Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 21-22, 2021 at Ettyville DGC in Bourget, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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We welcome all players to the 2021 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships. You will NOT be required to qua ... more
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Jamie Huxtable    August 20 at 12:19pm

What is the code for the hotel deal


Lee Donovan    August 18 at 2:56pm

Where is the Curran course? I have been looking but am drawing a blank...

Chris Ozolins   August 18 at 3:12pm

The Curran course will be set up on Thursday. We will share specific location details once it’s available for play. It’s a little less than 10 minutes northeast of Ettyville SuperSpin.

Lee Donovan   August 18 at 3:19pm

thanks Chris !! I think I found it....will see tomorrow if I am right.

Hugo Drolet    August 16 at 5:37pm

Hi Chris and John, We been ask for menu preference. Is the lunch is paid seperatly ? Thanks

John Pytel   August 16 at 6:52pm

Lunch is included for Amateurs and Pro's had the choice to purchase.

Owen McMillan    August 16 at 5:10pm

Hi Chris and John. Are caddy’s allowed this weekend?

John Pytel   August 16 at 6:53pm

Yes but if they plan on camping they should be registered and paid with me.

Owen McMillan   August 17 at 2:14pm

How do I go about doing that?

Christian Vanier    August 16 at 2:34pm

Hi John & Chris, is the Curran course cart friendly?

Jacob Goldfarb   August 16 at 2:41pm

Great question!

John Pytel   August 16 at 2:45pm

Yes it is. We'll give a more formal description of the course but it is a flat golf course. Less challenging then Ettyville courses, shorter, more trees around the greens style, and less OB.

Christian Vanier   August 16 at 3:42pm

Thanks John for the quick reply, see you soon.

Jacob Mainville    August 16 at 2:33pm

I am planning on heading out to practice this Thursday, are amateurs still able to head out and practice the Innova course, and the new course in Curran while the Doubles event occurs on the other course? Thanks.

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John Pytel   August 16 at 2:49pm

Yes people are. Curran will go live on Thursday. For either of the doubles events(Wednesday and Thursday) the course not being used is open for play. Green fee's are $5 at Curran and also $5 at Ettyville. Ettyville is no green fee's Friday but a green fee of $5 will apply at Curran.

Jacob Mainville   August 16 at 6:29pm

Thanks for the replies. Who do we make the $5 payments too at the course in Curran?

John Pytel   August 16 at 6:53pm

There should be somebody there running the show.

JEAN MERIZZI    August 16 at 4:09am

For the bring your own partner doubles event... can we play with someone not playing this weekend?

Chris Ozolins   August 16 at 2:48pm

Yes, you may.

Tavis Joron    August 16 at 3:01am

Hey John, I just saw the new Curran course - so exciting! Curious about the address of that course, as well as when it’s open to practice on and who I settle up with if I want to play some rounds? Thanks in advance

Chris Ozolins   August 18 at 3:14pm

An address will be announced for Thursday when the course is available to play. There will be an admin at the course collecting greens fees. See you there!

Jen Brown    August 14 at 10:43am

Hi John, I have subsided a withdrawal a couple weeks ago and a several more times. I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it. Could my withdrawal and refund please get processed. Thank you.

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Jen Brown   August 16 at 8:08pm

I withdrew before the waitlist was open and you extended the event and the waitlist had many people on it. So the spot was filled.

Jen Brown   August 17 at 1:16pm

Got it thank you and good luck everyone wish I could be there!

John Pytel   August 18 at 1:41pm

Jen. Glad you got it but understand it takes a FPO player to fill your spot. We luckily had one late in the game.

Michael Reade    August 12 at 1:21am

Hey John, I attempted to sign up since I saw space, but saw the note "I agree that I am, or plan to become an ODSA member by Aug 6th, 2020." - does that mean it's too late? I was going to sign up for MA50 because there's space...but would prefer MA2...

John Pytel   August 13 at 1:21pm

We can get you into MA2. All good on the odsa date but it's proper form to become a member for this event and be insured.

John Pytel   August 13 at 1:21pm

We can also put you in MA2 as well

Michael Reade   August 13 at 2:45pm

Thanks - I see the open spots in MA2...will sign up now and then get my ODSA membership...

Chad Peaker    August 11 at 11:05pm

When does the camping start? Can we plan to come for a couple practice rounds and camp there?

Chris Ozolins   August 16 at 2:52am

Camping starts on Wednesday, August 18th.

Greg Grootenboer    August 11 at 12:58am

Hey John and crew! Looking forward to playing Ettyville soon. 2020 Provincials was a great time. Thanks very much for hosting again this year. I'm wondering about the addition of a 3rd course to the event. Will all divisions be playing the newest course? Trying to coordinate time off/travel/practice. Thanks.

John Pytel   August 11 at 6:08pm

No plans for Open players to play temp course. Final schedule is still in the works.

Greg Grootenboer   August 11 at 9:50pm

Thanks John. This is the answer I was hoping for.

Karl Forbes    August 7 at 1:05pm

SO very excited to return to this disc golf destination! Thanks for making this happen for so many players 300+ wowsers.!!!

John Pytel   August 14 at 1:50pm

Thanks Karl!! wowsers is right

David Huard    August 4 at 2:29pm

Hi John, im in MA2 but my game is really better now. Can I go MA1 or better for this tournament or it's not possible?

John Pytel   August 4 at 2:53pm

Hi David, stand by but we will be allowing people to do division changes on the system. We will let everyone know when we do. Cheers and hope this info finds those that have asked the same question.

David Huard   August 4 at 6:33pm

Perfect!! Thanks for responding quickly

Myriam Luzadas    July 26 at 2:27pm

Hi John, I put in a withdrawal request from FA1 last week if you can please follow up and advise?

John Pytel   July 26 at 3:57pm

All taken care of Myriam.

evan phillips    July 21 at 9:24pm

Hey John, are the doubles events perhaps going to be mixed doubles?? Thanks!

John Pytel   July 26 at 3:58pm

Unsure at the moment Evan.

Chris Ozolins   August 16 at 2:53am

The doubles events are live Evan! Look for "Ontario Provincial Championship Doubles" on DGS. They are BYOP.

David Huard    July 5 at 7:58pm

Hi John, is there 1 space left for a camping tent?


Abraham Neufeld    June 16 at 11:18am

Hi John, just curious if there will be any added spots off the wait list. I’m already in, but was gonna drive up with a friend who’s on the wait list. Thx

John Pytel   June 17 at 12:46pm

Truly getting close to having some details on that. We are still trying to expand to accommodate more..

Jessica Jia    June 15 at 12:30pm

Hi John! I was wondering what the process to change divisions would be? I see everything is really full, so I don't want to lose my current spot...but I'm interested in switching from FA2 to FA1. Is that something that can be done? Thanks!

John Pytel   June 15 at 12:35pm

Hi Jessica, That will not be a problem. We will be allowing an opportunity for players to switch divisions before the event. Stand by for sure.

Casey Forbes    May 27 at 8:34pm

Hey John I sent a email about not being able to come but disregard my withdraw pls.I dont think it has gone threw so we may be OK. il be coming 100%

John Pytel   May 28 at 11:57am

Copy that Casey. Glad you are still coming!