STOP #5 - Frozen Fingers on the Fairway Tour - OAK LEDGES

Sunday, February 25, 2018 at Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges) in Massillon, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

TWO (2) rounds at ARBORETUM Park ONLY! (As of now we will NOT be using any holes on Spiker side!) Planned l ... more
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Dustin Alcorn    Sticky February 25 at 12:30pm

Needless to say we will now be using the "normal" pavilion we've used for previous events sorry for any misunderstanding! 38TH street pavilion is under water


Dustin Alcorn    Sticky February 22 at 12:07pm

Hello ALL! Sunday is approaching the weather for Sunday is looking promising close to 60 with a low percentage of precip. Unfortunately though, due to the snow melting & amount of rain Wednesday, Thursday, possibly Friday & Saturday a few holes will probably if not most definitely be unplayable due to standing water. That being said assuming it continues to rain like it is through Saturday THE LAYOUT WILL BE CHANGING SLIGHTY & WE MAY BE PLAYING A FEW HOLES OVER ON SPIKER. I'm go ... more


Dustin Alcorn    Sticky February 20 at 11:53am

FOOD!! Who is bringing what this Sunday to the event? Please reply if you can bring anything.

Michael Emerick   February 20 at 8:50pm

Mark Fechheimer & I will have Subway

Mike Thomas   February 26 at 5:22pm

Thank you to everyone who contributed yesterday but a big thanks to you guys for providing that Subway!

Michael Emerick   February 26 at 5:50pm

Mark Fechheimer is the man!

T.Bart Bata    February 25 at 3:37am

I’m in MA1


Nathan Williams    February 25 at 2:37am

I have to drop friend needs help moving


Cody Dockrill    February 25 at 12:45am

I cant make it

Anthony B   February 25 at 2:06am

Now I have to change my bet.

Alex Colucci    February 24 at 10:22pm

I won't be able to make it


brett m    February 24 at 3:04am

Can I still sign up for rec.division?

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Dustin Alcorn   February 24 at 10:11pm

SORRY I miss read your comment or something idk what happened! But YES you can play absolutely!! SORRY!!!

brett m   February 24 at 10:50pm

All good brother. I figured it was cool.

brett m   February 25 at 1:28am

Ill be there tomorrow. Please drop my name in the rec division please.

Trevor Murphy    February 20 at 4:28pm

Sorry yinz, gonna have to back out. Good luck to you all and have fun!


Bill Vaughn    February 20 at 1:00am

will people be able to pay cash at the event?

Dustin Alcorn   February 20 at 2:31am

Yes we are accepting any and all forms of payment. Some prefer to early pay so they can check in & go.

Anthony B    February 2 at 2:18pm

I have to drop. Didn't look at the date when I joined.


Dan'hyzer' Kilgore    January 22 at 5:09pm

MA40 #4697


Dan'hyzer' Kilgore    January 8 at 2:33pm

MA2 please

Dustin Alcorn   January 9 at 12:10pm

MA40 group is previously known as MM1 group. Did you want to play Masters or still MA2?