Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by

PDGA logoFri-Sun, January 15-17, 2021 at Vista Del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona
Pro A-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Pro A-Tier (Fri-Sun) / Amateur B-Tier (Sat-Sun) A great way to warm-up for the Memorial Championship! Come ch ... more
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Mike lopez    January 16 at 2:51am

What time tonight is the cut off for the waitlist? I’m wl#1 for ma2 and wondering if I should be ready to head over in the am

Keith Murray   January 16 at 3:07am

Removing now, was dragging feet but no one has dropped. Hopefully next year!!

Drew Putnam    January 15 at 9:03pm

Hey do you think I will make it on the tournament I’m 5th for intermediate

Keith Murray   January 15 at 9:49pm

Probably not but will keep you on there till 7pm tonight just in case 5 folks drop from your division.

Patrick Putnam    January 15 at 4:43pm

If you miss the Mando on hole 1 do you re-tee till you make it or is there a DZ

Keith Murray   January 15 at 5:22pm

There is a DZ.

Aric Stack   January 17 at 12:13pm

We were told to re-tee. ?

Keith Murray   January 17 at 3:21pm

It is a re-tee on 1, was thinking of 18 sorry.

Casandra Caperon    January 14 at 11:30pm

Hopefully for future reference there will be more spots for the ladys as the amount attending or wanting to attend has greatly increased since last year and the interest is there. It would be silly to base how many women are going to attend simply because of last years turn out. 158 men spots and only 8 of those are for women. It might be best if there were at least 12 spots and if those were not filled in a certain time frame then you could simply take those unfilled spots and give them to men ... more

Keith Murray   January 15 at 3:22am

We appreciate the feedback, and did have more spots available initially that after a couple of social media posts to try and increase the ladies fields had to make the tough decision to move spots as the wait list grew in other divisions. We have tried general wait lists in the past and that hasn&# ... more

Keith Murray   January 15 at 5:47am

Actually, with the drops from the pro side we're down to 155...+ 3 from FA1 WL = see you Saturday!!

John Best    January 14 at 5:00pm

I’m #1 on the waitlist. Should I just show up at course at tournament time to see if someone doesn’t show?

Keith Murray   January 14 at 5:03pm

Hi John, no it doesn't work that way. It won't be possible to get in after tonight, maybe someone will drop from your division today so keep your eyes peeled on your emails.

Keith Murray   January 14 at 8:27pm

Someone just dropped that was sick and can't make it, shoot over the remainder of your entry fee and you'll be good to go!!!

Ricky Kirkpatrick    January 14 at 3:43am

Are any holes going to have painted OB lines that aren't already marked?

Keith Murray   January 14 at 4:09am

Yes, the ground is basically dirt right not so paint hasn't been staying long. They painted today and will touch up as needed.

Ricky Kirkpatrick   January 14 at 4:42am

Do you know which holes should have painted OB lines?

Keith Murray   January 14 at 4:16pm

Most of them ;)

David Lim    January 14 at 3:17am

Are the tee times on PDGA for Fri correct?

Keith Murray   January 14 at 4:10am

The tee times on PDGA are for Pro Friday. There may be some shuffling when it comes to Ams on Saturday so check back Friday night. They will be posted no later than 7pm.

Jason Brower    January 13 at 12:33am

Are caddys allowed.

Keith Murray   January 13 at 3:33am

Hi Jason, No unfortunately not and no spectators. A detailed player email goes out tomorrow with all the info and safety guidelines we have to follow.

Spud Webb   January 13 at 8:35pm

When will this be sent out?

Keith Murray   January 13 at 10:38pm

It will be sent this evening.

Ricky Kirkpatrick    January 12 at 11:12pm

Will the course be open to practice before or after the Pro round on Friday?

Keith Murray   January 13 at 3:34am

Early morning play is fine, just try and be wrapped up by 11am.

Ricky Kirkpatrick   January 13 at 4:14am

Thank you!

Meghan Stewart    December 21 at 1:56am

Any chance the women's division will get expanded beyond the measly 4 cap? There are 8 of us registered who would love to play!

Ashley Akens   December 21 at 6:24pm

We are unable to add any spots due to daylight restrictions. We based the numbers off of 2020 Shelly registration and we only had 4. As we have more girls showing interest, we would love to add more spots in the future. If you look at the Memorial registration, the Mens divisions have been full for weeks and there is still tons of ladies spots left.

Brandon Bosworth    November 25 at 5:35pm

Hey Keith, I need to withdraw from the event. I submitted a refund request through the registration link as well. Thank you.


Brad Crider    November 16 at 11:21pm

What is the player cap?

Ashley Akens   November 16 at 11:25pm

It is broke down by division. You can click on registered players to see them.

Jeremy Domon    November 16 at 6:39am

When do signups open up?

Keith Murray   November 16 at 4:42pm

Hey buddy, today or tomorrow!!