Putt-Putt Challenge at Royal Oak High School

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at Wagner Park in Royal Oak, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This event is a fundraiser for the Royal Oak High School Disc Golf Club. Half of the entry fees will go to t ... more
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Sean Morgan    Sticky December 17 at 2:50am

Thank you very much to all who came out to support the Royal Oak High School Disc Golf Club! Special thanks to all who donated items to the club. The club members are extremely appreciative and excited about all of the items!

Congratulation to Nate Wegryn, Matt Oller, Tim Barham, Jamie Mosier, and Ryan Herzog for making the finals. It was an exciting battle to watch, with Tim Barham coming out victorious with the help of his amazing score of 30 (6 under) in the finals.

We hope to continue ... more

Rob Dahmen   January 23 at 10:48pm

Any chance you'll do this again before this winter season is done? Or do we have to wait till next winter?

Sean Morgan   January 24 at 2:19am

Unfortunately, we won't be able to do it again until next winter...

Jason Kirkaldy    December 18 at 2:32am

HIw many hole in 1’s were there

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Jason Kirkaldy   December 18 at 2:58am

Lol omg

Douglas McIntosh   December 18 at 6:11am

How many did Barham have

Sean Morgan   December 18 at 10:05am

7 in the finals. At least 7 during the 1st 2 rounds, possibly a few more.

Liz Cathers    December 17 at 11:52am

Thank you for having us out. Truly enjoyed myself.


Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    December 17 at 1:19am

Excellent event Sean (and everyone representing the ROHS Disc Golf Club). Had a blast and im sure everyone else did too. Fun and challenging. Can't wait till next year!

David Banninger   December 17 at 1:35am

so much fun. Was definately one of the coolest ace race type tournaments i have done so far. Love it guys and hope we were able to raise enough money for the club today...

Jared jsauce Saucedo    December 16 at 7:44pm

3 hour drive in the winter was worth it! Thanks for the good times and cool layout. See ya next time

Sean Morgan   December 17 at 4:10pm

Thanks for making the trek!

Matt Clark    December 16 at 3:00pm

**** I missed it! Are there talks of Anymore events like this in the high school!?


Daymon Pugh    December 16 at 2:40pm

Sorry for the late notice put my car in a ditch. OK everybody make sure that you have plenty of time to pull out in front of Someone its the third time in two days that I’ve had to slam on my brakes and go crazy sideways sliding because somebody cannot pull out in time because they are just spinning their wheels be smarter that’s all I’m asking

Jason Kirkaldy   December 16 at 5:30pm

Bummer dude

Elijah Wykes    December 16 at 11:18am

Not gonna make it today, babysitter fell through. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Heidi Matheson    December 16 at 4:54am

Justin Cova pdga# 96623

Heidi Matheson   December 16 at 4:55am

Can we please be on the same card?

Heidi Matheson    December 16 at 4:53am

Heidi Matheson pdga# 93068


Jason Kirkaldy    December 16 at 4:02am

Sorry my toddler is sick, can’t make it. Have fun everyone

Sean Morgan   December 16 at 4:06am

Sorry to hear Kirkaldy. Next year.

Kevin Bergeron    December 16 at 3:10am

Where are these tee times posted

Sean Morgan   December 16 at 3:21am

Click on the "registered players" tab. They are all listed before the players' names. Yours is at 10:16.

Nate Wegryn    December 16 at 2:56am

I'll sign up. 54885. Also if you could it'd be cool if you threw me on the card with mosier tim and Josh,

Sean Morgan   December 16 at 3:28am

Hey Nate. That would make it 5 on that card. I'm starting a card with you and Herzog.

Ryan Herzog    December 16 at 1:14am

Ryan Herzog #29024 put me on 2j's card

Sean Morgan   December 16 at 3:27am

Hey Ryan. I don't want to make another group of 5. I'm starting a card with you and Wegryn.

Liz Cathers    December 15 at 11:23pm

Jon Cathers will not be making it. Sorry


Jeff Hollinger    December 15 at 11:02pm

you can remove me, forgot I had another tourney tomorrow. My bad, thank you

Sean Morgan   December 15 at 11:03pm

No problem.

Neil Guest    December 15 at 10:58pm

Could you sign me up: Neil Guest? And could you put me in the same card as Matt Smith and Jake and Luke Czarnik? Thank you.


Matt Smith    December 15 at 9:35pm

Could you please register me: Matt Smith?
Also, may you put me on a card with Jake and Luke Czarnik and I'll have a few discs to donate.

Sean Morgan   December 15 at 9:52pm

No problem.

tim barham    December 15 at 8:36pm

Tim Barham 53332
Round 2 Lets Go.


Jeff Bauman    December 15 at 7:53pm

Jeff Bauman #18659. I'll have some donations for your club too. See you in the morning. Thank you!

Sean Morgan   December 15 at 8:04pm

Awesome. Thanks Jeff!