SDGC's Cold as Bowls

PDGA logoSaturday, March 13, 2021 at University of OB in Weed, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Hello and Welcome Disc Golfers! This is the inaugural event for the Siskiyou Disc Golf Club. A one day Pro/Am ... more
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Kelly wayne kraft    1 day ago

is there a list we can get on incase anyone drops I want to sign up mpo.


JACOB NEFF    1 day ago

Ok so that makes 72! With an unexpected entry in the MP80+, Welcome Jeff Lee! Expect an email soon about all the fine details. So excited for this. Thanks everyone for signing up.


Arturo Barba    February 14 at 5:47am

Is everyone starting at the same time or different tee off times just wondering because it would be a two hour drive for me and I get off work at 7am

Christopher D Watts   5 days ago

Shotgun start. So everyone tees off at the same time. 9:30am.

JACOB NEFF   2 days ago

Thats correct except start at 10. Getting the Email with all the details ready right now. My phone wasn't letting me post so sorry about the delay. Thanks Christopher.

Kelly wayne kraft   1 day ago

is there a waitlist

JACOB NEFF    February 8 at 5:44pm

Well we have taken into considerations of peoples concerns and have added the MA2 division. This tournament is about having fun and getting our area into the tournament flow as well as doing some fundraising and community support. We are using limited divisions to keep it simple and fun but we understand that you guys want to win also. So if you are a Rec player or you feel the MA 40 is too much then drop into the MA2. Thanks everyone and we are excited to see ya out there.


frank levings    February 7 at 3:43am

i need to withdraw and i would like a refund thank you frank levings


Keven Krueger    February 5 at 4:40am

Sorry Jacob I jumped the gun and we have to withdraw from the event, I'm requesting a refund. We were already signed up for St. PATRICK'S CLASSIC for the same weekend, real bummer. Thank you and good luck!


Paul Rudd    February 4 at 6:58pm

Hi I want to play this tournament but you deleted your original date posting that included a MA50 division which I'm sure would be appreciated I'm 58 and would play in MA50 but not MA40 seems a little lopsided playing with 40+ individuals would you please consider bringing back the MA50 division. Thank you

Kevin Leach   February 9 at 6:30pm

Yeah, the date change ruined it for me too. Was looking forward to finally playing in a tournament here.

Steve Carrell    February 2 at 8:43pm

Hey Jacob, I know everyone has an opinion, but I would really consider changing your divisions. Having MP50 but no MP40 is odd. I would change it to MP40, and both 40's and 50's can play in that. Otherwise you'll only get one, maybe two MP50's. I don't remember the tournament I played that had an FP50. Especially a C tier. I would delete FP50 altogether. You need an MA40. And there is usually enough to have both MA40 and MA50. And you definitely need an MA2. If you don&# ... more

JACOB NEFF   February 4 at 2:23am

Good advice. We are trying to keep the amount of divisions down but I agree there.

Jim Davis    February 2 at 4:15am

No ma40 available 4 this event


Geoffrey Rexroth    January 12 at 6:20pm

Will the tournament actually open it’s registration before the 18th? I am coming from the San Francisco Bay Area. And would love to schedule our trip prior to this.


Rhiannon Langlois    January 3 at 3:12pm

Good Morning. Will this be a sanctioned event?

JACOB NEFF   January 3 at 9:12pm

Yes it will be a C tier. We are still working on a few more things to finalize it. We will let you know soon.

JACOB NEFF   February 2 at 4:48am

Slayed it