Rock Road Rumble, Powered by Prodigy

PDGA logoSaturday, September 5, 2020 at Carrollton Park in Bridgeton, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Rock Road Rumble, Powered by Prodigy graphic

About this tournament

Come join the St. Louis Disc Golf Club for our annual B-tier tournaments!

Saturday is the Rock Road Rumble featuring Endicott Park DGC and the (relative) newbie: Carrollton! We will be doing Tee times for this event and will post your tee times on the PDGA site the day before the tournament. You will play both rounds with the same card. After completion of first round, your card will have an hour break, then you will start your second round at your assigned course.

We’re raffling off tons of great prizes including discs, merch, a basket, a Zuca cart, and more! Make sure to buy your raffle tickets!!!

Each Pool will have their chance at a special CTP on “Hole 19” at Endicott. Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance while registering or through PayPal and Venmo. Winners will be drawn during the virtual awards ceremony following the tourney via the STLDGC group page on FB:

We will be utilizing TEE TIMES for all divisions. To make this possible, we have also changed the start time (First Tee Off) to 7:30am with 10 minute intervals (subject to change). This will help keep us in compliance with local health measures in St. Louis County. Tee times will be posted the day before the tournament. You will play with the same card both rounds. Scoring will be done through the PDGA Live Scoring app. After completion of your first round, your card will have an hour break. You will then report to your assigned course for the 2nd round and start your round. The course TD will know your start time and it will also be posted on the PDGA event page.

Pools are CURRENT but subject to change until Friday, 9/4:

Pool A: MPO, MP40, and MA1
Pool B: FPO, MA2, MA3, FA2, MA40, MA50, and MJ8

Layouts are as follows:


1C/D Par 4* (Pool A uses pin D and plays as a par 4)
2C Par 4
3C Par 4
5B Par 4
7C Par 4
8C Par 4
9D Par 4
13A Par 4
16C Par 4
18D Par 4

Par 63/64


2D Par 4
7C Par 4
12C Par 4

Par 57

Refund policy

River City Flyers / St. Louis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations. We will be following PDGA guidelines per amendment of section 1.03, seen here:


Endicott Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Zackeriath Johnson5254106$546
2Andrew Presnell4858106$364
3Aaron Walther5458112$267
4Cory Folkins4965114$189
4Max Anderson5262114$189
6Luke Samson5857115$146
7Richard French5165116$114
7Scott Paul5165116$114
7Seth Wood5858116$114
10Adam Marbes5860118$88
10Cory Rains5959118$88
12Michael Waradzyn5465119$70
12Ryan Jarvis5465119$70
12Thomas Von Brecht5663119$70
15Nathan Ernsting5565120
16Allen Hooper5467121
16Bryan Johnson5665121
16Ethan Livaudais5863121
16Terence Unger5863121
20Jacob Anderson5765122
20Jesse Jacobs5468122
22Daniel Ainsworth5767124
23Brett Murry5867125
23Drew Cantrell5867125
23John Manion5867125
26Josh Eaton5769126
27Tomahawk Tim Kaltenbach5869127
28Justin Done5970129
29James Sills6074134
30Zachary Belch59-59
31Jared Misuraco--0
1Patrick Ruschke5163114$307
2Mark Flinn5065115$214
3Roger Reyes5662118$144
4Brian Strokotter5765122
5Keo Sabengsy6165126$90
6Will Rosa6364127
7William Sublett5874132
8Michael Fritz6271133
9Jake Schmitz6571136
10Harold Redd6776143
11Travis Stieg6877145
1Barrett White7261133$199
2Rebekah Kersey7065135$125
3Hayley Day7465139$94
4Alexandra Peterson7466140
5Emily Tucker7568143
1Taylor Thomas5559114
2Christopher Mathes5461115
3Mark Roark Jr6159120
4Dan Kuntz5566121
5Calvin Kinsella6062122
6Alex Seamon6163124
6Joseph Garland5668124
6Josh Schenkenfelder5668124
6Spencer Loscar5866124
10Nick Rupp5966125
11Greg Wilcox5868126
11Joe Jaegers5967126
13Kyle Cox5869127
14Dallas Whittle6068128
14Patrick Hoffmann6365128
14Samuel St. John5474128
17Mike Swehla6465129
18Lavan Lee6268130
18Robert Lenau5872130
18Scott Houska6169130
21Matthew McMillian6170131
22Henry Sundermann5874132
23Anderson Heintz6073133
23Michael Kearns6271133
23Ryan Koster6271133
26Ian Nelson6371134
27Frederick Schaljo6473137
27Mark Jones6275137
27Mike Stevenson III6374137
30Adam Vandivier--0
1Al Kennon7056126
2Cory Sprous7362135
2Timothy Shanx Wiegard6867135
4Dan Peraino7363136
5Thomas Spencer8167148
6Jim Niebling7970149
1Ray Vuichard6960129
2Gary Zimmermann7267139
3Robert Kozlowski7966145
4Don Billing8069149
1Brandon Robertson6558123
2Paul Schneider6559124
3Evan Meiners6461125
3Nolan Zoellner6857125
5Alex Adelman6759126
5Nickolas Fritz6660126
7Aaron Mullins6463127
7Brad Walkenhorst6958127
9Brian Mittrucker6959128
9Bubba Suchanek6761128
9Jace Leanhart6761128
9T.C. Brown6662128
13CJ Novak6861129
14Chuck Hoffman7656132
15Ramon Espique6866134
16Zachary Hawkins7363136
17Jon Hart7563138
17Keagan Settles7464138
19Daniel Brogli7766143
20Phoenix Sprous8366149
21Davis Gabbert7675151
22William Siebert8965154
1John Krzyzanowski6762129
2Kyle The Hammer Hanner6766133
2Timothy Parres7162133
4Greg Williams7460134
5Christian Reed7263135
6Cameron Hawkins7264136
7David Taylor7958137
7Joshua LaRose7661137
9Anthony Hake7465139
10Gene Stephens7763140
11Brandon Elms7468142
11Sam Bohon7468142
13Jonas Montalvo7766143
14Matthew Kersey7668144
14Ted Clark7569144
16Murphy Kinsella7868146
17Anthony Smith8371154
18Derek Wilson8472156
18Lucas Clark8472156
1Virginia Polkinghorne8168149$20
2Sondra Kekec8274156$13
3Alyssa Renaud8880168
1Dominick Feltenstein116106222
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