Shamrock Showdown

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 13-14, 2021 at Hyzer Pines at S.O.A.R. in Sisters, Oregon
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

First annual Shamrock Showdown!
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Ashlyn Tahlier    March 13 at 3:53pm

I signed up late, was there a player's meeting sent that someone could link me to? Are pros starting at 9 or 9:30?


Marcus Glassow    March 10 at 7:33pm

Is there an update on what the players pack for AM is going to be?

Janelle Vaughan   March 11 at 4:24am

Dynamic Discs

McCoy Tyler    March 7 at 4:59pm

Having trouble finding a campground w/ availability. Any locals have a spot for a small van, or a reserved campground on Saturday? I have cash, or happy to split fees etc. Cheers.

McCoy Tyler   March 7 at 5:00pm

Fully self sufficient and covid-safe, btw (:

Janelle Vaughan   March 9 at 5:34am

There is a little campground past the course also lots of national forest land around there

William Beus    March 3 at 6:51pm

Updates on layout or cards yet?

Brandon Vaughan   March 6 at 8:51pm

Going out there tmro to do a walk through. I'll send an email to everyone early this next week

trevor schneckloth    February 26 at 5:53am

is it to late to register for mp40?


Kellen Mathisen    February 22 at 12:46am

Is the current course layout the layout for the tournament? Or will it change before then?

Janelle Vaughan   February 22 at 2:57am

Not 100% sure yet

Kellen Mathisen   February 22 at 3:05pm

No problem, I will just check back periodically for any updates. Thank you!

Jon "Bonjo" Bongiorno    February 15 at 6:46pm

Just want to double check: This will be 2 rounds 1 day, day of play dependent on your Division? Thanks!

Janelle Vaughan   February 22 at 12:27am

Yes 1 day 2 rounds

John Roe    February 10 at 4:59am

Is the snow gone by then?


Janelle Vaughan    February 6 at 4:13am

Waitlist added


Noah Kuhl    February 6 at 3:32am

Can we get a waitlist for Ma-2?


Mitchell Caldwell    January 20 at 11:04pm

Script for ams?

Janelle Vaughan   January 31 at 3:32am

Sorry for the late response I forget about discgolfscene

Janelle Vaughan   January 31 at 3:33am

We are still working out all the details and right now thinking awesome players packs and trophies

Scott Wagner    January 12 at 6:02am

What is the cancellation policy?

Janelle Vaughan   January 20 at 3:29am

Refunds are 100% back up to 2 weeks before the tournament, 50% up to 2 days before and nothing after that.

Cooper Andersen    January 1 at 7:31pm

Could you guys create a MJ18 division by chance?

Janelle Vaughan   January 5 at 6:25am

Let me check with my CO-TD.

Janelle Vaughan   January 20 at 3:19am


Matthew Gillespie    December 26 at 1:54am

What's the players pack looking like?


Steve Hitchcock    December 11 at 1:01am

How many rounds?

Janelle Vaughan   December 23 at 11:02pm

1 on Saturday and 1on sunday

Malum Nothis    December 7 at 8:45am

No MA50? Hmmmm...

Janelle Vaughan   December 7 at 5:37pm

Hey! Thank you for your feedback. We have adjusted the divisions. Thank you!