$1,000* Space Race/Birdie Bash at Buhl Park

Saturday, November 12, 2022 at Buhl Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament

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$1,000* Space Race/Birdie Bash!!! We will be playing a modified layout at beautiful Buhl Park in Hermitage, ... more
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Wes Anslinger    November 12 at 5:47pm

Hi Everyone! Who’s ready for tonight!!! Sorry if I have not responded to everyone in a timely manner. I was in Disney for 10 days on a family vacation straight to 5 days out of the country for work. It has been a little stressful getting everything pulled together.

We are ready for tonight! Please be ready on your end. You will only be permitted to use the 2 discs provided from the event. I will not have any UV flashlights available. Please be sure to bring your own. Also consider brin ... more


Wes Anslinger    November 4 at 5:37pm

We had 1 player back out if anyone in interested in playing still. I am heading out tomorrow to measure the distances for the modified layout we will be playing on the 12th! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Giancarlo Milano    October 29 at 5:21pm

Is the field full? It says 36/36 for "Total Registered" but 10/40 for A pool.

Hunter Palshook   November 1 at 6:44pm

I too may also be interested if more room opens up

Wes Anslinger   November 2 at 11:53pm

The field is full. I had originally had the payer count capped at 100 prior to the initial close on 10/19. I had to order the discs before i went on vacation for 2 weeks. That is why the pools were capped at 40. I had to order a total of 36 player packs but only had 25 layers so i had reopened regis ... more

Craig Totten    October 27 at 10:04pm

I want to throw November 12


Craig Totten    October 27 at 9:58pm

How to sign up


Grant Walter    October 18 at 10:59pm

Will we have the ability to pick or partially pick who is on our card?

Wes Anslinger   October 19 at 4:28pm

Absolutely! I will be looking at creating the cards after Nov 1st. If there is someone you would like to throw with let me know.