Discraft’s Oakland County Championship

PDGA logoFri-Sun, June 28-30, 2024 at Kensington Metropark - Toboggan Course in Milford, Michigan
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA Pro/AM A-tier $3,000 added cash we are happy to have Discraft as our title sponsor again The playe ... more
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Douglas McIntosh    Sticky June 28 at 10:54pm

MPO & MA1 round 2 tee times are up



Douglas McIntosh    Sticky June 26 at 4:41am

are the only divisions playing on Friday
Tee times for Pool A will be posted around 11pm Wednesday Night
After online registration closes

Pool B Tee times will be posted at 8am Friday morning

Friday @ Toboggan AM's are welcome to pick up there players pack after 11am
(this is optional not required). players packs will also be available for pick up on Saturday at Toboggan

Those who do not pick up there player pack Friday or Saturday will be able to get there player packs after payouts on Sunday @ Toboggan

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Douglas McIntosh   June 27 at 2:32am

Not until after MPO & MA1 are done playing

Zachary Petzel   June 27 at 1:06pm

Will am1 tee off before mpo all three rounds?

Douglas McIntosh   June 27 at 1:21pm

Yes - MA1 before MPO each day

Douglas McIntosh    Sticky June 22 at 12:41am

Toboggan baskets should be in tournament positions
9 short pin
10 long pin
11 short pin
18 original pin

Hole 12 all divisions short tee

Besides that

MPO & MA1 - long tees

FPO,MP40,MA2 - short tees

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Daymon Pugh   June 22 at 1:10pm

Ignore me I woke up grumpy very sorry. I should’ve never said anything to begin with carry-on

Lucas Oberholtzer Hess   June 25 at 4:55am

Will all OB be in play at Toboggan?

Lucas Oberholtzer Hess   June 25 at 4:56am

Earlier comment noted, never mind

Douglas McIntosh    Sticky June 12 at 5:00pm

Pool C
MA3,MA4,AM women,AM master, MP60

Day 2 (round 3)
will be at Black Locust now

Pool C will no longer play Bald MT

Day 1 (Sat) Pool C
Round 1 - Black locust Blue - Short tees
Round 2 - Black Locust Green - Short tees

Day 2 (Sun) Pool C
MA3 Round 3 (36 spots)
Black Locust Blue - Long tees

(MA4,AM women, am master, MP60)
Round 3
Black Locust Green - short tees
36 spots

Pool C only had 27 players signed up, it does make sense to close Bald MT, and als ... more

Peter Lopez Jr   June 24 at 2:11pm

Is day 2 round 3 a shot gun start or tee times

Douglas McIntosh   June 24 at 2:31pm

Round 3 for Pool B & C is shot gun start (MA4,am women & master) 9am shot gun start / MA3 round 2pm shot gun start

Peter Lopez Jr   June 24 at 5:04pm

Perfect thanks!

Douglas McIntosh    June 29 at 4:04pm

Pool C round 2 tee time 12:45

hole assignments are posted


Douglas McIntosh   June 29 at 4:04pm

black locust Green

Caleb Carlson    June 28 at 6:37pm

Any possibility of delays with that storm coming through in the morning tomorrow?

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Douglas McIntosh   June 28 at 10:54pm

correct if we see lightning, there will be a lightning delay for 30 minutes, we will blow an air horn 3 times, to let everyone know

brandon foster   June 28 at 11:49pm

Will there be updates on here tomorrow for those of us with later tee times and aren't at the course yet?

Douglas McIntosh   June 29 at 12:27am

Between the 3 courses we will post if 1 or all have a delay

Michael Pirkle    June 28 at 2:09pm

For those doing shotgun starts tomorrow where do we check 8n at just on the app? Or do we need to report to a certain hole at 9am

Douglas McIntosh   June 28 at 2:40pm

Tee off will be at 9am at black locust Saturday , I will get hole assignments posted before noon today

Douglas McIntosh    June 28 at 1:52pm

Pool B Saturday Tee times have been posted



Andrew Bartel sixbey    June 28 at 4:49am

Anyways I can still register for this for MA4

Brandon Redmond   June 28 at 10:17am

Registration is closed.

Andrew "Cheddar” Wonch    June 27 at 10:38am

Will there be water throughout Toboggan?

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Steve 'Fanzi' Zaborowski   June 28 at 1:55am

Surrounded by water OB I assume, will there be drop zones?

Douglas McIntosh   June 28 at 3:24am

there will be bottles of drinking water at holes 3,8,13

Steve 'Fanzi' Zaborowski   June 28 at 12:07pm


Douglas McIntosh    June 27 at 3:21am

online registration is closed

tee times for MPO & MA1 on Friday have been posted

All other divisions only play Saturday & Sunday
Their tee times and hole assignments will be posted at 8am Friday Morning

We will not add any more cards, or changing tee times, but there are 2 groups of 3 in MPO, so 2 more spots are available for MPO if anyone is interested in them ,

A digital player meeting will be sent out tomorrow on Thursday


Anikin Reynolds    June 25 at 10:54pm

Are walk ups welcome?

Douglas McIntosh   June 26 at 2:56am

No registration closes Wednesday night

Trevor Kempton    June 25 at 10:37pm

When will we have tee times for Saturday?

Douglas McIntosh   June 26 at 2:55am

Pool A tee times will be posted Wednesday night around 11pm / Pool B they will be posted Friday Morning

Curtis-Shane Gregory    June 25 at 9:59pm

Is their any C Tiers been hosted through the week?

Douglas McIntosh   June 26 at 2:53am

There are some sanctioned leagues each day / Wednesday - Bald MT / Thursday NorthRidge Church / Friday black locust

Jared Smith    June 25 at 6:15pm

So I saw the section on parking fees, do we pay the course fee also? (Like the $3 for locust and 5-10 for toboggan) just need to know if I should bring cash

Douglas McIntosh   June 25 at 6:47pm

No - just the parking pass, all other fees are included in your entry fee

Canaan Demorest-Lee    June 25 at 3:42pm

Is there camping at Kensington?

Douglas McIntosh   June 25 at 4:28pm

There is no camping at Kensington

Susan Jervis    June 24 at 11:31pm

Will there be food available for purchase at Black Locust Saturday between rounds?

Douglas McIntosh   June 24 at 11:43pm

We will not have food on site, there are plenty of places near by for Food, Holden’s just outside the park on Milford road has a lot of options , and thousands of discs for sale too

Susan Jervis   June 26 at 12:04am

Thank you

Canaan Demorest-Lee    June 23 at 4:15am

Is course open to practice now?

Daymon Pugh   June 23 at 12:42pm


Lindsey Maas    June 22 at 9:29pm

Can you clarify the courses for FPO on Sunday? The about section comment is a bit confusing. Thanks!

Douglas McIntosh   June 23 at 2:10pm

Saturday Toboggan tee times - Sunday 2 rounds of Black locust shot gun start (Green then Blue)

Lindsey Maas   June 24 at 11:27am

Thanks Doug!