DDO Play For More Charity Pro-Am presented by Disc Store

Sunday, May 2, 2021 at Jones Park in Emporia, Kansas
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

Welcome to the inaugural Play For More Charity Pro Am at the Dynamic Discs Open! This will be a doubles eve ... more
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Lupe Esquivel    May 1 at 8:10pm

Will I be able to sign up the day of? I missed registration!


Ryan King    May 1 at 1:43am

It says it closed November 30 at 12am so I can’t edit or anything now


Ryan King    May 1 at 1:41am

Let me know because I don’t know we’re I sir if any and it tells me it is closed to edit or anything

Nathan Clark   May 1 at 2:14am

Should be fixed

Nathan Clark    May 1 at 1:36am

Hey everyone! Tonight is a little crazy with us vending at the bonfire!
I’m extending registration to 10 am tomorrow morning so I can be actively updating the leaderboard.


Ryan King    May 1 at 12:42am

Is there a way to see the bids of what people have bid and when does it update to see if your in it

Nathan Clark   May 1 at 1:23am

I’m updating it as often as possible but since we’re vending At the bonfire I’ms little show.

Adam Leathers    April 29 at 3:35am

How do we increase our bids?

Nathan Clark   April 29 at 8:28pm

If you go to the registered players tab there should be an "EDIT" button which let's you change the option you selected.

Sheldon DeMarco Sr    April 26 at 10:39pm

Question it says 20 + 20 does that mean you're paying 40

Nathan Clark   April 27 at 4:14am

Sorry that is a little confusing but each option needs a title and an amount. so the $20 + $20 is $20

Abram Brazzle    April 24 at 5:25pm

Is there going to be a schedule posted any time soon?

Nathan Clark   April 27 at 7:06am

Just did!

Jesie Kohl    April 10 at 11:22am

Are we able to see what others have bid so we can bid more?

Nathan Clark   April 10 at 8:54pm

There will be a leaderboard on the site (pfmproam.com) as soon as registrations start coming in!

shane prezie    April 9 at 8:21pm

are all the charity's non-profit and if so are the bids tax deductible?

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Nathan Clark   April 27 at 7:08am


shane prezie   April 27 at 1:24pm

thanks nate, i didn't mean to ask for tax advice :D, none of the charities had been posted when i originally asked. so was mainly wondering if they were "IRS eligible" orgs.

Nathan Clark   April 28 at 1:35pm

Yep! As far as I know they all should be!