North Landing Junior Championship

PDGA logoSunday, April 18, 2021 at North Landing in Marietta, Georgia
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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North Landing Junior Championship will be a one-day PDGA-sanctioned event for under-18 players only. We will h ... more
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Jason Cummings    Sticky March 11 at 4:20pm

***Important*** Parents, please be aware of the following rules that will be in effect:

Rules for junior players at PDGA tournaments:

Last updated: Thursday, December 31, 2020 - 19:09

A. Parents/guardians must be responsible for their children during PDGA-sanctioned events. Neither the PDGA staff nor the event staff are responsible for the children of tournament players, spectators, etc. during events. Parents/guardians may not leave unaccompanied children at or near the scoring area, c ... more


Jason Cummings    Sticky March 11 at 6:12am

As we approach the tournament, I'll be updating folks via email and here. We are gathering sponsors and volunteers. The tournament is shaping up nicely and we are looking forward to seeing everyone out there. If anyone knows any juniors that might like to play, but are on the fence, we are open to having them come out on a designated open play day tbd soon. Let us know your thoughts.


Brad M    April 22 at 12:33pm

Ready for more Junior events? Opelika is a short drive away.

Jason Cummings   April 26 at 3:40am

Everyone should go check out the Alabama Jr. Championship.

Micah Jones    April 19 at 11:26pm

Will the podium photos taken be posted here to save?


Luke Godleski    April 19 at 12:08pm

You guys ran an awesome event, my girl had a blast, thank you for providing this opportunity for her to compete and learn the difference between a casual round with family and a competitive round with new friends.

Jason Cummings   April 19 at 8:00pm

That rules. Glad she had a good time. We are happy to have put it on. Alice has a 3rd place medal, BTW. We couldn't find y'all at the break. Let me know if you can meet up or if we should mail it.

Jason Cummings    April 19 at 12:00pm

Players and Parents,

Thank you all for playing and attending the North Landing Junior Championship. We here at North Landing DGC hope it was a fun day for everyone involved.

Congrats to all our winners. There was some really good disc golf going on out there. These kids will be pushing the boundaries of the sport in a few years.

We want to thank all of our sponsors: Superior Athlete, Out of the Grey Wellness, Dr. Rock, Puttz Club, North Landing Disc Golf Club, Lucky Disc Golf, Trainh ... more

Ruth A. Miller   April 19 at 4:56pm

It sounds like everyone enjoyed the tournament! Awesome Work! I enjoyed cheering for the juniors from afar and watching Live scoring! Thank you!

Jonathan M Butler    April 17 at 11:49pm

My son has came down with the stomach bug. Sadly, we will have to withdraw from the tourney. Given this was his first tournament he is utterly distraught. Hopefully we will be able to make it next year. Name: Michael Bryson Jeffries.

Jason Cummings   April 18 at 12:24am

Sorry for his luck, hope he feels better!

Conner Brewton    April 17 at 8:05pm

Hey Jason, When are you planning to post hole assignments?

Jason Cummings   April 18 at 12:13am

Later this evening. However, people keep dropping and and adding, so check in at the scorer's table tomorrow before start time for your ultimate assignment.

Andrea givens    April 15 at 11:31pm

How many holes are f 12 playing?

Jason Cummings   April 17 at 12:29am

18 x 2

Jason Cummings    April 14 at 1:45pm

KONA ICE of Alpharetta will be on site from 12:30-2PM. Cool of with a sno-cone.


Jordan Kass    April 14 at 2:04am

Good luck to all the participants on sunday!!!!


John M    April 10 at 2:42am

Jason, Looking over the layouts, I didn't see anything for FJ18. Will she tee off with the FJ15? Thanks!

Jason Cummings   April 11 at 7:08pm


Kaiden Burkes    April 9 at 2:25am

This is my first tournament, are my family members (grandparents) allowed to come watch along with my parents?

Jason Cummings   April 11 at 7:09pm

Yes. We encourage the family to come root their player on.

Julio Cisneros    April 7 at 2:57am

Hi Jason I need to sign my son up. He will be playing for U8 but the registration is full. Can you please help me to register him. Thanks

Julio Cisneros   April 7 at 3:10am

I mean mj8 can you put him down as waiting list?

Jason Cummings   April 11 at 7:10pm

I will need your contact info, son's name, etc.

Jesse Arzola    April 6 at 8:32pm

Looking for recommendations for campsites. I'll be bringing a 17' pull behind for Saturday night.

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Jesse Arzola   April 7 at 3:05am

Thank you Matthew. I'll check that one out.

Jason Cummings   April 10 at 3:14am

I would try Victoria or Payne campgrounds near Allatoona. Closer than Stone mtn.

Jesse Arzola   April 10 at 4:01am

Thank you Jason.

Jason Cummings    April 4 at 1:57pm

Tentative schedule:

10 and under players will play one round. 11-18yr old players will play two rounds.

Check in begins at 7:45am.

10 yrs and under players start at 9am.

There will be a break station with snacks and a bathroom at hole 9. Cards can take a 15-20 minute break here if they need one.

The 11-18 year olds who want to participate will begin the putting challenge at 9:15am.

11-18 year olds start after the last group of under 10's has left the break station. We e ... more


Jason Cummings    April 4 at 1:27pm

Junior <= 18 - Long B
Junior <= 15 - Short O
Junior Girls <= 15 - Short B
Junior <= 12 - Short B
Junior Girls <= 12 - Short B
Junior <= 10 - Junior B
Junior Girls <= 10 - Junior B
Junior <= 8 - Junior B
Junior Girls <= 8 - Junior B
Junior <= 6 - Junior B
Junior Girls <= 6 - Junior B


Jeff Snyder    April 3 at 11:07am

Any video of the various course layouts and have you determined which age groups are playing which tees/baskets yet?

Jason Cummings   April 4 at 1:09pm

There are no videos that we have of the layouts. We will update divisional layout assignments soon.

Izaac Bridgman    March 31 at 12:05am

I just bought a PDGA membership and I was wondering if you could add my PDGA number to this tournament so I could get my rating up.

Jason Cummings   April 4 at 1:07pm


Izaac Bridgman    March 28 at 9:34pm

Hello, can myself and Joshua Baer be placed in the same group for the tournament.

Jason Cummings   April 4 at 1:10pm

Shouldn't be a problem.