Palm Beach Classic sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 25-26, 2023 at West Delray Regional Park in Delray Beach, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This year's Palm Beach Classic will be held at West Delray on Saturday February 25th and Sunday February 26th. ... more
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Jason Burt    February 27 at 2:50pm

We'd love to see your photos from the tournament on the club facebook page:


Adam Steinberg    February 26 at 12:47am

I need to withdraw from round 2 due to injury. Good luck to everyone and thank you volunteers for an incredible tourney


Joe Baley    February 25 at 11:49pm

Is there a eta for tee times for tomorrow?

Mickey Vancheri   February 26 at 12:00am

Right us new dads are ready for bed lol

Jason Burt   February 26 at 1:07am


Bryan Kincaid    February 25 at 11:32pm

When will Rd 2 tee times get posted?


Jason Burt    February 25 at 4:05am

Hole 7: There is an OB line painted inside the left rough before the ditch. The OB line starts down the fairway on the left side and runs along the rough until the start of the ditch, where the OB line turns 90 degrees left towards the road, marked by the small painted tree that points to the road. The OB line is IN BOUNDS, if any part of your disc is over the orange paint, you are IN BOUNDS, if the ruling is debatable, benefit to the player, IN BOUNDS.



Morgan Lynds    February 25 at 2:27am

When is the FPO tee time… it says 12 AM at the moment.

Cole Wehrheim   February 25 at 2:46am

It says 1:20pm for me.

Morgan Lynds   February 25 at 2:46am

Yeah they just updated it to that. But they have some MPO in that time slot also.

Ryan Mangelson    February 24 at 10:24pm

Does anybody have a mini marker I could borrow? Just realized I don’t have one…

Joe Baley   February 25 at 12:38am

Yes, I will bring one and leave at HQ

Ryan Mangelson   February 25 at 1:20am

Thank you!

Ryan Mangelson   February 25 at 1:22am


Ryan Mangelson    February 24 at 2:37am

Could someone please provide a link to the tee times. Not sure where to go…?

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Ryan Mangelson   February 24 at 5:26pm

Thanks so much! This is my first time attending a tournament. Is there anything I need to do to register apart from being 15 - 30 min before my tee time?

Ross Scianimanico   February 24 at 11:25pm

Yes check in at tournament central. Oh and one more very important thing you must do.... Have fun man!

Jake Smallcomb    February 23 at 11:09pm

Can you move Joe Smallcomb from MA60 to MA3?

Jake Smallcomb   February 23 at 11:55pm

If it's too late to shuffle things around, he'll still play MA60

Eddie Gaillard    February 23 at 3:14pm

How is 17 going to work if we tee off from short both rounds and go to blue baskets once as a par 3 and once as a par 4

Joe Baley   February 23 at 6:37pm

they will move the basket from one pin position to another after round 1

Eddie Gaillard   February 23 at 6:56pm


Pierre Boucher    February 22 at 11:17pm

I am not from the region and just arrived. Lost a few discs. Do you know where to go to buy disc between this course and Hollywood?

Jason Burt   February 23 at 1:32am

Kristen Knauer   February 23 at 1:40pm

Tradewinds Park in Coconut Creek

Sebastian Barbosa    February 22 at 9:39pm

Are we playing 14A and 19 holes? Thanks.

Jason Burt   February 23 at 1:34am

No, 18 holes.

Sebastian Barbosa   February 23 at 12:40pm

Thank you.

Eddie Gaillard    February 22 at 6:45pm

Where is there a short pad at #17 I only see 1 pad

Noah Arterburn   February 22 at 7:06pm

It's not there yet. Being poured tomorrow

Jason Burt   February 22 at 9:24pm

Added a photo approximation.

Bryan Kincaid    February 21 at 2:02am

When will tee times be posted? Thanks!

Jason Burt   February 21 at 2:06am

Thursday evening.

Rick Bates    February 20 at 3:42am

Would it be possible to move from MP50 to MA1?

Jason Burt   February 20 at 4:30am

Yes, you can go to the registered players page, and use the edit registration button to change divisions.

Jason Burt   February 20 at 4:35am

If you're asking about eligibility:

Cory Provau    February 5 at 10:22pm

Is there a players pack for this tournament?

Jason Burt   February 6 at 12:56am

Yes, UV umbrella, PBDG Hat, DD Retriver, or Innova Backpack Bag. Limited supplies of each item.

Rick Bates    January 23 at 2:41am

Could you please move me to MP50?

Jason Burt   January 23 at 11:45am

Can you go to the registered players page, and use the edit registration button to change divisions?

Rick Bates   January 24 at 10:40am


Jason Burt   January 24 at 10:41am

Thank you

Alexander castelo    January 21 at 6:27pm

Do you know what baskets ma2 and fa2 will be playing?

Jason Burt   January 22 at 11:50am

Blue baskets, thank you, added to tournament info.

Tim Mosier    January 6 at 3:59pm

Tournament listed as singles but divisions listed as "mixed"?? Assuming this is just a typo (Should be "Men's"?) or is this a doubles tournament?

Jason Burt   January 6 at 4:11pm

The M in MPO and MA1 stands for Mixed not Men's.

Jack Braden    December 25 at 11:48pm

can you open MA75?

Jason Burt   January 6 at 1:56pm

Done, registration is set to open Monday Jan 9th at 8 pm