RAD DG - Mint Disc Challenge - Series 4

Saturday, June 25, 2022 at Live Oak Brewery in Austin, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Welcome to Series 4 of the RAD/Mint Disc Challenges!

Come enjoy some delicious beer and 18 holes of golf at Live Oak Brewery.
This will be a Flex Start - 9 to 1pm. The brewery doesn't open until later however. So be sure to bring your own water.

Players will receive 2 mystery discs from me that are the ONLY discs to be used during the round. The point of these RAD 2 Disc challenges is that you don't know what discs you'll receive, it's a mystery until you arrive! I will say this time you are not allowed to bring your own putter. You will have to use the discs provided to complete your rounds.

$50 per player
2 Discs

+$5 optional ace pot

The final Series of the Challenges will likely be held end of November/December. Players will be allowed to use ANY of the discs that they've received during the RAD 2 Disc challenge that are marked with the proper 2 disc challenge stamp. So I hope you held onto those discs :) We will likely have one or two more challenges before the final so you'll have a chance to grab more discs.

Refund policy

RAD DG is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



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