Salty Beaches Tour - Hometown Showdown

Sat-Sun, December 18-19, 2021 at Bill Frederick Park in Orlando, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

GET OUT AND PLAY! This 2nd stop of The Salty Beaches Tour is wherever YOU are! Who: Ladies of Florida! G ... more
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Judy Gipson    December 20 at 9:03pm

I noticed a lot calculated on 18 holes. Deb and I played all 20 holes at Lakeview. Was that an issue with calculations?

Kemari Ihlenfeldt   December 21 at 5:41am

Shannon and I played 20 hole layout as well. I think it’s just based on the previous tournaments so it should be ok if past tournaments also had that same layout.

Judy Gipson   December 23 at 1:19am


Sarah Hibbs    December 20 at 5:19pm

Ok, everybody! I have ALL updated the scores I have, they are shown as DOLLARS on the front page. (I am not sending anyone any cash...the dollar value is your CALCULATED ROUND RATING, but more importantly, the place is your place standing).

I have sent questions on 2 scores (Lorna, Magda), but the remainder are unaccounted for. If you've got scores, send them on over and i'll update! I'll set a deadline of Wednesday at 8pm...if by then, you dont have your score in, you� ... more


Sara Widboom    December 18 at 12:15am

Just to clarify.... because this sounds like a sanctioned event with ratings.... do we need minimum 3 people, or is 2 okay?

Sarah Hibbs   December 19 at 2:36am

Two is fine, y’all keep it honest and bring it on!!

Sara Widboom    December 18 at 12:13am

Ellen and I are playing the Quarry in Brooksville on Sunday..... come join us!


Nid Ovathanasin    December 10 at 3:49am

Can we use our round from the Bennett/Bray tourney that’s the same weekend?

Alecia Trauscht   December 10 at 11:31am

Anything rated should be fine

Sarah Hibbs   December 13 at 2:12pm

Hey!! Alecia is a hero for helping pay attention to all this. Yes, you can use a rated round at a tournament if you like...or whatever else! Anything goes! Rated in tournament just takes the math out of it for me! :)

Nid Ovathanasin   December 13 at 3:54pm

Perfect! Thanks ladies!

Kemari Ihlenfeldt    October 30 at 9:53pm

To clarify (I’m unavailable Saturday but can play Sunday), so is this one round on either day?

Sarah Hibbs   October 30 at 10:18pm

Yes ma’am!! You play with anyone you want, wherever you want (with some limitations), and send me a scorecard. Boom! That easy!

Kemari Ihlenfeldt   November 2 at 6:45pm

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Linda Ray    October 25 at 11:42pm

Pinellas, where we playing?

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Cindy Taylor   November 2 at 9:40pm

Battle at Barnett is where I am playing

Marguerite Martinez   December 2 at 1:00pm

Can we use a Bennett & bray tournament round?

Sarah Hibbs   December 13 at 2:12pm

Yes! Please do! Send in your best round and that'll be your submission.