PRODIGY EVENTS: Haywood Valley Flex

PDGA logoSaturday, February 18, 2023 at Haywood Valley in Armuchee, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the Haywood Valley Flex, powered by Prodigy, at the prestigious Campbell Family Property in Haywood ... more
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Alex Davis    February 18 at 1:10pm

Is this at trion golf course?


Caleb butler    February 18 at 1:02am

Can I replace Bob at 9:50am

Matt Mehlberg   February 18 at 3:09am

Hey Caleb! I requested to withdraw yesterday and still haven’t heard anything back. My tee time is at 10:10 and I for sure won’t be going up there to play. Hopefully they will let you take my spot.

Matt Zollitsch   February 18 at 11:07am

1010 open

Robert Harrison    February 17 at 10:52pm

I can't find the PDGA app code

Michael Hayes   February 18 at 12:11am

hvf23 is the code to get into the live and score keeping.

John Cartrette    February 17 at 12:15pm

Good morning, I'm just curious if I could play the practice round on Friday with my friend who is registered for the flex, even though I'm not registered?

Alan Sandidge   February 17 at 2:22pm

I don't see why you couldn't play J it's open. just bring some duckets for the bucket. Them tractors drink a lot of fuel.

Tom Tabor    February 15 at 10:09pm

Do you think this course would be too much for my 8 year old? He is almost 800 rated but only throws 220-240’.

Tom Tabor   February 15 at 11:27pm

To clarify, I’m asking more about whether there are a bunch of 300’ water carriers

Russell Boswell   February 15 at 11:46pm

The course does not have any water carries but it is 27 holes and many are either long or have elevation change.

Jamey Tinch    February 15 at 2:29pm

I got that last spot. Does it matter if I am playing in a group with folks playing different tees than I am?

Matt Zollitsch   February 15 at 2:58pm

No, its all good. There are only 5 short tees. See you soon!

Jamey Tinch   February 16 at 1:25am

cool man, thanks

Bradon Doctor    February 14 at 5:29pm

Cart friendly?

Matt Zollitsch   February 14 at 5:42pm

Small creeks, rocky side hills and flat open areas. Just depends...

Alan Fornek   February 14 at 6:36pm

For the most part, yes, I'd say. A couple of spots it will be tricky but for most of the course, rolling the cart is a plus.

Paul Grice    February 13 at 11:49am

Good luck to all registered players / disc golfers playing upcoming disc golf events, leagues and tournaments!

Be safe out there! Hydrate - Drink plenty of water, check for ticks and other varmints! Don't leave any valuables seen in your cars and trucks! Social distance, wear mask, get vaccinated and boosted, use hand sanitizer!

For clubs, courses, events, leagues, posts, pictures, tournaments, videos and more from all across the state of Georgia! Please join Disc Golf of Georgia facebook group!

Here's the link:

Matt Zollitsch   February 13 at 1:03pm

Thanks Paul

Peyton Sparks    January 30 at 10:19pm

Is there payout for ams?

Matt Zollitsch   January 31 at 1:13pm

Trophy for Top 3 per div & 2 custom stamped discs in player pack. Hope to see you there!

Jordan Davidson    January 21 at 12:03am

Can we see the tee times?

Matt Zollitsch   January 21 at 12:03pm


Rob Berghorst    January 18 at 6:40pm

Never played on this course and it sounds private. Do you know yet if there will be an opportunity for a practice round? Thank you in advance.

Matt Zollitsch   January 20 at 3:33pm

Friday before