PDGA Tim Selinske US Masters Disc Golf Championship

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 6-8, 2019 at Maple Hill in Leicester, Massachusetts
Major · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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https://www.maplehilldiscgolf.com/us-masters.html Who - All Pro and Am age based divisions - Per the PDGA ... more
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Eric Blum    4 days ago

Hi Steve, I have a work related conflict and need to cancel my registration.. Eric Blum #46969. Thank you in advance!


Daniel Stinehelfer    July 10 at 7:20am

Just wondering how the waitlist process was shaping up? When might we know more? Trying to make travel arrangements from NC but currently #1 on waitlist for MA40. Thanks in advance for any advice or info you can provide.


Blake Tresan    July 4 at 2:58am

Hi STEVE. Happy July 4th. Regarding the camping sites, are there any shower/sink facilities?


Jim Bailey    July 3 at 2:02pm

This was already asked in a sub-comment but which layout will be used at 501? For MP40 specifically...


Richard Vontell    June 27 at 9:56pm

Im sorry to say I need a refund due to having surgery ...and won't be able to play. Richard Vontell pdga # 80383......MA50.......thank you


Tony Dalton    June 26 at 2:25pm

Are there any hotel discounts somewhere?

John Birkrem   June 26 at 5:35pm

for what it is worth, there are 3 hotel discounts listed here in effect all year for PDGA members. https://www.pdga.com/members/benefits

Roger Vranak    June 9 at 2:15am

Curious to when those on the Am side that are waitlisted will be in considering some of the other Am divisions are not filled ?

Josh Connell   June 10 at 1:00am

I have no inside knowledge, but according to the event website, "If there are not three players registered for a division by August 5, then those players already registered will be moved to the closest division for which they qualify." My assumption is that would also be the first date wh ... more

Barry Jones   June 23 at 6:42pm

I couldn’t get on contact to cancel and refund for that tournament due to back injury. I lost my email for that tournament. Send me other e mail so I can cancel it. [email redacted]

Darren Harper    June 5 at 9:51pm

Battling an injury want to hold out untill I cant recieve a full refund can you clue me in what date that word be please.thanks.


Tim Sylvain    June 5 at 2:09pm

I requested a refund, but have not received a response.


Shane Tewksbury    May 15 at 10:42am

I sent a email to tournament staff regarding having to switch divisions and have not received any contact back. I need info on what steps I take and if I now have to go on the wait list or an I still plan on having a spot? Is there somewhere/someone else I should email?

Steven Dodge   May 15 at 1:35pm

Hi Shane, I think you can make this adjustment. If waitlists are enabled, the player would be added to a waitlist upon switching to the sold-out division. If tournament settings allow players to switch divisions themselves, they can do so from the Registered Players section. It looks like both of those settings are enabled for this event.

Shane Tewksbury   May 18 at 1:15pm

Thank you

Craig Smolin    May 10 at 2:50pm

Hi Steve. Can you please put the link to the US Masters website on the "About" page. I had to search for it through all of the comments below. I found it, but it should be easier to find than it is.

Steven Dodge   May 12 at 1:54am

Done. And for good measure: https://www.maplehilldiscgolf.com/us-masters.html

Pete Violet    May 8 at 8:27pm

I need to withdraw and request a refund. Unfortunately, I no longer have the confirmation email for the tournament so I can’t use the link. What can I do?


Stone Wahl    April 1 at 1:26am

Please cancel my spot, Stone Wahl #68590, in MA60. I no longer qualify as an amateur.

Steven Dodge   April 1 at 11:59am

Please use the request refund Link in your confirmation email.

Paul Scarpato    March 4 at 6:13pm

I am unable to attend the tournament due to a scheduling conflict. Can I please be refunded and my spot be given to someone on the waitlist. Thanks in advance!


William Struhar    February 12 at 9:46pm

I reserved a tent site for the week of the tournament. Webpage said “this is NOT van or RV sleeping.” I’m not sure what that means. I will arrive in my small City Express van but will set up a tent. Will there be a place by the tent to park my small van? Or a place nearby? Is there a separate option for people who want to sleep in a van or RV??? Thanks.

Steven Dodge   February 12 at 10:00pm


Steven Dodge   February 12 at 10:01pm

Meaning there is a place for you to park your van.

William Struhar   February 12 at 10:07pm

Thanks. (And thanks for clarifying your “yes.”)

John Brady    February 9 at 12:40am

I just registered for MA40 and meant to register for MA50. If that MA50 spot is still available when you see this message, could you move me, otherwise I am fine where I am at. Just glad to be registered. Thanks

Steven Dodge   February 9 at 1:03am


John Brady   February 9 at 1:09am

Thank you

Jon Horgan    February 8 at 7:04am

Does anyone know what is in the players pack for ams? Just curious


David Slater    February 7 at 1:39am

Hi Steven, I have registered in MPO 50+ but would like to change to MPO 60+. I was born in 1956 so that shouldn't be an issue but my confirmation email has been deleted/lost so I am unable to request the change through the email link. Can you handle this for me? Many thanks, David Slater #24628


Darren Harper    February 4 at 1:54am

Are practice rounds free for competitors and how early does that take place ? Thank you.

Steven Dodge   February 4 at 9:12pm

Great question, thank you. I have confirmed with 501 and Maple and added this to the event schedule and website. Practice rounds are free for competitors Mon-Thur.

Darren Harper   February 4 at 11:35pm

Thanks mr dodge we all appreciate that.

Mike Herzog    February 2 at 11:05pm

Is there a place to pitch tents and should we make reservations if so? The wife and I are bringing Bobby Jones...Western NY is representing...can't wait

Steven Dodge   February 7 at 5:40am

I have added a link to the camping sites from the webpage: https://www.maplehilldiscgolf.com/us-masters.html