SC Doubles Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 13-14, 2021 at Grand Central Station in Central, South Carolina
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a two-day, four-round, bring your own partner doubles event with a variety of doubles formats. Saturda ... more
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Heath Rankin    March 10 at 6:02pm

Is the deadline for the waitlist Friday? Just curious

Todd Lion   March 10 at 7:01pm

Friday night will be final final final.

Heath Rankin   March 10 at 9:11pm

Thought so. Was making sure, thanks

Jason Hannay    March 9 at 3:52pm

Hey Todd, My partner in MA3, Matt Gunter, now has a PDGA number (165707). Can we add that info in now? And is too late to get refunded the non-PDGA member charge?

Todd Lion   March 9 at 7:21pm


Tom Moore    March 7 at 11:14pm

Any issues with Scott and I moving to Intermediate rather than remaining lonely in MA40?

Todd Lion   March 7 at 11:20pm

No problem. Officially want to make the move?

Tom Moore   March 8 at 12:17am

Yes please. Need me to go through the email to adjust it?

Harrison Ellyson    March 5 at 2:48pm

For alternate shot do we get to choose who throws from the first tee box or is that randomly selected?

Todd Lion   March 8 at 10:07pm

Player A tees on evens; player B tees on odds. You pick who is A and who is B.

Kevin Marshall    March 2 at 7:22pm

Hi Todd- You can remove myself and Jamie Russell from the waitlist. It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting in so we’re just going to schedule something else. Ma3. Thanks!


Matthew Bialkowski    March 1 at 3:28pm

Hey Todd, Adam can’t be my partner now. I’ve got a new partner. Can I update my registration for our team and move us to the intermediate now? His name is Matt Talbot. It looks like we would also get a refund too going from $50 to $30? If it’s easier just message me on Facebook please! Thanks, let me know what you need from me!


Keegan Bradford    February 22 at 7:51pm

Todd, I heard there was consideration of changing the alternate shot of rd 4 at GGFB, to best shot, or something else. Was this true, or is it in consideration?

Todd Lion   February 22 at 9:16pm

Nothing official or definite. Tough shot worked at Walhalla, but I definitely won't do that at Central or Grove. Best Throw doesn't provide very much scoring separation. Alt Throw makes for an exciting final round from a scoring perspective (and gets finished a little faster).

Keegan Bradford   February 23 at 1:58am

Thanks!Maybe best score for rd two at GGFB? Same as central.

Keith Freelin    February 5 at 12:34am

Bout time some of you guys start dropping out! ???? just 3 groups, y’all know you got jobs to be at! ????

Heath Rankin   February 25 at 3:58pm

Seriously. This is gonna be a great tournament

Heath Rankin    January 15 at 10:18pm

How does the best score round work? Just curious

Todd Lion   January 16 at 11:32pm

You play as an individual but take the better score from the group for each hole. A side bonus to this is that if your partner is parked under the basket for birdie and you're stuck in the woods, you can just pick up, quit the hole, and take your partner's score.

Todd Lion   January 16 at 11:34pm

PDGA Rulebook has more details: