Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Sam Masi Disc Golf Park in Medina, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

The RMP is Back by popular demand...! Competitiors will play the original 27 hole layout on Udisc, then wil ... more
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Regis Stump    May 16 at 2:14pm

Several scores from multiple cards & divisions were not turned in or sent to me to record.
No scores will be posted at this time.

We will be running another event coming up this fall.

Michael Knepp   May 17 at 3:08pm

Did you clear the record of how many people competed in this event? Why is there no longer a registration list???

Michael Knepp   May 17 at 3:13pm

Whether you received the scores or not, we need record of who competed in this event. POST THE SCORES!

Gabe Lopez    May 14 at 7:16pm

Will the results be posted on here?

Regis Stump   May 15 at 12:14am

I'll be uploading scores tomorrow

Jon Dagata    May 14 at 6:15pm

Lost a red sidewinder in the creek near hole Roscoe 1.

Regis Stump   May 15 at 12:12am

I'll let the course ambassador know to look for it or if someone turns it in?

Scott Williams    May 14 at 12:23am

Where is check in? Roscoe or Masi?

Regis Stump   May 14 at 12:24am

Sam Masi

Scott Williams   May 14 at 1:54am

Thanks Regis. I have the donations from Larry too.

Regis Stump   May 14 at 3:26am

Thanks again Scott

Casey Gardner    May 12 at 12:28am

Hey Regis why not just play all of roscoe and masi and make it 27? The 24 layout cuts out 11 12 13 and 14 at roscoe which I think everyone agrees is an awesome stretch of holes

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Casey Gardner   May 12 at 5:33pm

The reason those are skipped for frozen fingers was because of the hill and snow and ice I was just hoping maybe he picked wrong layout on accident because true roscoe and masi is 27

Logan Gibson   May 12 at 7:09pm

Haha. I have no idea. I was bored so I commented. Cheers.

Casey Gardner   May 12 at 7:30pm

All good just pushing for more golf haha move ace the other night I saw the highlight post

Mark Festi    May 6 at 3:52pm

Can you elaborate on this $1/person tournament setup fee?

Regis Stump   May 7 at 11:41am

Sure, this helps pay for marking paint, ice for the coolers..ect.. not much to explain here

Logan Gibson    May 5 at 3:42pm

Will we receive anything for players pack?

Regis Stump   May 6 at 2:34pm

No, this is a fundraiser event. Winners of their respective divisions will receive various merch items & prizes

Logan Gibson   May 6 at 3:31pm

Just curious That pint glass looked inviting.

Regis Stump   May 6 at 3:40pm

Those were used for the original fundraiser event, back when Team Jenkins was installing the multiple sets of tees that you see play on. I'm going to try to replicate those pints for the next RMP fundraiser event.

Daniel Murphy    April 30 at 3:07pm

Are all divisions playing longs?

Regis Stump   May 1 at 7:53pm

No, All divisons will play from the short tees

Zak Ferrell    April 10 at 5:35pm

Regis anyway we can make this a bag tag event for Medina? I was talking to Nick and some others and think it would be a really fun idea for this event!

Regis Stump   May 6 at 2:32pm

If Nick is ok w/ it , that's fine with me. Enjoy

Larry Bright Jr.    March 16 at 6:55pm

I'm not sure if my schedule is open this day. But I'd like to donate some CTP prizes for the event. If I can't make it, I will bring my donations to an event before this one occurs to make sure you get them.

Regis Stump   March 17 at 2:39am

Ok, hopefully you can attend the event. I appreciate your donations.. Thank You Larry!