3rd Annual Red, White, and YOU presented by Mobile Disc Golf Paparazzi

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 29-30, 2023 at The Admiral in Semmes, Alabama
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2023 RED, WHITE, & YOU Presented by MOBILE DISC GOLF PAPARAZZI PDGA SANCTIONED C-Tier action going down ... more
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Amanda Gautney    July 28 at 12:29pm

Anyway I can get on a card with Kimberly Bailey! We pack our stuff together it’d be helpful if we can I understand if not. Just won’t be able to carry anything to not die ????

Daniel Boutwell   July 29 at 2:05am

No way

Kevin Keith   July 29 at 3:48am


Elisha Hughey    July 27 at 3:17pm

Will 7 have a drop zone? Net? Weird mando? And are the temp holes the same as last years?

Kevin Keith   July 27 at 3:53pm

7 is gonna be a long par 5 to 8s basket with the same OB lines as RWY past…detailed diagram drops tonight on FB…flags will be there for pin and tee positions…ALL NEW BONUS HOLES

Josh Hollier   July 27 at 9:46pm

Can you post the link to the Facebook page where info is being dropped about the tournament?

Wade Spruill    July 25 at 1:42pm

Any idea on schedule? When is tee time?

Kevin Keith   July 25 at 9:39pm

9:00 am tee time for both days

Luke Williams    July 23 at 6:46pm

Do we know when the alternate baskets be placed and when will the Ob lines be drawn? Thanks

Kevin Keith   July 25 at 12:10pm

The plan is for Thursday evening

Nathan Fontenot    July 20 at 3:59am

Will there be an more spots opening up for <900, or do I need to just play up?


Charlie Plyler    July 18 at 6:46pm

Are we playing two rounds of 18 holes this year?

Kevin Keith   July 19 at 2:12pm

Hey Charlie! It’ll be two rounds of 22!

Amanda Wing    July 18 at 4:45pm

https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Summer_Swelter_Womens_Open_2023 hey ladies this is a great one round (we can a 2nd if we like) option that only has 8 spots for ladies on August 5th. Great course and we get our own ratings since the rest are playing doubles. Come join in on the fun!


Chad Snell    July 12 at 12:02pm

Will there be a waiting list for the divisions that are full


Ashley Barrier    July 12 at 11:48am

Is there no wait list for the lower divisions? Is there a way to be notified if a spot opens? Thanks


Steven Varnes    July 7 at 11:47pm

Why are there two people over 800 in the purple division? One is rated 848.
This tournament is advertised to be by rating.
Please make the necessary adjustments for this to be a more fair competition.

Steven Varnes   July 7 at 11:53pm

There are actually 3 that are rated over the divisional rating limit.

Caroline Butler   July 25 at 1:51pm

Changes have been made.

Tyler Bohanon    June 24 at 11:39pm

Are the women playing against men? Are there going to be women's tees?

David Cash   June 26 at 6:31pm

Division are not by gender but by rating.

Geoffrey Cleverdon    June 20 at 6:13pm

Who is playing for cash? Just some divisions, or top players in all divisions?

Kevin Keith   June 20 at 7:02pm

Only gold is allowed to compete for cash

Kevin Keith   July 6 at 2:55pm

You can play up into any division you wish!

Amanda Wing    June 18 at 8:18pm

How do the women sign up for free?

Kevin Keith   June 27 at 2:54pm

Hi Amanda…just sign up like normal they use the players discount code CRUSH at checkout

Aiden Hester    June 13 at 3:45am

Is it possible for you to move Aiden Hester to the Red division?


George Sims    June 5 at 12:43am

So if we are in group white that means we play on Sunday only?

Kevin Keith   June 5 at 1:45am

Correct…2 rounds Sunday

David Cash    June 1 at 4:42pm

Why are peoples rated over 900 in the Red (<900) division?

Kevin Keith   June 1 at 6:07pm

Great question…players who were unrated, or who’s rating went up after registration will be forced into the correct division when I push the next batch of registrants over to the official registration page on PDGA

Charlie Plyler   July 23 at 7:22pm

There are still a couple 900 + in the >900. (And I think they have been 900+ for over a year.) Maybe they are not available to play on Sunday. I’m fine with it, but just happened to be reading through the comments.

Caroline Butler   July 25 at 1:05pm

They have all been fixed now excluding one >800 in purple but this will be fixed today (7/25).

Cade Hill    May 31 at 2:28am

hey can I get moved to red please

Kevin Keith   May 31 at 10:17am


Rob Taunton    May 29 at 12:03am

Can I get a shirt in every color? I already have red..lol

Kevin Keith   May 31 at 10:17am

I got you homey!

Austin Jerniagn    May 27 at 8:47pm

Am I reading correctly that the Green division will be playing on Saturday only?

Kevin Keith   May 28 at 11:38am

That’s correct! One round from red and one from white tees…you can play both days if you’d like!

Noah Glenn    May 8 at 7:14pm

So if my rating is less than 970, does that mean I’m able to sign up for the blue division so that I can play the blue layout, or do I have to sign up with the group closer to my actual rating?

Kevin Keith   May 8 at 7:16pm

If you’re 970 or more, you have to play gold. The Blue division will also play the long tees and the whites…

Noah Glenn   May 9 at 2:07am

Thank you.