Sean Barnes Disc Golf Doubles Benefit Event

Saturday, May 22, 2021 at Osborne Park Disc Golf in Willoughby, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Come show your support for a disc golfer in need!!! For anybody who knows Sean "Ninja Daddy" Barnes, you kn ... more
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Larry Bright Jr.    Sticky May 31 at 2:34pm

I want to once again thank all the players who came out to support this event and cause. We were able to raise a total of $2905, with a few more donations supposed to be made. This last week, Mickey and I took $2147 of the cash on hand to Sean, of which he was very surprised and grateful for all of the donations and support for him. I have another $758 which is being moved to my bank so we can give him the cash directly rather than send it through Paypal.

This event is a prime example of ... more

Greg Miller   May 31 at 2:53pm

Thanks Mickey & Larry for putting the event together and thanks to the disc golf community for showing up to support Sean!

Larry Bright Jr.    Sticky May 23 at 12:32am

Thanks to 54 golfers and everyone else who donated cash or prizes for todays event!!! Initial tally is close to $3000 raised!!! I have a couple other donations I'm waiting on, and once those are in, an official tally of funds raised will be announced. You guys ROCK!!!

I'll also get results posted tomorrow. It was a long day and I'm bushed.

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Dan Cogan   May 23 at 7:20pm

That's amazing. I'm happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. Thank you again Larry and Mickey.

Bill Vaughn   May 29 at 12:36am

Great job everyone who contributed. Please post something on facebook about the final numbers when you have them, if you can

Larry Bright Jr.   May 29 at 2:41pm

I will be posting today or tomorrrow. Still chasing down a few donations. But I plan on updating with what we have gotten so far.

Larry Bright Jr.    Sticky May 19 at 9:38pm

We will have some items to raffle off at the event. Tickets will be sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. There will be two Grand Prizes with possibly a couple more prizes in store. The first Grand Prize is a Dynamic Discs bag with a disc, towel, and other swag donated by Trevor Murphy and Anhyzer Designs. This is a pretty cool prize, and I'm guessing there's going to be a couple other surprises in the bag. The second Grand Prize will be a Portable Discatcher style basket that was used by ... more

Trevor Murphy   May 20 at 1:45am

Paratrooper Bag "Heather Blue", EBO Hat, EBO Towel, Anhyzer Koozie, EBO Disc, and I got a $30 Gift Card for - It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about Sean... lets celebrate an amazing soul in Disc Golf and help raise some funds for him and his fam!!! One love!

Trevor Murphy   May 20 at 1:46am

I wanna win the Basket :D

Mickey Anderson   May 21 at 2:42pm

Wow, what a prize!!!!!!! Thanks Trevor!!! Thanks everyone who has donated.

Larry Bright Jr.    Sticky May 19 at 4:30pm

We have reached 54 players. This means 3 teams per card for the event. If we get more registrations, we will increase the number of teams per card. I'd prefer to keep this at The Oz and not move to another course.

If you have any donations, please bring them to the event. All donations will be used for prizes to give away to the top teams in each division. As of right now, I have 9 total CTPs that will be in play.

Thanks to following who have already passed along donations to me ... more

Greg Miller   May 19 at 8:17pm

Larry, I have 2 discs I am donating to the event.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 19 at 9:28pm

Thanks Greg!

Mickey Anderson   May 21 at 6:53pm

Thank you sooo much everyone.

Trevor Murphy    May 24 at 11:58am

Hey Larry, thanks again for an awesome event! Had a blaaaast!

My PDGA #56033, I think you have it linked to 50633.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 24 at 2:02pm

Oops I fixed it

Dan Cogan    May 23 at 12:32am

Thanks Larry and Mickey. What a great day for a great guy. I had a blast and it was great to see everybody.

Larry Bright Jr.   May 23 at 12:33am

Agreed. 1000%.

Mickey Anderson   May 23 at 12:21pm

Had a blast for a great cause! Thanks for your support Dan!!

Mickey Anderson    May 21 at 7:05pm

Also I have Donations from
Jim Potts 4 disc
Chris Jackson Disc
Rick Gzesh $20 dollars
Duane Koczan 4 disc
Play it Again Sports Lyndhurst 25 dollar gift card
along with the folks from Larrys previous post. Also any I forgot. This list will be fully updated and also given to the family at donation time, along with the players names!! Thank you all. See you at The Oz tomorrow. Special thanks to Larry for stepping in to do this event! He is the best!!!!!

Mickey Anderson   May 21 at 7:21pm

Also verbals from a few others also.

Mickey Anderson    May 21 at 12:08pm

I just want to thank Larry for getting this show on the road! Sean is like my brother. All of you who signed up, donated items etc, you are the best. Look foward to seeing everyone and lets have a blast. Sean is a huge part of Lake County Disc Golf Club. I will have a disc for all of us to sign day of also. Love you guys and Gals and thanks soooo much again.


Gary Baldwin    May 20 at 1:39am

Sims would be better

Larry Bright Jr.   May 20 at 2:58am

It's too close to the actual date to change it. It will be at The Oz.

Michael Carlile    May 15 at 2:17am

Trevor & I want in! Why Are Trees for advanced please & thanks!


Matt Campbell    May 14 at 1:16pm

Is there a rough estimate for a start time in mind?

Larry Bright Jr.   May 14 at 6:21pm

I will be updating the schedule today. Probably a 10:30 tee time.

Lee J Schultz    May 11 at 3:35pm

Lee Schultz pdga 141308
Tim K. Pdga not sure
Team name. Samsquanches


Mickey Anderson    May 11 at 2:15pm

Still looking for donations for CTPs and raffle. Thanks all for signing up. Please feel free to contact Mickey at 440-655-9996 if you can help. Please contact me or make a comment to cashless register. If I do not answer please leave a message. Lets show Sean and his family some support.

Matt Campbell   May 11 at 7:12pm

I will donate two separate pairs of discs. A putter set and a midrange disc pair .

Mickey Anderson   May 21 at 2:43pm

Thank you so much Matt!!

Matt Campbell   May 21 at 11:55pm

I actually have a few other things that I won recently as CTPs I’ll re-donate.

Trevor Murphy    May 11 at 2:19am

looking for a partner... ADV


Chris Jackson    May 8 at 9:51pm

How many more teams before we head to Sims?

Larry Bright Jr.   May 9 at 4:07pm

This will be at the Oz. Max 3 teams per card = 54.

Chris Jackson    May 8 at 9:50pm

How do we do cashless registration?

Mickey Anderson   May 11 at 2:35pm

Just let Larry or I know, team members name etc. or message info here, thanks.

Chris Jackson    May 6 at 11:58pm

Larry. I will be playing with Dakota Baldwin in Intermediate. Our team name will be Disc Heads


Matthew Cogan    April 29 at 6:42pm

I wish I could be there, but am happy to put in my registration for donation!

Larry Bright Jr.   May 9 at 4:06pm

Thanks Matt!! Much appreciated!

Mickey Anderson   May 21 at 2:44pm

Thank you Matt!!!!!

Greg Miller    April 21 at 2:22pm

Thanks for heading this up Larry!

Larry Bright Jr.   April 21 at 6:23pm

No problem.

Robert Way    April 11 at 5:35pm

Hey Larry can you put Jonathan and Myself down for cashless intermediate please

Larry Bright Jr.   April 11 at 7:11pm

which Jonathan?

Robert Way   April 13 at 10:25am

My little boy. Jonathan is his actual name I just call him Jack lol

Larry Bright Jr.   April 15 at 10:15pm

I gave your team name as The WAY-Team. If you want something else let me know.