Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 21-22, 2021 at Ettyville DGC in Bourget, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championship graphic
Added cash C$3,000


Tournament DirectorJohn Pytel
ODSA Tournament CoordinatorChris Ozolins

About this tournament

We welcome all players to the 2021 Ontario Provincial Disc Golf Championships. You will NOT be required to qualify for the Ontario Championships this year, ALL players are welcome to register, regardless of skill level and province (or country) of origin. The event will be run as a PDGA A-Tier and includes $3000 added to the Professional payouts, as well as great player’s packs and a merch-out for the top 45% of the amateur division. The event will take place in Bourget, Ontario at the Ettyville Super Spin Disc Golf courses*. Catered camping (for a fee) over the course of Championship weekend will be available during your registration checkout process. We are scheduled as a PDGA A-tier, and while we’ll proceed with registration as an unsanctioned event with the intent that Ontario will return to being certified for PDGA sanctioning and we’ll resume our status. With all that being said, we will be enforcing PDGA and Public health guidelines. The Championships will operate through tee times, with 2 rounds being played Saturday and 1 round Sunday for AM divisions and 2 rounds for Open Divisions. This provides a daylight contingency for Saturday and Amateurs to finish early for pack up, travel, and Open spectating. A final point of interest includes that all players must be ODSA members by the event ($15) and all players need to be PDGA current to register.

Refund policy

The Tournament Director is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event at least 60 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% cash refund (minus up to a $15 handling fee).

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event 30-59 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% cash refund minus up to a $15 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through either the waitlist or a walk-up entry (if offered). If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 50% cash refund OR just the player’s pack the player would have received if they had attended (minus the cost of shipping). In the case of a player in a Pro division for an event without a Pro player pack worth at least 25% of the Entry Fee, the TD will provide the 50% cash refund.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event within 29 days of the start of the event and prior to the event’s published closure of registration and waitlist replacements (within one week is recommended) will receive a 50% cash refund minus up to a $15 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through either the waitlist or a walk-up entry (if offered). If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 25% cash refund OR just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended (minus the cost of shipping). In the case of a player in a Pro division for an event without a Pro player pack worth at least 25% of the Entry Fee, the TD will provide the 25% cash refund.

Players who do NOT officially request to withdraw from a registered spot playing in the event prior to the published closure of registration and waitlist replacements and don’t play (aka a no-show), forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or player’s pack.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48157
1Thomas Gilbert47525549$899
2Chris Ozolins49545252$615
3Martin Hendel58555049$449
4Casey Hanemayer48586248$378
5Justin Murphy53605450$308
6Julien Quenneville51605651$248
6Cam Zanini51585851$248
8James Duong50595854$212
9Ryan Watson57646052$194
10Brian Gould57616156$175
11Isaiah Masek-Kelly54646256$154
11Kevin McIntosh53636357$154
13Chris Brown57596754$138
14Caleb Frisby55586957$122
14Brayden Jones51696356$122
16Clayton Morgan64575961$108
17David Milks57676554
17Jonathan Montagne56636460$104
19Charles Blanchette58666060$99
20Cédric Gilbert56666559
21Jean-Philippe Gilbert59656163
22Jeremy Hewitt56696460
23Alexandre Longpre57676661
24Jay Hartman58636863
25Mike Adams58696364
26Chris Beaudoin566372-
26Zac Jolliffe596369-
28Eric Vinet556770-
29Micah Streeter656167-
30Calum MacKenzie547268-
30Joseph Racicot577166-
32Timon Salzgeber597166-
32Caleb Wahl586573-
34Mitchell Miskin656667-
35Christophe Desloges587765-
36Lucas Coombs596776-
37Jesse Tomalty6273--
38Bryan McDonald558169-
39Patrick Savard647370-
40Andre Robin598070-
40Derek Shaffer647273-
42Alex Klukvine628270-
43Ron Bahen746774-
44David Stewart698476-
1Greg Grootenboer57505460$533
2Casey Forbes61555261$370
3Steve Foster63515366$250
4Jason Paasila66535659$193
5Craig Ireland65555769$153
6Carl Visser68546166$112
7Phil Hartford68536465
8Paul-Andre Lemieux66605871
9John Elston665762-
10Colin McDonald645963-
11Mario Houle676062-
12Nathan Kaye666562-
13Joel McEwen706163-
14Chris Conk726466-
15Claus Reitlingshoefer736665-
1Adam Hazel64555065$353
2Simon Newman64565564$223
3Jason Jalonen63545671$163
4Jody Slade69595965$121
5Ken Darcovich68615868
6John MacLeod666164-
7Sean Veitch696261-
8Daniel Proulx-888--
1Jorge Jensen62575964$335
2Robert Martinek62575969$202
3Patrick Treude65606263
4David Slater63566369
5Jeff Lariviere716061-
1Erica Tucker67616171$441
2Colleen McInnes70615676$279
3Carleen Green73616169$204
4Briana Ainsley70596476$75
4Sandi Hendel71606276$75
6Samantha Russell736064-
7Kristy Shields866268-
8Jess Beacom846569-
9Karen Martel797074-
10Steph Clavel827478-
1Dylan McDonald624653-
2Jake Voskamp654354-
3Karl Loiseau644555-
3Kyle VanDeemter644555-
5Cody Johnson634557-
5Brian Larraguibel Tejo644655-
7Nahan Fahey664358-
7Andrew Spelman624758-
9McKinley Bainard684555-
10Martin Lamy664857-
11Martin Fehr675154-
11Josh Goulet664462-
11Mathew Huhta665056-
11Abraham Neufeld664858-
15Adam Beatty625457-
15Andrew Lefler684659-
15Diedrich Fehr Neufeld694856-
18Ryan De Rose724557-
19Gabriel Pilotte724558-
20Chad Ecker704660-
20Chris Thompson674663-
22Brady Belanger734757-
22Jake Lochhead704760-
22James Moens664962-
22Huy Pham654963-
22Dan Silianu714957-
22Jesse Temple694761-
28Gabriel Descoteaux704860-
28Mike Riehl725056-
30Nathaniel Renton684665-
30Jeff Steele754658-
32Chad Beacom675064-
33Dan Abthorpe715160-
33Andrew Corey685064-
33Justin Correia705161-
36Jason Comendador734664-
37Geoff Rowland764861-
38Mathieu Drolet755061-
38Ryan Foote714768-
38David Huard715164-
38Owen McMillan715164-
42Jeff Lindquist745262-
43Shaun Kocher795457-
44Chris Potter794965-
45Darren Dakins725469-
45Maxime Roy-Bouchard745467-
47Alex McCardle785369-
48Andrew Gosbee7650999-
1Evan Phillips445066-
2Mike Hough495858-
2Darrel Nantais464871-
4Dan Bainard435667-
5Michael Lewis475567-
5Fred Snow495268-
7Karl Forbes485767-
7Mike Lane495865-
7Dave Pettypiece475570-
10Jeff MacKeigan456266-
11Tim McCurry515865-
12Jeffrey Jaynes505769-
13Darren Anderson476072-
14Jacob Goldfarb526267-
14Jason Mcarthur526663-
16Travis Brophy546167-
16Jean Merizzi536069-
18Michael Campbell516073-
18Hugo Drolet506470-
18Jeremy Roedde506173-
18Kirk Wallace556069-
22Stephane Drapeau5265--
23Ian Brooks526372-
24Gregory Lang506774-
25Manny Munoz556474-
26Adam Latondress597187-
27Tyler Lutes888---
1Allan Walker505665-
2Simon Shaw485768-
3Bill Johnston495770-
4Reid Hollingsworth476468-
5David Sutherland525872-
6Adrian Hoad-Reddick516270-
7Brian King526073-
8Paul Voskamp535974-
9Denis Paquette566468-
10Jeff Kennah547073-
10Yuriy Kudinov576674-
12Dietrich Sider606379-
13Tobin Izatt536685-
14Alexey Ivanchenko607080-
15Don Lane556987-
16Heiko Dechau587680-
1Laurence Dotto445661-
2Carlo Furgiuele516666-
3Lee Donovan546868-
4Michael Renton608095-
5Peter Sells6888100-
1Joey Voskamp526543-
2Sebastian Mrozinski556147-
3Jason Chan556049-
3Micheal Davidson566147-
5Eric Guite546249-
6Eric Davidson546448-
6Anthony Gioia596047-
6Chris Loat556546-
9Chris Hosmar576447-
9Aidan Kennah586149-
11Brandon Crabb556549-
11Max Noe596446-
11Alex Scott537046-
14Mark Baldwin586448-
14Samuel Guilbault536651-
14Keith Sherriff606248-
17Mathieu Leduc606448-
17Chad Peaker576649-
17Gabe Senecal566749-
20David Giesbrecht606647-
20Dylan Michaud566948-
22Marcel Frenette-Corniellis606351-
22Lukas Sutherland537150-
24Dan Kandilas556951-
24Andrew Randazzo576751-
26Morin Frank537251-
27John Boyle646350-
27Gareth Cawley586752-
27Neil Engelberg626946-
30Michael Reade596653-
31Grant Banting606653-
31Brent Gerhart577052-
33Alex Tiffin616752-
33Dario Zgrablic607347-
35Patrick Gillis606655-
35Tyler Norris577252-
37Greg Archi607250-
37William Coon607052-
37Randolph Jordan607151-
37Jacob Mainville626456-
41Justin Bromstein617250-
42Jeff Gillies647051-
43Jamie Huxtable587256-
43Magnus Johansson627450-
45Mike Crozier637153-
45Josh Giles627550-
47John Haig597356-
48James Santangelo627751-
49Marc-André Comtois617753-
49Phillip Larway607655-
49David Witherow647354-
52Jacob Joron647455-
53Patrick McCauley627359-
53Dylan Torrance647456-
55Willie Atkinson627756-
55Joe Steckley637557-
57Herman Fehr647657-
57Jim Robinson657656-
59Christopher Keates707355-
60Drake Baird717454-
60Jeff Brassard657658-
60Alexander Pike697753-
63Eric Terminesi757651-
64Jake Bedford668156-
65Craig MacNaughton638358-
66Chris Ayers707758-
67Adam Colford6884--
68CJ Briggs737959-
68Eric Scott698656-
70Tavis Joron758562-
71James Roedde829369-
72Robbie Holden5874126-
73Christian Vanier64999--
74Trevor Sway888---
1Jessica Jia655459-
2Brianna VanderGriendt745057-
3Lisa Eschli705557-
4Jessie Robinson705560-
4Jen Snow754961-
6Laura Wiese775463-
7Jessica Goulet775763-
8Caitlind Lusty746263-
9Holly Fleming786066-
10Katelynn O’Neill776071-
11Kayla Hogan875270-
12Isabelle Bourque796767-
13Ana Goulet856267-
14Zoey James876267-
1Jane Logan545566-
2Brenda Cox486168-
3Eavan O’Brien515973-
4Carla DiFilippo546473-
5Sarah McDonald586273-
5Lindsay Pattison576472-
7Dianne Manser576473-
8Amy Wyatt586279-
9Kristina Weintrager597075-
1Jane Anderson-Renton516064-
2Kim Robertson546881-
3Karen Dotto596588-
1Audrey Fu495466-
2Pauline Ciolko575970-
3Sarah Steele545974-
4Genna Habbershaw566567-
5Angelica Haggert576270-
6Danielle Mans566272-
7Heather Gilmour566075-
8Shannah Kleinsteuber546772-
9Rachel Dubeau556475-
10Tonya Temple576376-
11Audrey Lopez616475-
12Arya Barlam596478-
13Stephanie Croft627179-
14Taylor Quigley597977-
15Josie Arruejo888---
16Chanell Rocco999---
1Nikko Forbes647383-
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