Parent/Child Doubles @ Lake Marshall

Friday, March 26, 2021 at Lake Marshall Disc Golf Club in Montross, Virginia
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Nicholas Hash    March 27 at 8:57am

That was a fun tournament! Great job Jon! Will the results be posted here? Thanks

Nicholas Hash   March 28 at 1:45pm


Connor Gulley    March 26 at 7:46am

So miller and gager is cool cuz he is a godfather?


Jon Greene    March 24 at 1:15am

Lake Marshall Course Rules
Lake is OB. 2m relief minimum (3m max) from waterline or rock line whichever is the case (rock line is not the OB line)
Casual Relief allowed from unmarked wet areas, severe slopes, thorns.
White stakes are OB.
Red stakes represent 200 or 400 feet from the basket.
Additional Hole by Hole Rules:
1. OB on left marked with stakes until lake. White stakes supersede waterline OB where present.
8. OB long in produce field (stakes)
9 OB right in produ ... more


Joshua Nicholson    March 23 at 1:20pm

Jon can you move Seth and I to Lambs please, and when might we see tee times available?

Jon Greene   March 24 at 1:17am


Chris roseboom    March 23 at 1:03pm

What’s the deal with the glow round?


Jason Searls    March 23 at 10:07am

Jon can you move my son and I to lambs? Thanks.

Jon Greene   March 23 at 12:05pm


Jon Greene    March 23 at 1:55am

Just to reiterate a couple of things:
1. There are two different divisions for this event. The Lambs is the beginner-friendly/Junior course and the Lions is the Pro/Championship level course. If you have never played the Lions, it is a challenge even for some very seasoned disc golfers with a couple of shots that will require throwing over or around water. If you are playing with a Junior 12 or under I would consider playing the Lambs Divison instead.
2. This is a Parent and Junior only event. No children over the age of 18 will be allowed to play with their parents.

Joshua Nicholson   March 23 at 2:12am

Are we playing best shot? My son is 11 throws about 180-200 on average, should we change from lions to lambs?

Jon Greene   March 24 at 1:56am

No it will be alternate shot. I would consider switching.

Matt Laughon    March 20 at 3:08pm

I heard there is camping at Lake Marshall. Is it actually at the course, or do I need to reserve at a nearby campsite? I will be there 26-27 with my daughter

Jon Greene   March 21 at 8:09pm

There is camping at the course if you want to tent or have a small RV. No water or electric hook-up but there is a portapotty.

Matt Laughon   March 23 at 12:28am

Great, thank you.

J. Dustin Ferris    March 14 at 8:43pm

OK, ignore my comment on the Jr Champs tourney page. Found this. Now I see this is tee times. How can I find out if I can get a later Tee time? We might not get there until 2-3 pm.


Tommy Gager    March 9 at 2:35pm

Since I have two juniors one 11 and one 9 could someone else play with one of my girls? I have someone who is willing to play I just want to see if that’s ok

Jeff Snider   March 9 at 2:54pm

Rule 1.13.B Youth Safety: "Players in the Junior ≤12, Junior ≤10, Junior ≤08, Junior ≤06 divisions must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during tournament rounds." Whether the PDGA intends that to mean a legal guardian isn't made clear by the rule itself.

Tommy Gager   March 9 at 3:34pm

Thanks Jeff. I would sign a waiver or do whatever is necessary to allow this person to play with one of them. He's a friend of mine and a coach/teammate of the girls.

Jeff Snider    March 1 at 5:02pm

What is the format of parent/child doubles? Best shot, alternating shot, something else?

Jon Greene   March 1 at 5:21pm

Best shot

RJ Moore   March 25 at 2:52pm

Jon you posted in this comment best shot but in another comment you said alternate shots. Which is it?