North Landing Prodigy Par 2

Saturday, January 28, 2023 at North Landing in Marietta, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament

North Landing Prodigy Par 2 graphic


Local n'er-do-wellJason Cummings
Tournament ChiefJoe Costa

About this tournament

Flex Start Event Starts at 8:30am
Last Opportunity to start a round will be 3:45pm
Show up and play anytime between those hours, give yourself time to play additional rounds(available for purchase at registration and day of event)

How It Works
PAR2 is a casual, unsanctioned tournament with nine to eighteen holes 180 feet and under. The goal is to run at aces, card 2’s, and have fun. Whoever scores the lowest round wins. Players must use the provided discs in their players pack for all throws. It is a great way to promote the sport of disc golf, involve all skill levels, and have a great time throughout the year!

Minimum 1 round of 18 holes, to as many you can play in a day, with on your lowest score recorded.

PAR2 Replay
You may play again... A replay is a second, third...each round is $5.00.

Course Layout
Holes are 180' and under. All holes are Par 2.

Entry Fees
Entry fees are standardized at $25 USD Entry fees include one full round of play, and the included Player's Package.

Player Package
The 2023 PAR2 Base Player's Pack consists of:

(x1) P Model S BaseGrip or P Model US BaseGrip (based on availability)
(x1) A3 300 GLOW
(x1) ACE Starter Bag
(x1) Mini
(x1) Towel

You may upgrade player packs during registration...

Upgraded Pack C (+$5):
• (x1) A3 300 GLOW
• (x1) P Model S BaseGrip or P Model US BaseGrip (based on availability)
• (x1) M Model S BaseGrip
• (x1) ACE Starter Bag
• (x1) Mini
• (x1) Towel

Upgraded Pack A (+$10):
• (x1) A3 300 GLOW
• (x1) P Model S BaseGrip or P Model US BaseGrip (based on availability)
• (x1) M Model S BaseGrip
• (x1) BP-4 Backpack
• (x1) Mini
• (x1) Towel

Players are required to use the discs included in the Player's Package, and only these discs.

Prize Package
The prizes for each PAR2 event are Prodigy Disc full colour discs for winners of each of the 6 divisions with $20 gift cards, along with $20 gift certificates for the runners up.

Note - PAR2 organizers are responsible for shipping. In the event a PAR2 Organizer must cancel an event after purchasing PAR2 packs, the PAR2 organizer is responsible to ship packs to participants.

Refund policy

North Landing DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Current Standings

1Jeremy Manny39
2Steve Brooker40
2Tony Antoniades40
4Trey Harrison41
5James Wiseman II42
5Lamar Ledford42
5Tom Hutcheson42
8Jacob Wade Cox43
8John Downs43
8Jon Starnes43
8Michael Emry43
12Gabe Gales44
12Tyler Featherston44
14Brett Winzeler46
14Mark Tappan46
16Tim Fogle47
17Alex Costa48
17Jeremy Butler48
19Lance Myers49
20Roger Patterson50
21Jeff Whitehead51
22Erik Warner53
23Caleb Hutcheson54
24Tony Costa55
25Wes Bailey56
26Caleb Lee-
26Dylan Kyle-
26Joseph Greenwell-
26Joshua Lee-
26Paul Russell-
26Paul Russell IV-
26Rick Williamson-
26Steven Thomson-
26Yaffy Yakob-
1Mia Samonte49
2Michelle Gould56
3Kris Waters68
1Keith Johnson39
2Daniel B Manny40
2Emerson Reeves40
2Stephen Coriell40
5Brian Griffin41
5Patrick Davidson41
7Greg B Stone42
7JT Hamman42
7Justin Waters42
7Paul Dysart42
11Aaron Anderson43
11Drew Holley43
11John Harper43
11Josh Opazo43
11Roger Sutherland43
11Ryan Sage43
17Brian Hilburn44
17Lamar Griffin44
19Cory Chamberlain45
19Jeff Kaplan45
19Mike Singletary45
22Colin Frazier46
22Dexter Jenks46
24Alexander Bolduc47
24Joel Ramsey47
26Derek Flythe-
26Mike Eldridge-
1Jennie Costa46
2Gerleen Dineros50
1Logan Waters81
1Hayden Harper57
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