Plow N' Chains 2022

Saturday, July 16, 2022 at Rosa Park in Santa Rosa, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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I'm checking the weather and it looks like it is going to be a hot one!! We will have some water but please m ... more
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chris isom    July 15 at 5:54pm

Hey Vince. I pmed you on messenger, but is there any way that i can slide my tee time to 8am from the current 750 time? If its too much at this point, i completely understand


Maxwell Mical    July 13 at 5:48pm

Too late to see if MA3 can have a final 9? Love the idea of the top 4 fighting it out and being able to play more disc golf


Jeremiah Steinberg    July 10 at 8:14pm

I need someone to bail out!


James Pavlichek    July 9 at 2:42am

Hello 7:40 and 7:50 AM tee time folks. My buddy and I are hoping to play the same tee time. One of us is 7:40 and the other 7:50. Is there anyone in those 2 tee times who would be willing to switch?

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James Pavlichek   July 9 at 5:37pm

thanks Jake. I will email the TD

Vince Ferracuti   July 13 at 6:50pm

All Changed, see you Saturday

James Pavlichek   July 13 at 7:50pm

Thanks Vince. Looking forward to it!

dave cox    June 15 at 2:22am

Please let me know if anyone would like to tee off at 8:00am. I’ll switch for just later time. Thank you


Sierra Lembke    June 11 at 5:05pm


Sierra Lembke    June 11 at 4:59pm

Hey! Does the wait-list mean we may not be able to play upon registration?

Maxwell Mical   June 15 at 4:15pm

Hi! Yes, as of right now it appears the divisions are full. You can absolutely still sign up in hopes that people withdraw and open a spot for you. With that said if you do sign up and no spots open up you will be refunded the money for your registration so you won't just be out the money you put in. I hope this helps!

James Pavlichek    May 28 at 5:29am

Is there anyone on the 7:40 am tee time who'd be willing to switch to 7:50?


Michael Meyer    May 27 at 5:18am

Please reschedule a new time to register. We all have to work in the morning.

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Vince Ferracuti   May 27 at 6:00am

It just opened for registration you should be able to register now. Again I completely apologize for the inconvenience

Jake Marble   May 27 at 6:06am

I saw it opened for a second....but now says it will be available at 8p tomorrow night. I'll be back!

Vince Ferracuti   May 27 at 6:11am

I completely apologize again, we thought it was good to go, but now it will open at 8pm tomorrow the 27th. Again I apologize for this.

Michael Meyer    May 27 at 5:05am

C’mon man!!!


Jake Marble    May 27 at 5:04am

Unable to register!! Whats up??


James Pavlichek    May 27 at 5:01am

Online reg says not available. What's up?


Kevin Moore    May 26 at 6:02am


Rich lopez    May 26 at 5:01am

Can I be switched from 1130 to 1140 if possible. Thank you!

Joe DiMiero   May 26 at 2:50pm

You can change your own tee time by editing your registration, as long as your desired time has space available. I did it myself.

Scott Tucker    May 25 at 11:52pm

Can I get my tee time changed to the 8:00 slot please?

Joe DiMiero   May 26 at 2:50pm

You can change your own tee time by editing your registration, as long as your desired time has space available. I did it myself.

Maxwell Mical    May 25 at 4:14pm

Following up on James' question: For non UFO members registration will open at 10pm PST tonight? I imagine it will fill up incredibly fast and I also don't want to miss out on this tournament

Vince Ferracuti   May 25 at 4:23pm

Hey Maxwell, for non UFOS members it will open 5-26-22 at 10pm.

Maxwell Mical   May 25 at 4:34pm

Perfect, thank you very much

James Pavlichek   May 25 at 6:26pm


Roger Cansler    May 25 at 3:58pm

Hi please change my hoodie to XXL
Rock on


Kevin Moore    May 25 at 12:03am

10pm tonight

James Pavlichek   May 25 at 5:17am

Sorry. I realize I asked in an unclear way. I understood that tonight's early UFOs reg was 10pm, but i'm trying to find out what time of day open reg on the 26th starts. I haven't yet seen that answer.

Kevin Moore    May 24 at 6:10pm

10pm the 24th if you a UFOS member otherwise the 26th it opens

James Pavlichek   May 24 at 9:02pm

10pm on the 26th? Sorry to belabor the point, but I don't want to miss it as I figure it will fill fast.

Justin Miller    May 23 at 6:09pm

I see that it’s a fundraiser but I can’t find anything that says what the funds are going towards. I may have missed it. But wondering if you could let me know where the funds are going?

Vince Ferracuti   May 23 at 10:31pm

Hey Justin, It is a fundraiser for the UFOS club to help with various things, like tee signs, fixing tee pads and whatever else is needed. Thanks for checking in and hope to see you out there!.

Justin Miller   May 25 at 5:56am

Awesome! Thanks!