Putt-Putt Challenge at Royal Oak High School

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at Wagner Park in Royal Oak, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


Putt-Putt Challenge at Royal Oak High School graphic

About this tournament

This event is a fundraiser for the Royal Oak High School Disc Golf Club.
Half of the entry fees will go to the club, while the other half will be used as cash payouts for the top 5 finishers (plus ties).

(1500 Lexington Blvd, Royal Oak, MI 48073)

Registration: You can cashless preregister by posting your name and pdga number (if you have one) in the comments section.

Course: The inside of the school will be turned into an 18-hole putt-putt disc golf course. Hole lengths will be between 30 and 100 feet and will play though the halls, up and down the stairs, and in the gym.

Cost: $20 for all players.

Format: 2 rounds of 18 guaranteed to all players. The top 5 finishers (plus ties) will play a final round of 18 and will be awarded the cash payouts. Places will be awarded based on total scores from all 3 rounds.

All players will be given tee times from 10am-11am.
All players will play both rounds with their group (2nd round immediately after the 1st).
After the 2 rounds of 18, there will be a 15-20 minute break before the final 18.

Tee Times: Tee times will be posted by 8pm on Friday, December 15th.

Refreshments: Bottled water and snacks will be provided to all players.

- Players will only be allowed to use putters (no mids or drivers).
- Holes will be played just like any other course.
- When "teeing off", all supporting points must be on the tee pad, which will be marked with tape.
- You can use a mini or the disc from the previous throw to mark your lie.
- All holes will be par 2.
- A foot length of casual relief will be allowed only if you cannot place your foot behind your lie (because a barrier like a wall is prohibiting you from doing so).


Wagner Park
Royal Oak, MI   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Wagner Park - ROHS Putt Putt Course, 18 holes, par 36
Round 2: Wagner Park - ROHS Putt Putt Course, 18 holes, par 36
Round 3: Wagner Park - ROHS Putt Putt Course, 18 holes, par 36
1Barham, Tim33323095
2Oller, Matt32333297
3Wegryn, Nate313237100
4Herzog, Ryan353235102
5Mosier, Jamie323439105
6Bierekoven, Ziggy3335-68
6Common, Phil3434-68
6McAskin, John3236-68
9Bauman, Jeff3435-69
9Fooch, Nick3336-69
11Binienda, Jay3337-70
12Casanova, Anthony3933-72
12Fuelling, Brad3834-72
12Herron, Drew3636-72
12McGrath, Josh3834-72
12Oller, Mark3735-72
17Bergeron, Kevin3736-73
17Borth, Tiger3637-73
17Dahmen, Rob3637-73
17Michalak, Derek3736-73
17Selig, Corey3736-73
17Stack, Jim3736-73
23Morgan, Kevin3638-74
23Proulx, Ashley3737-74
25Saucedo, Jared3639-75
26Banninger, Dave3739-76
26Flaherty, Chris4135-76
26Magoulick, John3739-76
26Minicuci, John3739-76
26Visger, Mike4036-76
31Yanssens, Jeff3839-77
32Cova, Justin3740-77
32Tomlinson, David3839-77
32Turner, Bob3542-77
35Bolitho, Marshall3742-79
35Mullen, Lori4039-79
37Cathers, Justin4337-80
37Cathers, Liz4337-80
37Fittro, Meg4040-80
37Guest, Neil4040-80
41Harelik, Brad4041-81
41Smith, Matt4140-81
41Socia, Samantha4041-81
44Evans, Damon4042-82
44Sawer, Radwyn4042-82
44Trombley, Jen4141-82
47Le, Sarah4340-83
48Czarnik, Luke3945-84
48Gauthier, Jameson4044-84
48Sicora, Bill4143-84
51Matheson, Heidi4243-85
52Czarnik, Jacob4145-86
53Goeringer, Will4345-88
54McAskin, Avery4943-92
55Trenum, Silas4647-93
56Campos, Jessica5046-96
57Michalak, Brayden5454-108
58Biela, Nora6159-120