Over-Throwing Camelot 9 - BYOP Doubles (Advanced Intermediate and Recreational)

Saturday, October 16, 2021 at The Golf Club at Camelot in Lomira, Wisconsin
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

Same event as past years only I have changed the divisional names to help people more accurately choose a division. Advanced will be mostly Open and Advanced players. Intermediate will be mostly Intermediate level players. Recreational will be a mix of Recreational and Novice players. Tournament Director reserves the right to move you to a different division based on your skill level but he will consult with you after seeing the other teams that sign up. ALSO Mixed Doubles has been moved to Sunday because there has been a Women's Only event on the Saturday of Camelot for many years and my hope is to have a much larger Mixed Division in 2021. I also decided to offer a new division which is 1 parent and 1 child (under 18) to encourage parents with children who play a way to join in an event against other groups of similar make-up. Lastly I also decided to offer a 4 person scramble on Sunday so grab your 3 best disc golfing friends and go out and run every throw because you get 4 chances at every throw instead of just the 2 you get in doubles).

GOLF CARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ENTRY FEE. I expect them to be about $10 for 2 people like in the past but will verify that this week.

Refund policy

If you should want to withdraw from this event for any reason this is the breakdown of how refunds will be handled.

100% of your ENTRY FEE (minus online fees ) PLUS any Add-On costs (T-shirt, Hole Sponsorship, etc) if you withdraw prior to September 16th (17th for Sundays event).

100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY (minus online fees) if you withdraw between September 16th and October 2nd. (September 17th and October 3rd for Sunday players) but ONLY if your spot is claimed by another Team. If your spot is not claimed, you are still eligible to claim your player package. Any add on WILL NOT be refunded because they will already have been ordered and produced by this time. You can pick these up at The Disc Barn or have someone at the event claim them for you. Sponsorship WILL NOT be refunded as I make event decisions based on sponsorship well in advance.

No refund will be given to anyone withdrawing after October 2nd unless your spot is claimed by another Team. If that spot is claimed you will receive 100% of your ENTRY FEE ONLY (minus online fees). Add-ons and sponsorship will not be refunded after this deadline. Add-ons can be claimed with your player package at the tournament or after the event at The Disc Barn.

Anyone trying to withdraw inside of 48 hours (October 14th (October 15th for Sunday players) prior to the event will forfeit their player package and not receive a refund.

If you register for the wait-list, if a spot opens up, you will be automatically added to the registration list and alerted via email through Disc Golf Scene. Anyone on the wait-list that gets a spot will be expected to be at the event unless they alert the TD to remove them from the wait-list PRIOR to being added to the registration list. Anyone on the wait-list that does not get into the event will be issued a full refund (minus online fees). If you need more than 24 hours notice that you will receive a spot you must alert the TD of this in advance.

Final Results

Round 1: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
1Brian Moser
Joe Rawling
5552107 (-7)$100
1Griffin Bainter
Joseph Multerer
5651107 (-7)$100
3Chris Reed
Jacob Braatz
5554109 (-5)$65
3Jason Johnston
Nick Godersky
5554109 (-5)$65
5Dustin Skorupinski
Paul Bowen
5852110 (-4)$50
6Jeremiah Callies
Nathan Schoenherr
6054114 (E)$40
7Dakota Pritchard
Ian Juliet
6155116 (+2)
8Brian Kukich
Taylor Wirtz
6156117 (+3)
8Jeromy Morgan
Josh Davies
5859117 (+3)
10James Finley
Mike Finley
5662118 (+4)
10Jerret Bemis
Ryan Miller
5959118 (+4)
12David Werner
Jake Woppert
5960119 (+5)
12Jake Helling
Jake Zehren
5960119 (+5)
14Alex Wienke
Matt Pease
6161122 (+8)
14Charlie Sprenger
Landon Smith
6161122 (+8)
16Alex Schneider
Alexander McWhirter
6261123 (+9)
17Drew Pawicz
Jefferson Kearby
6164125 (+11)
Round 1: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Long Tees, 18 holes, par 57
Round 2: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Short Tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Andy Czekalski
Kevin Rynders
5847105 (-6)$120
2Austin Huggins
Max Martine
5652108 (-3)$90
2Brandon Hainstock
Stephen Kolsch
5949108 (-3)$90
4Jesse Tenpas
Matt Brody
5851109 (-2)$65
5Al Gilgenbach
John Dorn
6153114 (+3)$55
5Michael Korpela
Ryan Hinterberg
6054114 (+3)$55
7Adam Larsen
Tyler H Rudolph
6154115 (+4)
7David Brown
Ryan Dehahn
6550115 (+4)
7Henry Steiner
Ryan Watson
6253115 (+4)
7Joe Wagner
Matt Hugasian
6550115 (+4)
11Cody England
Steven Zastrow
6652118 (+7)
11Cody King
Nick Swan
6355118 (+7)
11Mason Maxwell
Mike Harrington
6850118 (+7)
14David G
Logan E
6158119 (+8)
14James Canales
Larry Romprey
6455119 (+8)
16Andy Brabant
Cody Drake
6555120 (+9)
16Logan Andres
Noel Craig
6357120 (+9)
18Alf Gundersen
Matt Nawrocki
6557122 (+11)
19Pat Pollich
Stephen Kirsch
6657123 (+12)
20Jesse Miller
Steven Pendzich
6757124 (+13)
Round 1: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Short Tees, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: The Golf Club at Camelot - Temporary Setup Short Tees, 18 holes, par 54
1D D
5450104 (-4)$130
2Anand K. Verma
Nate Miller
5255107 (-1)$110
3Dillon Fasse
John Roder
5256108 (E)$90
4Adam Landsverk
Alex Landsverk
5852110 (+2)$75
5Jake Markwardt
Richard Isely
5754111 (+3)$50
6Nicholas Betts
Nick Schmitt
5658114 (+6)$40
7Alex Gottsacker
Benjamin LaBonte
5758115 (+7)$10
7David Hugasian
Kevin Buckley
5758115 (+7)$10
7Greg Weber
Josh Chapin
5857115 (+7)$10
10Chris Covino
Sam Mulvaine
6056116 (+8)
10Cory Markwardt
George Vlk
5660116 (+8)
12Anthony Winter
Brent Schweitzer
5958117 (+9)
13Chris Schneider
Sam Martinson
6058118 (+10)
13Ethan Hill
Matthew Johnson
5959118 (+10)
15Joe Herrmann
Katrina Herrmann
6059119 (+11)
15Josh Ehrendreich
Josh Lang
5960119 (+11)
17Cameron Froode
Fred Hoffman
6361124 (+16)
18Dave Tholl
Gary Lehn
6264126 (+18)
19AJ Della
Grant Bohlig
6268130 (+22)
19Andrew Badman
Shane Swager
6367130 (+22)
21Jarret Johnson
Leiland Barry
6764131 (+23)
22Destry Llanas
Kaytee Reith
6471135 (+27)
23Dillen Wedel
Rick Simonson
7068138 (+30)