ODDS #1 - Loriella Challenge AM (All AM except MA1 & MA40)

PDGA logoSaturday, February 27, 2021 at Loriella Park in Spotsylvania, Virginia
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of ODDS 2021

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UPDATE: We have approval from Spotsy County Parks and Rec to run our event with a shotgun start. First round t ... more
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Joshua Joy    February 28 at 3:46am

Hey Bob I will have to withdraw from the tournament tomorrow do to travel restrictions. I’m so sorry if refund is not possible then it is fine but if possible then I will except. I am in MA 1

Bob Cannon   February 28 at 10:28am

Thanks for letting me know.

Matthew Mickey    February 25 at 5:05pm

Hey Bob,

Had to withdraw and request a refund due to work. Was in MA2.

Bob Cannon   February 25 at 5:10pm

Taken care of.

Chong Mounce    February 24 at 3:21pm

Can I waitlist ma2


Paul Pollard    February 23 at 8:55pm

Sorry to say, I have to withdraw Saturday

Bob Cannon   February 23 at 9:13pm

Sent you your entry refund. Thanks for the sponsorship!

Donald Kepple    February 22 at 11:37pm

Hi, I'm sorry that I am going to have to withdraw from the tournament this weekend. I was in MA3

Bob Cannon   February 22 at 11:43pm

You have been refunded

Kris garin    February 22 at 11:13pm

I’m going to have to drop out of ma2 unable to attend due to work

Bob Cannon   February 22 at 11:40pm

You have been refunded.

Mike Nyman    February 9 at 3:55pm

What time do you think second round will start? Will it be just based off the first tee time or will it be restructured based on seedings? Thanks!

Bob Cannon   February 9 at 5:29pm

If we are able to do a shotgun start, it will most likely be around 1 pm based on seeding. If we keep the tee times, if will be approximately 3.5 to 4 hours after you start the first round.

Brayden Race    February 1 at 10:39pm

Can you move Brayden to MA3? No big deal if it’s a hassle, we just realized he’s the only one in his division.

Bob Cannon   February 1 at 10:51pm

No problem at all. Done.

Spencer Hanemann   February 1 at 10:52pm

Damn. lol. I was looking forward to not having him beat me in the division.

Brayden Race   February 1 at 11:07pm

Appreciate it, Bob! Spencer, thanks! He got a good chuckle out of that!

Christopher Walton    January 28 at 9:35pm

As we get closer to the event, will a more specific layout be given for the tournament? I found the map on the Spotsy site (https://1306a5d7-e3df-08a4-82cf-e3ca8562d393.filesusr.com/ugd/1ceca5_5692949a122a4a26895069e8477c1575.pdf) but haven't been to the course before. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get up there between now and the tournament, but am curious if a more detailed layout will be given at some point. I'm playing in MA2 on Saturday and MA1 on Sunday.

Bob Cannon   February 1 at 7:10pm

Proposed layouts have been posted to pics section. Thank you.

Bob Cannon   February 1 at 7:10pm

Layouts wil be different on Sat & Sun for AM days.

Paul Pollard    January 26 at 4:13pm

Would like to switch to MA 50. Thanks

Bob Cannon   January 26 at 4:41pm


Spencer Hanemann    January 25 at 12:22pm

Will we be switching groups based of scores for the second round or staying with original group for lessening potential exposure?

Bob Cannon   January 25 at 12:36pm

IF we keep with the tee times, you will play with the same group. We hope to be able to have a shotgun start. The Tee Times are a backup plan. We will know more as we get closer to tournament day. Thank you.

Kevin Carr    January 25 at 1:18am

Jeff Snider is registered twice in MA50. Not sure if that affects waitlist.

Bob Cannon   January 25 at 1:27am

I fixed it. Thanks.

Jeff Snider   January 25 at 2:34am

Sorry, I was so busy registering for two different events that both opened at 8pm while also taking notes as the secretary on a board of directors zoom call that I registered a second time for this event instead of figuring out how to convert my waitlist status to active. Thank you Bob for sorting it out for me!

Bob Cannon   January 25 at 2:46am

No problem!

Caleb Roberts    January 24 at 12:28am

Any idea what the layout will be ?

Bob Cannon   January 24 at 2:06am

White tees to mostly short then red tees to mostly long is the plan.

Jeff Shattuck   January 24 at 6:56pm

Yo Bob - not for Saturday : ) or at least I hope not! All Ams EXCEPT MA1 & MA40 will be white tees to mostly short pin positions. Second round will probably be white tees to a mix of Red and Yellow baskets.

Bob Cannon   January 25 at 12:12am

Too many tournaments. Jeff is correct.

Austin Gerber    January 20 at 7:50pm

HI I'm a new Spotsy member and haven't received any information on an early registration code. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks

Bob Cannon   January 20 at 8:59pm

A email will be sent out shortly with the early registration code. Thanks.

Austin Gerber   January 20 at 9:29pm

Thanks Bob

Bob Cannon   January 20 at 10:04pm

You should have the email now.