Rochester Flying Disc Open sponsored by Flying Disc Pro Shop

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 31-August 1, 2021 at Parma in Rochester, New York
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This will be the 48th annual Rochester Flying Disc Open. The tournament will take place at Widener Park in Ch ... more
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Max Rodgers    August 1 at 12:53pm

Injured my knee yesterday and won't be there to compete today. Thank you TDs, volunteers, and to all my card mates, yesterday was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to next year.


Jeremy Roethel    August 1 at 1:26am

Could you please provide course specific protocol or tips for thunderstorms? Leave your mini and find cover means different things for each course / environment. Thanks! -jr

David Copp   August 1 at 2:01am

as per PDGA guidlines you would return to the tournament central area or nearest sheter, play would be suspended for a minimun of 30 minutes. At Basil return to your car or the pavillion by the tennis courts. At Chili you would return to car or the pavillion. At Parma you woud return to your car, ... more

David Copp    July 31 at 10:42pm

3rd round Tee off at 9am, make sure to check in with your course TD before heading to holes, hole assignements are posted on, Check-in will start at 8am tommorrow at each course

Jeremy Roethel   August 1 at 1:38am

there's a comma at the end of the linked URL that makes it not work so gonna try this

David Copp    July 31 at 4:59pm

2nd round tee off
Basil 1:30
Parma 1:30
Chili 2:00


Mike Culliton    July 31 at 11:48am

He lied to me on purpose that sob...


Mike Culliton    July 31 at 10:58am

Tim, Mikey Broderick will not be there today. He is in N. Carolina...

Tim Campbell   July 31 at 11:12am

That's weird, saw him yesterday. Hope he doesn't want a refund.

Tim Campbell   July 31 at 11:25am

BTW, thanks. I just took him off the list and now he's at Chili.

Tim Campbell    July 31 at 12:13am

Please be sure to recheck your starting hole Saturday morning since we've had a few people drop.
Raffles will be set up at Parma tournament central. You can buy tickets when you check in at Parma for your round. Write your name and division on your tickets. Tickets will be drawn during third round and prizes will then be delivered to the appropriate courses (provided you put your name and division on the ticket).


Tyler Tiede    July 29 at 3:26pm

I won’t be able to make the awards. I’ll have Quynn Greco grab anything there for me.


John Metzler    July 25 at 5:56pm

I have to withdraw unfortunately, submitted request for refund thank you


Jake DeGuire    July 23 at 10:58am

Will Chili h14 rough be OB next weekend? (Will Chili's OB boundaries differ from the past few events we've had there?)

Will we be seeing pin changes at Chili? (h2, h15 in particular)

Is there a course maintenance day this week for any of the courses? (I understand there were few days already, but would love to help if there's still work to be done)

I understand we will have a players info doc / email coming out next week, but was curious for this weekends practice rounds. Thank you!

Tim Campbell   July 28 at 2:40am

The OBs at Chili will be the perimeter and surrounded by water. No pin changes, everything is staying as is.

Tim Campbell   July 28 at 2:43am

As far as course maintenance, Copp posted a list on Facebook. Chili needs the mound on hole 8 cleaned up. There is also a wasp nest on hole 8. We've dumped a few can of spray on that nest over the past few days. The parameter could use some cleanup bultoo.

Tim Campbell   July 28 at 8:41pm

Due to the wasp problem on Hole 8 @ Chili, we will not be using hole 8 and replacing it with hole 19 (the practice basket hole).

Nick conely    July 21 at 12:40pm

David or Tim I need to drop please, scheduling conflict has come up. Will you please let me know that you have received and that I can receive a refund please


Jeremy Roethel    July 13 at 2:41pm

Is there a deadline to withdraw and receive refund? Dealing w/ aftermath of insect/tick bite, not sure I'll be physically able to play in time.. thanks.

David Copp   July 13 at 5:46pm

After July 21st when online registration closes, you may only recieve a full refund if someone in your pool is on the waitlist to fill that spot, other wise you may recieve a partial refund if no one fills your spot

Anthony Ludlow    July 9 at 3:38am

If the A pool doesnt get filled will those additional spots be filled by the people on the waitlist?


Matthew Hess    July 4 at 1:54am

I am unable to attend. I sent the refund request through DGS and haven't heard back for the refund. Matthew Hess #140362 MPO.


Luke Butch    July 3 at 12:51pm

I will be unable to attend this event. If you could refund me that would be great. Luke Butch #18801 MPO. Thanks!


Edward Ziegenfuss    June 23 at 2:42am

Dave or Tim can I possibly be moved from ma40 to mp40

Edward Ziegenfuss   June 23 at 3:11am

And will gladly pay the money

Tim Campbell   June 28 at 7:55pm


Justin Ernst    June 15 at 12:09am

Any idea what time check in and tee off will be each day? I'm considering entering and debating driving or finding lodging. Thanks in advance.

David Copp   June 18 at 1:53am

Updating the schedule shortly, but 9am tee off both days

Justin Ernst   June 18 at 8:42am


Bill Culley    June 2 at 5:40pm

$45 to get on the waitlist...if I don't get bumped up to registered then do I get a refund or I'm out $45?

Mike Slaunwhite   June 2 at 6:05pm

I can't answer for the TD, but typically you get refunded minus a couple dollars in fees.

David Copp   June 2 at 6:55pm

Yes, you would get refunded the amount you paid for registration if you were not to get in off the waitlist, but more than likely will get in

Benjamin Winquist    May 5 at 12:46am

When can ma2 register

David Copp   May 5 at 2:04am

May 5th at 8pm