole #1 to answer your questions and get groups teeing off on #1. Ask around for one of the fellas – Rob, Ben, Jason, Zach, Dennis, Todd, or Dan
We will be playing the 18-hole yellow basket course. Please refer to the tee signs if there ... more


Andrew Smith    June 10 at 4:58pm

If possible, I'd love to part of this league starting June 18 if there is still room.
Andrew Smith
[email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 11 at 4:05am

Invitation issued, you may now register.

Bryan Hathaway    June 4 at 1:54am

Are you guys still accepting new members?

Zachary Vaughn   June 4 at 12:45pm

Yes we are.

Joe Pierce    June 2 at 5:04pm

I would like an invite please!
Joe Pierce
[email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 5:38pm

Invite issued.

Joe Pierce   June 2 at 5:43pm

Thank you! I also saw that you guys will be saving some spots on the last couple of rounds for new members to play with more experienced guys. Just as a heads up I'm going to try and fill one of those spots!

Auggie Tapia    June 2 at 3:17pm

Will we be able to pay league membership upon arrival this evening?

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 3:56pm


Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 3:56pm

But cash only. I can set you up to pay online if you want to pay be credit card.

Zachary Halstead    June 2 at 2:51pm

Need invite.
[email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 3:55pm

Invite issued.

Chris Hodge    June 2 at 1:08am

If I could get an invite as well that would be great.
[email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 1:47am

Invitation sent, you are now able to register.

Noah Mihos    June 1 at 11:28pm

Need invite.
[email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 1:47am

Fixed your email, you should be good to go.

Chris Lubbers    June 1 at 8:48pm

Hi, Zach. Some of us are, or live with people who are, especially susceptible to the virus. The decision to join hinges on flexibility regarding the rules on when and with whom we can play, but nothing has been posted about this yet. Please let me know if that’s an option ASAP. Thanks!

Zachary Vaughn   June 1 at 8:50pm

Chris. I will be posting additional details tonight but I can help address your question. Nothing will change in terms of how we conduct the league. Players may pick and choose who they play with outside of divisional tournaments where assigned groups are necessary.

Chris Lubbers   June 1 at 9:01pm

So we have to play in groups of three and on Tuesday eve when everyone is out there?

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 1:48am

League nights are Tuesdays. While we can be flexible with times on Tuesday, we cannot extend play to different days due to competitive issues that it could present.

Logan Bush    June 1 at 7:52pm

Need invitation as well. Email. [email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 1 at 8:49pm

Had the wrong email, just be good now.

Frankie cisneros    June 1 at 2:53am

Frankie [email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   June 1 at 5:54pm

I added you to the waitlist. Registration will open for those on the waitlist this evening.

Zachary Vaughn   June 2 at 1:49am

Invitation sent, you are now able to register.

Ian Cherioli    May 29 at 2:07pm

Is the league set to start on the 2nd or the 30th of June? I see two dates, and I just wanted to clarify

Zachary Vaughn   May 30 at 3:15am

2nd, the 30th is marked as the date to bypass the registration timeline on the website to allow people to join throughout June.

Ian Cherioli   May 30 at 4:32pm

Gotcha, thanks!

Tyler Wright    May 27 at 6:43am

Im also having this issue, also played last year email- [email redacted]

Zachary Vaughn   May 27 at 11:44am

Linked it with your email, should work now.

dan gale    May 26 at 8:19pm

I can’t access the invitation to register

Zachary Vaughn   May 26 at 8:26pm

I need your login email address to enable your ability to register.

dan gale   May 26 at 8:30pm

[email redacted] sir thanks

Zachary Vaughn   May 26 at 9:48pm

Added...should be good now