Rock Road Rumble

PDGA logoSunday, March 28, 2021 at Endicott Park in St. Louis, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Rock Road Rumble graphic
Added cash $750

About this tournament

Rock Road Rumble is the second stop in our Annual PDGA Tournament Season Kick Off Killer B's Series. This tournament will be a two round PDGA B-Tier at Carrollton and Endicott. There will be two pools Pool A will play their first round at Carrollton and Pool B will play their first round at Endicott. After the first round, both pools will switch courses for the 2nd round, ie. Pool A will play Endicott and Pool B will play Carrollton.

********** POOL ASSIGNMENTS*********

POOL A: MPO, FPO, MP40-60, MA1

POOL B: MA40-60, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA2

Lastly, at the end of the event, we will be raffling off a Zuca Cart, Disc Golf Bags, and many more prizes! Don't miss out on your chance to win these awesome prizes!!!

Refund policy

River City Flyers / St. Louis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.


Endicott Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Andrew Presnell6048108$590
2Stephen Mattingly6752119$394
3Jake Anderson6557122$293
4Brock Rohler6855123$210
4Jim Misuraca6756123$210
6Josh Coghill6757124$144
6Quentin Borengasser6757124$144
8Sam St John7352125$117
9Rich Klein III6957126$107
10D G6859127$92
10Greg Freeman6859127$92
12Max Anderson7355128$78
13Lawrence Eastman7455129$72
14Justin Done7060130
15Dick England7358131
15Ryan Rickard7457131
17Brennan Borengasser7656132
17Ethan Livaudais7161132
19Noah Free7459133
20Nathaniel Romans7955134
21Scott Paul7362135
22Richard French7759136
23Alex Seamon7958137
24Mark Jones7662138
24Nathan Ernsting7563138
24Phil McGuire7266138
27Allen Hooper7862140
27Patrick Hoffmann8357140
29James Reichert8259141
30Adam Marbes8062142
31Luke Sabulsky8162143
1Roger Reyes6856124$353
2Patrick Ruschke6760127$245
3Boogie Mark7158129$165
4Keo Sabengsy7259131$128
5Joshua Winer7263135$101
6John Kister7363136$75
7Al Kennon7859137
7Gary Suarez7760137
9Seth Bachelier7563138
10Brian Strokotter8158139
11Will Rosa8060140
12Backhand Dan8061141
13Jake Schmitz8462146
1Chris Mathes7053123
2Dan Kuntz7258130
2Luke Sivertson7258130
4Connor Milos7457131
5Nick Fritz7458132
6Greg Wilcox7459133
6Taylor Thomas7360133
8Brett Graham7460134
9Daniel Mannion7758135
9Nick Rupp7560135
11Cole Kammien7066136
11Frederick Schaljo7462136
11Scott Houska7660136
14Anderson Heintz7664140
14Jeff Morrison8357140
14Mike Stevenson III7961140
14Shane Donahue7961140
18Brandon Robertson7764141
19Joe Jaegers8260142
20Matthew McMillian8461145
21Aaron Mullins8363146
22Mike Fritz8463147
23Alex Huber8464148
23Robert Lenau8761148
25Tony DiPaola8268150
26Andrew Ruth8567152
27Henry Sundermann7677153
27Ryan Koster9162153
1Stephen Rodgers6068128
2Scott Hodges6171132
3Anthony Devoto6372135
4Chad Loegering6473137
5Ryan Wallace6376139
6Shawn Boley6575140
7Cory Sprous6576141
8Cameron Steele6977146
9Timothy Wiegard6982151
10Scott Schaefer7282154
11Jeff Irwin--0
1Kim Matheny6877145$57
2Greg Herschel6986155
3Sean Stewart7590165
1Robert Kozlowski6677143
2Don Billing7180151
3Gary Zimmermann7186157
4Sean Sperkowski7694170
1Calvin Ciorba5566121
2Tyler Klingelhoefer5969128
3Shorty Pavolka6565130
4Khris Wellington Korzick6269131
5Evan Meiners6271133
6Rodney St. Gemme6272134
7Kevin Copeland6372135
8Maxwell Moore6373136
9Austin Gilbert6374137
9David Conover6176137
9Keagan Settles6473137
12Kyle Hanner6276138
13John Conover6280142
14John Quinlisk6380143
14Josh Landholt6776143
16Greg Williams6579144
17Adam Lee DeClue6284146
18Daniel Riddle7276148
19Josiah Badenoch6193154
20George Fiorini7382155
21Ethan Schroeder7680156
21Randy Swaller7383156
1Jonas Montalvo6178139
2Christian Reed6376139
4Bobby Chartrand6478142
4Cameron Hawkins7072142
6Christopher Hoffmann6578143
6John Ridenhour6677143
6Miles Bradley6578143
9Curtis Wiegand6678144
10Scott Hayden6580145
11Brian Behr6680146
11Colin Robinson6977146
13Chris Gallagher6978147
13John Sperkowski6681147
15Brandon Lewis6784151
16Ryan Bao7181152
17Andrew Clifton7183154
18Adam Maxey6788155
18Matt Hoyos7382155
18Patrick Vogt7184155
21Luis Rodriguez7086156
22Daniel Huff7483157
22Zach Stroup6988157
24Ryan Allmeroth7584159
25Trey Allen7587162
26Cary Stroup7293165
1Virginia Polkinghorne6889157
2Deborah Polkinghorne7189160
1Amy M Blattel8197178
2Hannah DeClue8896184
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