PDGA logoSaturday, December 16, 2017 at Burlington Springwood Park in Burlington, North Carolina
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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AMs must register by Dec 1st to receive a players pack!! No day of registration. December 16th come join us a ... more
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Taylor Crammer    December 17 at 12:49pm

Hey Jake, I got a 67 on the second round

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Taylor Crammer   December 17 at 10:16pm

Well balls

Jacob Wade   December 18 at 2:19pm

Great job this weekend. You now have the course records for women since this was the first tournament on the 19 hole layout.

Taylor Crammer   December 18 at 2:27pm

I will have to comeback and defend my honor the next time you all have a tourney out there

James Pierson    December 16 at 4:15am

Hey Jacob, just thought I would let you know I will not be able to make it tomorrow. I have been in NH for work this week and my flight got canceled. Good luck to everyone and hope to play there some other time.


Jacob Wade    December 15 at 4:20am

Hole 1 Blue 282 ft Red 206ft Road and beyond OB
Par 3
Hole 2 Blue 257 ft Red 212ft Short grass left on field and beyond OB, track right and beyond OB
Par 3
Hole 3 Blue 342ft Red 257ft Short grass left on field and beyond OB, track right and beyond OB
Par 3
Hole 4 Blue 375ft Red 330ft Short grass left on field and beyond OB, track right and beyond OB
Par 3
Hole 5 Blue 242ft Red 333ft Track right and beyond OB, Sidewalk left and beyond OB
Par 3
Hole 6 Blue 300ft Red 261 ft Road and beyon ... more


Nick S    December 13 at 2:59pm

Just registered...any chance to get a players pack?

Jacob Wade   December 13 at 3:10pm

Yes, as it sits you are the last one.

Joshua Tiller    December 12 at 6:28pm

Are there any more player packs? This will be my first tournament in North Carolina since we just moved here last week. Very excited!

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Joshua Tiller   December 13 at 1:25am

Thank you sir! Also, how many places are paid?

Jacob Wade   December 13 at 4:12am

50% of the field except for Rec which is trophy only

Joshua Tiller   December 13 at 4:52am

Thanks Jacob. I really admire and appreciate your quick responses to everyone. See you Saturday

Taylor Crammer    December 11 at 3:33pm

Do you still have extra players packs? Looking at signing up myself for Womens Rec and my BF for Rec

Jacob Wade   December 11 at 5:38pm

Should be good. Sign up for the waitlist and I'll promote you.

Taylor Crammer   December 11 at 10:26pm

Cool we are on the waitlist

Jacob Wade   December 12 at 4:00am

Promoted, Check your email.

Daniel Pritt    December 3 at 12:20am

is there any possible way to get a players pack even after signing up after Dec. 1? Sullivan and I are from WV and just found out about this tournament this evening. Can't wait to play with you all down there!

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Gavin Simpson   December 5 at 7:26pm

Thanks Jacob!!

Seth Neily   December 12 at 2:40am

I imagine i fell short of that good to go:)

Jacob Wade   December 12 at 3:58am

Nope, Seth you are good for a players pack

Brad Smith    November 18, 2017 at 5:02pm

What pads will Intermediate Men be playing?

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Roger Shaw   December 7 at 5:22am

Got it, thanks for the info! Looking forward to it.

Gavin Simpson   December 12 at 2:34pm

So both rounds will have a par of 58. is that correct?

Jacob Wade   December 12 at 11:59pm

61, 19 Holes. Although Holes 8 and 11 from the shorts are very soft 4s.