NOVA January 2022 Tag Monthly

Saturday, January 15, 2022 at Giles Run @ Laurel Hill Park in Lorton, Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

NOVA January 2022 Tag Monthly graphic


Mike Sullivan
Rob Michaud
Jorge Menjivar
Tournament DirectorMatthew Bolden

About this tournament

It's the first tag monthly of the year! Start the year off right and score yourself a sweet 2022 tag to start off the year.

We'll be playing a 19-hole mixed layout that includes 16A & 16B. Want to play on the same card with your buddies, that's totally cool but have everyone check-in at the same time (and be prepared to drive to the front side).

So what should I sign up for?

GOLD: You're in that top-tier of club members and/or routinely playing MA1 or Pro at PDGA events. You're willing to toss in an extra $5 on that entry fee because you know you're getting it back. You're taking home a single- or double-digit tag because that's what's up. Bring it.

SILVER: Consistently competitive in silver or
finished towards the top of Bronze last year. When it comes to PDGA events you're playing MA2 or are frequently in contention in MA3. Thorns are overrated so you keep it in the fairways. Makes it a lot easier to land that next shot in C1 and nail that putt you're pretty confident in.

BRONZE: New to the game? New to tournaments? Playing MA3 and MA4 in PDGA tournaments? This division is for you. Come on out, have a great time, make some new friends, and try to bump up that tag number.

EMERALD: Women can play in any division they qualify for, but this division is one of two just for the ladies, and specifically for the upper-level competitors playing in FPO, FA1, or frequently in contention in FA2.

AMETHYST: This is a new division for 2022, a second women's-only division created for those competitors just starting to compete in FA2 or regularly competing in FA3 or FA4.

PLATINUM and JUNIORS: There are no age limits on any of the above divisions but Platinum is available for our 60+ members and Juniors are available for <18. Juniors play for a penny!

12 SL
13 LS
14 SL
15 LS
16B SL
17 SL
18 SL
1 LL
2 LS
3 SS
4 SL
5 SL
6 LL
7 SL
8 SL
9 SL
10 LS
11 LL

Refund policy

NOVA Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Final Results

1Gabi Sigafoo8585$5
1Noel Duke5858$55
2Hayden Mosher5959$38
2Rick Wilcox5959$38
4Robert Thomas5959$38
5Marc LaRochelle6060$20
5Robert Wright6060$20
5Sam Cox6060$20
8Randy Newkirk6262$5
8Ross Flint6262$5
8Stephen Mondschein6262$5
11Gabriel Francis Lunders6363
11Will Debesis6363
13Dustin Jutras6464
13Jessip Jesus6464
13Ryan Gossett6464
13Trey FLiiiR6464
17Everett Palmer6565
17Jared Rogalia6565
17Kevin Grimes6565
17Steve Kane6565
21Reid Sharkey6565
22Andrew Shands6666
22Tyler Smith6666
22Zack Mayo6666
25Blake Blando6767
25Christian Kingett6767
25Dan Bowman6767
25Tyler Sturgill6767
29Ken Albers6868
29Matt Seifert6868
31Ryan Elms6969
32Joe Dweck7070
33Christopher Taylor7171
33Frederick Hefer7171
36Graham Davis7272
37James Harrison7373
38James Willson7575
38Kenneth Durgin7575
40Gregory Baker7777
40Scott Webb7777
42Terry Young7878
43Tom Rowader7979
44David Sigafoo8080
44Owen Parrish8080
46Kritter Chris Parker8282
46Sean Shada8282
48Dan Donohue8484
48David Goodenough8484
1Kim Adams7272$5
1Christopher Griffin5353$60
2Danny Cherlow5454$35
2Zach Peterson5454$35
4Joseph Frazier5555$15
4Thomas Alderman5555$15
6Luke Morello5656
7Tommy Donelson5757
8Jeff Wodatch5858
8Naved Hasnain5858
8Steven Wartinbee5858
8Trey Tucker5858
12Garrett Sadtler5959
13Jonathan Celio6060
14Troy Adam Weber6161
15Quinn Brennan6262
15Rob Grike6262
1Steve Miller6060$15
2William R Vigil6363$5
3Rory Williamson6464
4Dave Ploger6666
Round 1: Giles Run @ Laurel Hill Park - January 2022 Monthly, 19 holes, par 58
1Hunter Thorpe5555$35
2Nathan Ellgren5656$30
3Andy Endicott5757$20
4Daniel Joseph5959$8
4John Weaver5959$8
6Bob Stahl6060$3
7Anthony Rentsch6060$3
7Ezra Dantowitz6060$3
7James Allen6060$3
7Noah Dunst6060$3
11Andrew Reich6161
11Kevin Carr6161
11Matthew Rivera6161
11Miles Hokanson6161
15Christopher Anderson6262
15Daniel Hatfield6262
17Fred Wolf6363
17Jeff Snider6363
17Scott Hughey6363
20Andrew Lin6464
21John Barrett6464
22Dave Hartzell6565
22Spencer Hale6565
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