Over-Throwing Camelot 9 - Four Person Scramble

Sunday, October 17, 2021 at The Golf Club at Camelot in Lomira, Wisconsin
Disc golf teams tournament

About this tournament

Trying out something new this year! This is one of the most fun golf events I have ever played in so I figured, let's give it a try with disc golf. A SCRAMBLE is where everyone on a team throws, the best throw is chosen, and then everyone on that team throws from that spot just like in best throw doubles only you have 4 chances at each throw. Get your closest friends of any skill level and go out and have some fun. Be aggressive and run everything and make as many birdies and eagles as you can!

GOLF CARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ENTRY FEE. I expect them to be about $10 for 2 people like in the past but will verify that this week.

Refund policy

If you should want to withdraw from this event for any reason this is the breakdown of how refunds will be handled.

100% of your ENTRY FEE (minus online fees ) PLUS any Add-On costs (T-shirt, Hole Sponsorship, etc) if you withdraw prior to September 16th (17th for Sundays event).

100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY (minus online fees) if you withdraw between September 16th and October 2nd. (September 17th and October 3rd for Sunday players) but ONLY if your spot is claimed by another Team. If your spot is not claimed, you are still eligible to claim your player package. Any add on WILL NOT be refunded because they will already have been ordered and produced by this time. You can pick these up at The Disc Barn or have someone at the event claim them for you. Sponsorship WILL NOT be refunded as I make event decisions based on sponsorship well in advance.

No refund will be given to anyone withdrawing after October 2nd unless your spot is claimed by another Team. If that spot is claimed you will receive 100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY (minus online fees). Add-ons and sponsorship will not be refunded after this deadline. Add-ons can be claimed with your player package at the tournament or after the event at The Disc Barn.

Anyone trying to withdraw inside of 48 hours (October 14th (October 15th for Sunday players) prior to the event will forfeit their player package and not receive a refund.

If you register for the wait-list, if a spot opens up, you will be automatically added to the registration list and alerted via email through Disc Golf Scene. Anyone on the wait-list that gets a spot will be expected to be at the event unless they alert the TD to remove them from the wait-list PRIOR to being added to the registration list. Anyone on the wait-list that does not get into the event will be issued a full refund (minus online fees). If you need more than 24 hours notice that you will receive a spot you must alert the TD of this in advance.

Final Results

Round 1: The Golf Club at Camelot - Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: The Golf Club at Camelot - Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Jerret Bemis454893
1Jesse Peterson454893
1Ken Benhamo454893
1Ryan Miller454893
5Brent Reid474895
5Griffin Bainter474895
5Joseph Multerer474895
5Tim Himes474895
9Adam Schmitz475097
9Nathan Bitter475097
9Robert Betke475097
9Zach Glaser475097
13David Bergevain495099
13Kyle Underwood495099
13Nathan Hanson495099
13RJ Sanchez495099
17Adam Latella495099
17Alex Wienke495099
17Kurt Neevel495099
17Matt Pease495099
21Dillon Fasse5149100
21Dustin Skorupinski5149100
21Kristaps Zvaigzne5149100
21Paul Bowen5149100
25Adam Larsen5250102
25Jacob Rusch5250102
25Max Meyers5250102
25Nathan Parks5250102
29Al Gilgenbach4954103
29Anthony Cervantes5251103
29Bill T4954103
29Brandon Otto5251103
29Dougie G4954103
29Jimmy Farias5251103
29John Dorn4954103
29Mason Maxwell5152103
29Matt Brody5152103
29Mike Harrington5152103
29Scott Slauson5152103
29Steven Gessert5251103
41Tim Kaisler5054104
41Tim’s Friend #15054104
41Tim’s Friend #25054104
41Tim’s Friend #35054104
45Blake Czarnyszka5154105
45Bob Bawden5154105
45Brad Webber5154105
45Keegan Wenzler5154105
49Andrew Pecunia5255107
49Johnny Rumble5255107
49Max Laundrie5255107
49Nick Pecunia5255107
53Dave Novotny5557112
53Jon Smith5557112
53Josh Storar5557112
53Nick Jaeger5557112
57Phil Helwig5857115
57Philip Helwig5857115
57Philip Helwig5857115
57Philip Helwig5857115
61Dave Tholl6061121
61Gary Lehn6061121
61Pat Pollich6061121
61Steve Kirsch6061121
Round 1: The Golf Club at Camelot - Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: The Golf Club at Camelot - Short Tees, 18 holes, par 55
1Alex Fischer5744101
1Brian Nadicz5744101
1Sean Sweeney5744101
1Seth Hill5744101
5Conner Clazmer5448102
5Joe Wagner5448102
5Mary Wagner5448102
5Nikki Issacson5448102
9Brandon Smith5853111
9Chris Couto5853111
9Cruz Rodriguez5853111
9Jay Butler5853111
13Ben Christian5854112
13Chad Trapp5854112
13Jordon Jindra5854112
13Josh Hintz5854112
17Destry Llanas5855113
17Joe Herrmann5855113
17Katrina Herrmann5855113
17Kaytee Reith5855113
21Abigail Missiaen6361124
21Jerome Missiaen6361124
21Katie Missiaen6361124
21Tyler Cheney6361124
25Amanda Jadro7468142
25John Jadro7468142
25Max Jadro7468142
25Myles Jadro7468142
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