2021 Prodigy Games

PDGA logoSaturday, October 2, 2021 at Silver Creek Park in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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$1,000 Added Cash
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Kevin Smetana    October 2 at 1:44am

When do we find out our groups


Kevin Smetana    September 30 at 1:05pm

Where do we meet

David Werner   September 30 at 5:26pm

Lower concession stand building by the start of the back 18. Course hole 19.

Asher ODesky    September 30 at 12:45pm

I see on udisc that there are 36 holes on the course. Are we playing 36 in each round or just 1-18?

David Werner   October 1 at 12:39am

There are two 18 hole courses on the property so you will play each 18 one time. Only 18 hole rounds.

David Werner    September 28 at 6:41pm

The basket and tee pad layout are posted in the picture tab. Below is a brief explanation of how to read the chart. Any questions please email at the email at the bottom of the comment.

The baskets that are listed are the holes that have more than 1 basket on them. Red are the short baskets and Silver are the long baskets. Find your division in your pool and those are the baskets that you are playing

The tee pads that are listed are the holes that have 3 tee pads on them with the exception ... more


Sean Lennon    September 25 at 4:07am

Is it possible to still sign up for this event? I was going to and then I noticed it closed.

sam r   September 25 at 4:21pm

Same. I just looked at this yesterday and it clearly said the cut off was 8pm on the 25th (today), so I was going to sign up today and now it says it closed yesterday. ??

Nathan Renkas    September 23 at 1:18am

Are rec. playing long or short tees? You stated long in this thread and short in Doug's thread.

David Werner   September 26 at 4:39am

Rec men are playing long pads. Novice men are playing short pads. I mistaked the divisions. I apologize

caleb Janofski    September 20 at 7:51pm

Is there a player pack? If so what is in it?

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caleb Janofski   September 21 at 10:14pm

I know. Looking to find one more tournament before the end of the season. Thanks though.

David Werner   September 22 at 5:09pm

Each amateur will get 1 or 2 discs depending on how many people are signed up. Won’t know for sure until closer to day of.

caleb Janofski   September 23 at 12:05pm

Okay, thanks

David Werner    September 20 at 11:23am

Layout will be posted tonight for all of those asking. Baskets will be in tournament position sometime on Monday September 27 due to me being out of town. Will let everyone know when the baskets have been moved.

David Werner   September 22 at 5:18pm

MPO/MA1 will play champ pads on holes 2, 13, 20, 21, and 34. Normal long pads on everything else. MP40/MA40/Intermediate (men and women)/Rec. will play normal long pads all day. Novice (men and women)/Juniors will play short pads all day. Baskets will be in mixed locations and will be in tournament ... more

Robert W Horsch    September 18 at 9:07pm

How many holes/rounds for Novice & Rec?

David Werner   September 20 at 11:21am

Every one will be playing 36 holes. 2 rounds of 18.

Doug siehr    September 10 at 8:47pm

What tee pads are ma3 going to be using?

David Werner   September 26 at 4:40am

Long pads

Brandon Decremer    September 4 at 4:49pm

For novice are we playing long tees as well? How about female novice? Just curious in case so we can possibly practice longs if so before event.

David Werner   September 9 at 2:13pm

Novice and female novice will be from short pads.

Brandon Decremer   September 10 at 12:41pm

Thank you

Brandon Decremer    September 2 at 5:53pm

Is this a BYOP event?

David Werner   September 2 at 6:02pm

This is a singles sanctioned B-tier Event

Brandon Decremer   September 3 at 12:50pm

Yea I know but we can use our own plastic or is it like a prodigy three disc event or something? That’s what I was curious about

David Werner   September 3 at 3:29pm

You can use your own plastic. This is a normal sanctioned singles tournament. Not a special event like a 3 disc tournament.

Scott Lowrey    August 12 at 2:14pm

Any idea on layout for MA1?

David Werner   September 3 at 3:31pm

You will be playing all 36 holes. 2 rounds of 18 on the day. More than likely from the normal long pads. The middle tee on the holes with 3 tees. The baskets will be mixed.