Rocklin Cool Down Warm-Up I - Presented by Hurley & Cabras Real Estate Group

PDGA logoSunday, June 4, 2023 at Rocklin Disc Golf Course in Rocklin, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Two rounds of 27 holes, featuring new redesigned holes and some old favorites. There will be NO PLAYER PACK for this event. 50% of each entry will go to the Cool Down events in November.
3/8/2023 - Division caps are set to 1/2 of what they will be to accommodate for players to register as a sponsor. These caps will increase on 3/31/2023 to the max allowed to fit 5-somes per hole (135 total)
Update as of 3/31: due to spring weather, the grass is tall where we have temp baskets. Should the parks department not get to cutting/mowing prior to the event, we may decrease the number of holes played based on the conditions that will be in the best interest of player safety.

BBQ lunch will be available day of the event from Joshua Menchaca! Proceeds from this lunch will help fund the 2023 season for his daughter Allison. Please be on the lookout for more information and purchase lunch between rounds.

Refund policy

Rocklin Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Waitlist players are charged a $10.00 non-refundable waitlist fee. If you make it off the waitlist to active, you will owe the remainder of the total registration fee, minus your waitlist fee of $10. Those that do not make it off the waitlist, the fee will be donated to the Rocklin Disc Golf Club.
Here is a list of what fees are included in the registration fee:
$6 / player for course rental / gazebo rental
$2 / player PDGA fee
$2 / player TD fee; in accordance to PDGA Tournament Standards A.5 (Please note: the TD fee is not kept by the tournament director. These funds will be going directly into course update materials; OB markers, Hazard markers, etc.)
With these funds, we can keep the course up to date and in good shape for all of our events.
Tournament sponsors that were granted an early registration will only be refunded their registration fee. The sponsorship fee will not be refunded.
5/20 is the last day to request a full refund. Any requests to refund 5/21 - 6/4, with be a partial refund only. No exceptions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Eric Tibbetts6767134$205
2Chris Basuino7065135$120
2Kelly Jew6768135$120
4Peter Kean6671137$75
5Robert Reynolds7367140$60
6Alex Carrell6774141$45
6Nick Harmon7170141$45
8Alex Lyon7172143$30
8Guy Melms6875143$30
8Kyle Blandford6677143$30
11Jon Williamson7074144
11Kristofer Kobzeff7668144
13Andrew McGill7867145
14Justin Bougher7572147
14Logan Riding7671147
14Nate Toutolmin7077147
17Treaven Duffy8171152
18Berkay Basaran8074154
19Tim Hamersly7976155
20Derek Moore7878156
21Nevada Schultz7786163
21Patrick Heath8380163
23Kyle Hedden73888961
24Sam Pates III80888968
25Kevin Omand78-78
1David Hurley6871139
2David Madruga6971140$90
3Brandon Clingan7173144$60
4Shaun Long6780147$45
5David Terrell7375148$40
6Jump Putt Jones7178149$25
7Joe Avansino7773150
7Roger Vartabedian7872150
9Ryan Jones7775152
10CJ Nakayama8173154
10Sam Pates7876154
12Colin McHenry7683159
13Nate Jackson8281163
1Ron "Skull" Brown7380153$105
2Robert Mooney8175156
2Scott Monopoli7779156
4Robert Jerez8376159
5Joe Borowski8483167
6Joe Hart8683169
7Kyle Waldron8590175
1Nancy Shillinger9090180$60
2Jenn Morgan9191182
1Aaron Alcorn7169140
2Jordan Vinson7174145
3David Risucci7374147
3Justin Bodily7473147
5Carlos Rios7771148
5Richard Grube7672148
8Bill Letson7578153
9Owen Sandy7381154
10Bryan Coggins7778155
10Treyvin Amaral7580155
12Adam Fischlin7878156
12Alex Bluemel7581156
12Curtis Sparks7977156
12Mason Packheiser7977156
12TRENT DAVIS7482156
17Derek Hamersly7979158
17John Marler8375158
17John Misslbeck7979158
17Matt Young8078158
17Matthew Young8078158
22Chris Webb7980159
22Joshua Ibarra8079159
22Taylor Alcorn8178159
25Nick Yost7981160
26Danny Her8081161
26Drake Benedict8081161
26Jason Ward8279161
29Cohen Greene8578163
30Randall Sorensen8681167
31Bailey Drake8782169
32Jamie Moskwa91888979
33Mark Reynolds92888980
1Steven Roberts7472146
2Steven Wright7577152
3Adam Hall7779156
4Harry Lake7979158
4Michael Kelly7880158
6Cory Meyer8277159
7Phillip Shepherd8279161
8Tim Wiegert8379162
8Todd Swenson7983162
10Ramon Fonseca8380163
11Adam Lane8282164
11Arturo Del Rivero8282164
13Bill Smith8482166
13Jeremy Seadorf8284166
13Jim Smyth8284166
13Josh Jordahl8086166
17Ray Bullard8186167
18Gideon Miller8583168
19Chris Blandford8188169
19Jon “Bubbz” Nahhas8287169
21Jonathan Spingola9184175
22Bryan Cull8197178
23Jason Wright91100191
24Brian Johnson89888977
1Jason Hamby7676152
2Dennis Palmquist7979158
3Xang Her8285167
4Tim Bedford8487171
5Douglas Hodel9087177
6Everett Kellogg8991180
7Eric Hill9194185
8Chris Taylor9691187
9Ray Clark9699195
1Austin Smith7481155
2Ryan Marchewka7977156
3James Peak8374157
4Adam C Vasquez7881159
5Arthur Soma8783170
6Matt Berube9386179
7Eduardo Jaramillo9586181
8AJ Meil9786183
1Zachary Laughlin8371154
2Joshua Minz8381164
2Ryan Brizendine8480164
4Erick Garay8584169
5Graham Soo8885173
6JJ Medina8985174
7Tyler Tilton8790177
8Tim Peterson9686182
9Rene Borre9192183
10John Kanemoto98101199
11Rob Schopen102102204
1Allison Menchaca8990179
2Annalisa Meagher10297199
3Dira Krecek111116227
4Angalee Kirby107125232
1Jedd Berger7271143
2Tristan Lee8985174
3Dominic Bocanegra9390183
4Zachary Taylor102103205
5Jaxon Reynolds101108209
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