RAD DG Presents the Mint Disc 2 Disc Challenge

Sunday, January 30, 2022 at Flying Armadillo DGC in San Marcos, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

We are excited to bring you the first of a few 2 Disc Challenges this year. This event will be at Flying Armad ... more
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Jay Austin    January 31 at 6:21pm

What Facebook page?

Renae Farr   January 31 at 6:48pm

RAD DG presents the Mint Disc 2 Disc Challenge

Aracely Salazar    January 31 at 6:07pm

They posted results on Facebook.


Jay Austin    January 31 at 3:33pm

Also very interested in the results of yesterday’s tournament!


Daniel Rigdon    January 31 at 1:41am

Hey, when are the results going to get posted?

Renae Farr   January 31 at 6:27pm

They are posted on the event page on Facebook

Renae Farr   January 31 at 6:28pm

RAD DG presents the Mint Disc 2 Disc Challenge

Daniel Rigdon   January 31 at 7:50pm


Rick Kennedy    January 27 at 6:11pm

Will you be assigning tee times? Or is it show and throw?

Ryan R   January 27 at 6:20pm


Renae Farr   January 29 at 4:09pm

Flex start means show up whenever between the allotted hours. I will say there seems to be a rush at the beginning at 9. So I'd assume lots of back ups if you show early. I'm hoping to convince some people to start on the ace race before the big round to help with that

Rick Kennedy   January 30 at 3:47pm

got it thanks.

Ryan R    January 27 at 5:49pm

Myself and another will be there to hopefully start a 9 am card. Need 2 or 1 more to complete a 3 or 4 man card. Anyone want to join an early card? I'm playing advanced and other player will be Intermediate.

Andy Gonzalez jr   January 29 at 5:24am

I might try to get there about that time. If not latest 930 so I can possibly join. I can check with u tomorrow evening to double check my status. I am ma40 but looks like we are all playing from the whites

Kevin Monahan    January 26 at 10:00pm

Do we need to start the ace race by 2 if we are doing that?

Renae Farr   January 26 at 10:22pm

By 3pm for the ace race

Renae Farr   January 26 at 10:22pm

I'm hoping some people choose to do that first to help with course congestion.

alex bachicha    January 25 at 6:45am

Can we bring an RV onto the primitive camp ground?

Renae Farr   January 25 at 11:04am

That would be a question for flying armadillo. You can call or message their Facebook page

Renae Farr   January 25 at 5:40pm

From Flying A We can accommodate RVs in the campground but no larger than 20'. Unfortunately if it's longer they won't be able to park in the lot since it will be very full. If they do want to camp in the campground please tell them to make a reservation on our website, the link is under the camping section at FADGC.com

Ryan R    January 20 at 7:32pm

Existing Molds? Or new?

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Renae Farr   January 24 at 7:03pm

Awesome, that's what I like to hear

Robert Cisneros   January 27 at 3:35am

New alpha? Is there a redesigned alpha?

Ryan R   January 27 at 5:47pm

I believe the latest Alpha in Apex Plastic. Only thing new might be the swirls and or stamp.

Kennan Dealy    January 9 at 1:07am

If we are unable to make it, but still would like to sign up to get the discs, can we do that? I have someone that could pick them up for me who is local down there.

Renae Farr   January 9 at 1:46am

I'm going to have to say no for two reasons. 1. Everyone out of town would do that just for the discs. 2. There are people on the wailist who can be there to play and also want the discs. I will have some extra discs for sale that your friend could grab for you though.

Jordan Crawford    December 29 at 11:33pm

Which tees are we using?

Renae Farr   December 31 at 7:15pm

All divisions will play from whites

Debby Anders    December 28 at 2:30pm

What discs will be provided?

Renae Farr   December 28 at 7:46pm

There will be a variety of MINT discs available to choose from. I can't release exactly what yet. You'll get a putter and a driver

Ryan R   January 17 at 4:23pm

Existing molds or new? So if the discs we will receive are a Driver and Putter we can expect either an Alpha, Longhorn, Freetail and or Jackalope? What plastic? Only ask because a base plastic (Putters understandable) is going to be eaten alive with the rocks out there at the "Dillo". Putters being either a Bullet or Profit?

Chris James    December 28 at 3:28am

If we are members, will this be $10 cheaper?

Robert Cisneros   December 28 at 3:33am

Doesn’t look like it

Renae Farr   December 28 at 7:46pm

No, you will need to pay your greens fees to Flying armadillo

Alexander Erwin    December 28 at 2:07am

Can’t wait! Thank you for hosting Renae!


Bogey Brandon    December 28 at 1:58am

Let's go!