Oakland County Championship

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 2-3, 2021 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Pro B-tier / Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA B/A tier October 2nd & 3rd Kensington black Locust & Lyon's Den 2 Days / 3 Rounds 2 rounds on S ... more
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Douglas McIntosh    Sticky 4 days ago

I realize this is a week after the event , But I just want to say thank you to everyone that came out to play, I want to Thank Sean Morgan, Tad Reiner, Stephine Love, Cullen Pasquesi-Hill for all helping run the event. Ten year ago I started running the Huron Valley Sanctioned Singles league, only because no one else would run a sanctioned league playing long tees, after about 5 years of League I wanted to have a end of summer league party, which became the Huron Valley Open, The a few y ... more

Mark Stephens   3 days ago


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 4 at 4:42am

All MPO, FPO, Ace Pool, & 50/50 payments have been sent out through PayPal


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 3 at 12:28pm

50/50 CTP Winners are

Pool A - North hole 4 - Derek Ballou - $110

Pool B - South hole 2 - Travis Richards - $110

Pool C - North hole 5 - Tad Boice - $90

Ace pool is $680
With only 1 so far after 2 rounds
Drew Dukart


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 2 at 10:03pm

Round 3 tee times & assignments are posted

Each course will tee off @ 9:20am

If there is a tie for 1st place after round 3, playoff for all pools will be at Black locust South

playing 1,3,18 in a loop until there is a winner

There was a couple MA1 player packs not picked up, they will be available after awards tomorrow


This is the final WOW series events

1st place in MPO for WOW series is $100

1st Place in MA1,MA2,MA3 is a chainstar Lite

Other series divisions have trophies


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 2 at 3:29pm

If there happen to be a tie after the 3rd round

all playoffs will take place at Black Locust South

playing holes 1,3,18 in a loop until the tie is broken


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 2 at 3:03pm

Oakland County Championship
Projected Payouts

Paying 10 of 24
1 - $ 860
2 - $ 599
3 - $ 430
4 - $ 330
5 - $ 262
6 - $ 214
7 - $ 130
8 - $ 120
9 - $ 110
10 - $ 100
Total Payout $ 3,155
Entry Fees $ 2,328
Added Cash $827
Trophy Value $ 30
Division Value $ 3,185
Entry Fee Payout 137%

Paying 4 of 8
1 - $ 357
2 - $ 226
3 - $ 166
4 - $ 120
Total Payout $ 869
Entry Fees $ 696
Added Cash $173
Trophy Value $ 30
Division Value $ 899
Entry Fee Payout 129%

MA1 ... more


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 2 at 2:27pm

Ace Pool
will combine all 3 pools


50/50 CTP

Each pool will have it's own CTP

Pool A - round 1 - Hole 5 North

Pool B - Round 2 Hole 2 South

Pool C - Round 2 - Hole 5 North


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky October 1 at 9:05pm

Players guild & Tee assignments will be posted by 8pm tonight

Pool A & C will start at Kensington

Pool B will start at Lyon's Den


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 30 at 5:49pm

Occ player pack - will be picked up after round 2

1 Dri-Fit Polo
1 Innova Disc
1 Discraft Disc

Available Custom stamp molds

DX shark
Pro gator
R-Pro Cro
R-Pro Pig
XT whale
Camp Mako3
Champ Roc3
Champ Banshee
Champ Destroyer
Champ Eagle
Champ Firebird
Champ Roadrunner
Champ Sidewinder
Champ Valkyrie
Champ Mamba
Gstar Wraith
Champ Firestorm
Champ Katana
Champ Wraith
Luster Shark
Luster Firebird
Luster Teebird
Gstar Leopard3
Gstar Shryke
Gstar Ter ... more


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 30 at 5:21pm

After 4pm today refunds will be player pack only


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 29 at 7:05pm

I want to Thank Dave Dirmeyer getting Black Locust Trimmed up today , and Sean Morgan for getting Lyon’s Den mowed yesterday

I just spray painted OB’s and 10meter circles at Lyon’s Den
Heading to Kensington now to Get 10 meter circles at Black Locust

Lyon’s Den
Hole 16
The mowed grass line has a orange painted line , which is OB , which is about 10ft to the left of the gravel road , the area between road and mowed grass is full of water

Hole 18
The wa ... more

Brandon welch   September 30 at 9:26pm

Thank you Dave and all that got the course ready <3 see y’all this weekend

Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 29 at 12:38am

Pool A - MPO.FPO,MA1

There are 2 spots for MPO and 1 spot for FPO open,

Wednesday at 8pm I will open those spots up to MA1 waitlist if they are not filled


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 28 at 7:18pm

Starting Friday October 1st

PDGA Memberships are good for 2022

This is for new & non-current members
you will get an extra 3 months out of your membership

online registration ends October 1st @ 1pm


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky September 23 at 9:02pm

Projected Pools layouts and tees

Pool A - North Long, Lyon's Den, South Long
Pool B - Lyon's Den, South short, North Long
Pool C - South short, North Short, Lyon's Den

Max Cambron   September 28 at 1:36am

Is check-in at kensington for pool B? or just meet at Lyons den? Thanks

Douglas McIntosh   September 28 at 4:45am

You will check in at the course you are starting at

Douglas McIntosh    Sticky August 24 at 5:03pm

AM Player Pack
has changed

I was just informed that the Quik-stik's might not be here from China by October 2nd

so instead of risking not having player packs packs in time, we are switching it

The player pack will be:
1 Dri-fit shirt, 1 Discraft disc & 1 Innova disc


Douglas McIntosh    Sticky May 19 at 6:40pm

Women Division registrations

Starts tonight at 8pm

all other divisions starts in 2 weeks on June 2nd

anyone that sponsors a hole can register for any divisions now


Ian T. Hamilton    October 4 at 4:40pm

great event doug! ill be back next year!!


Douglas McIntosh    October 3 at 11:43am

Cory Swift 47810

I have moved you to hole 11

from hole 10


Kevin Malburg    October 3 at 2:55am

Hey Doug. I will unfortunately not be able to make it tomorrow. Just letting you know. Thanks!


Douglas McIntosh    October 2 at 9:11pm

Round 3 tee times will be posted by 6pm