Sapwi Trails Disc Golf Course Championship Presented by Legacy Discs - All MA Divisions

PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Sapwi Trails Community Park in Thousand Oaks, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a SoCal Series event. You’ll play 2 18 hole rounds in one day. Check-in 6:45-7:45 AM. Tee at 8 ... more
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Kristin Lee    September 21 at 2:49am

Hi All,
Here is the link to the photos:
Let me know if you have any questions.
Congrats to all!


Garrett Tapken    September 17 at 1:03am

Would love to set up a vendor booth this weekend if possible. Also sent message via FB.

Garrett Tapken


Paul Rudd    September 14 at 3:25pm

Hey Mike, will the card group and shotgun starting hole be the same for both rounds due to covid protocols or is the 2nd round card grouping and shotgun starting hole changing due to scores posted from 1st round?

Mike Byrne   September 14 at 3:50pm

2nd round will be based on scores

Ernie Jeong   September 14 at 4:53pm

when will the 1st round cards be made known?

Paul Rudd    September 8 at 6:55pm

Hi Mike,Can you clarify on hole 7 hazard, is everything outside the rock line safe including the path to the left, and that the rocks and inside before the basket and to the right of path form the hazard area?

Mike Byrne   September 8 at 10:16pm

The rock line forms an island (more of a peninsula) that is safe.

Kamil Kowalski   September 9 at 9:48pm

What about the "little island" rockline inside the peninsula is that OB? Landed there today...

Kamil Kowalski   September 9 at 9:49pm

surrounding the slanted guardian tree

William Mayette    September 7 at 6:44pm

Hey I would like to get on waitlist is that possible or is there room for one more

Mike Byrne   September 7 at 7:08pm

Hi William, There’s not much chance to get in Saturday, as there are already many hoping to get in. Send me your email and phone number though and I’ll keep you posted. Mike

Kamil Kowalski    September 3 at 9:57pm

Mike, Great running into you, Hugh and Mike today. I don't think I introduced myself, I was very excited. Wish I could have stuck around to chat, but I only have an hour for lunch. I was later thinking I should have got some more clarification on the rules.

Hole 9. 225’. Mandatory left of marked tree. Drop zone is up on path forward of mandy tree.
How far forward is the DZ? I didn't see any markings.

Hole 10. 339’. The tee is behind the white painted line next to th ... more

Mike Byrne   September 3 at 11:49pm

Good meeting you Kamil. And yes, you did introduce yourself so don’t worry about that. I’ll be marking the drop zone of 9 soon. It’ll be about 30’ forward of mandy tree. Drop zone of 10 is at bottom just off the trail towards the right between two small boulders. Thx for the compliments and yes, see you the 18th! Mike

Mike Bigelow    August 30 at 4:01am

Real quick question. If you are throwing from hole 2’s tee box and you cross the path and end up over by hole 3’s tee box is that considered OB?

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Mike Byrne   August 30 at 4:16am

^ ditto ????

Mike Byrne   August 30 at 4:18am

^i guess this doesn’t understand emoji smiley faces! :-)

Mike Bigelow   August 30 at 12:57pm

Ok just wanted to confirm that. Thank you

Paul Rudd    August 29 at 11:00pm

Great thank you for the explaination and the distance verification, also thank you for all your effort and work putting this tournament together looking forward to a fun day.


Paul Rudd    August 29 at 6:31pm

Are the baskets staying in their present positions? If so it sounds like hole 6 drop zone is a very hard par 3 save from its distance beyond circle 2? to the basket, given most drop zones give you a chance to save par.

Mike Byrne   August 29 at 9:38pm

Baskets are all in their tournament positions (only holes 6 and 8 have alternate positions at this time).

Mike Byrne   August 29 at 9:45pm

If you are OB on hole 6 (on or across the trail) you are 100-250’ from the basket, so even that would a tough par. The drop is about 150’. It’s point is to keep speed of play up, as there hole has the potential to really cause a back up. It is also meant to realllllly keep discs away from the trail so we don’t loose these nice longer shots.

Paul Rudd    August 19 at 4:42am

Thank you


Paul Rudd    August 19 at 12:13am

Will this be a shotgun start with starting hole and card info at check-in and if not what is the 8:15 AM starting tee off division order?

Mike Byrne   August 19 at 1:01am

Yes, shotgun start. Check-in 6:45-7:45 AM.
Tee at 8:15 AM.
Round 2 tee at 2 PM.

Justin Williams    July 28 at 4:03am


Mike Byrne   July 28 at 11:31am

If anyone is hoping to get in, plz message or email me with the division and phone #

Zeke perciavalle    July 28 at 3:40am

Is there no wait list?

Mike Byrne   July 28 at 11:31am

If anyone is hoping to get in, plz message or email me with the division and phone #

Nathan Grill    July 27 at 2:39pm

Hey, just a heads-up... this course is 19-holes.
Given so, will this allow for a 76 player pool?

Mike Byrne   July 27 at 4:18pm

To eliminate crossover issues, we will not be playing hole number 15. So it will be 18 hole rounds.

Nathan Grill    July 21 at 8:15pm

Any reason why the player pool is limited to 40 players?


Paul Rudd    July 21 at 2:46am

I see the pro tourney has a sponsor and open registration dates any idea when MA tourney open registration date will be?

Mike Byrne   July 21 at 3:30am

It’s the same for both days. Sponsors can enter for any division now. July 27, 7PM, you don’t have to sponsor to enter.

Andrew chetwynd    July 17 at 6:46pm

when can non sponsors register?

Mike Byrne   July 17 at 8:51pm

Hey Andrew, I’m hoping to get some things worked out and have it set up in 2 weeks. Look for details in a week. Thx!