NEO 2018 Frozen Fingers on the Fairway Tour - Wingfoot

Sunday, January 7, 2018 at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Suffield, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

It's that time of year again! Start your series out right with a stop at Wingfoot Lake State Park! Please come ... more
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Steven Cain    Sticky January 2 at 10:48am

So as you know, we will need food for this weekend. This is a little late notice, but if anyone can bring food that would be appreciated. I'll be bringing a crock pot of something.

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Mitch G   January 7 at 1:07am

We need more food?

Steven Cain   January 7 at 2:03am

The more the merrier Mitch!

Nate Blake   January 7 at 3:38am

I'll see of I can grab something on the way.

Dustin Alcorn    January 10 at 5:14pm

Wingfoot peeps or anyone who played in event. I lost a Pink Latitude 64 Raketen with my 11Six stamp on it, on hole 14. If it's found I'd like it back please!


Brad Silvers    January 9 at 3:59pm

Points can be viewed under Series tab and 2018 Frozen Fingers on the Fairway Fundraising Tour Series.


Trevor Murphy    January 9 at 1:29am

Will scores be posted soon?

Steven Cain   January 9 at 1:32am

As soon as I can.

Trevor Murphy   January 9 at 3:11am

Super quick!! Thanks again!

Michael Konopka    January 8 at 2:26am

Thanks to all of the Wingfoot Zeppelins for hosting a great event. Next stop in the Frozen Fingers on the Fairway Tour is Sunday at Medina. Come and check out the new concrete teepads at Sam Masi (which funds from NEO FFF grants helped put in). For more details:


Tyler Schrock    January 7 at 11:12pm

If you are looking for a round that is warmer, cheaper, less wooded, more casual and later in the day, check out the Monday Night Malone League sponsored by MVP Disc Sports


Luke Shelton    January 7 at 10:22pm

I left a red plastic container in the pavilion. If anyone picked it up, please let me know. Thanks!

Dustin Alcorn   January 7 at 10:37pm

Tyler Schrock has hit

Tyler Schrock   January 7 at 10:56pm

I have it. Will bring it to Medina

Luke Shelton   January 8 at 1:41am

Awesome, thanks!

Bill Vaughn    January 7 at 10:15pm

sorry I had to scoot suddenly- pitfall of me not driving. Good times with great people despite the weather- hope we see even more people at the next events! Thanks Steven Cain (event stuff) and Brad Silvers (NEO stuff) and everyone who brought food!

Brad Silvers   January 8 at 12:58am

Good times, for sure

Trevor Murphy    January 7 at 9:55pm

Had a blast! Thanks for running the event! First time playing Wingfoot in a very long time, since the redesign. I like it a lot and will be back when the weather is a little more forgiving.


justin worrell    January 7 at 2:05am

Can u put Skylar Williams in ma3

Steven Cain   January 7 at 2:11am

Do you have an email to link your profile?

justin worrell   January 7 at 2:23am

No he’s on my friends I’ll see his my sister son

justin worrell   January 7 at 2:34am

Here Steve mailto:[email redacted]

James Morrow    January 6 at 6:59pm

James Morrow Rec

Steven Cain   January 7 at 2:04am

Do you have an email to link your profile?

James Morrow   January 7 at 4:44am

[email redacted]

Trevor Murphy    January 6 at 4:51pm

Super glad to see some PA Folks coming out for a great event!! Keep it up SVDGA!!!


scott summers    January 6 at 3:45pm

Add me to rec. No pdga number

Steven Cain   January 6 at 4:32pm

Do you have an email to link your profile?

Bill Vaughn    January 6 at 1:30am

What is the snow like there? tees obviously, but how's the base and powder? Need ribbons and gps??

Steven Cain   January 7 at 2:09am

I was there today, it is about 3 inches of snow or so

Steven Cain   January 7 at 2:09am

Some areas are a little deeper.

Luke Shelton    January 4 at 3:19pm

Steven - Can you please add Brad Rowland in MPO, please. No PDGA number. Thanks!

Steven Cain   January 4 at 7:16pm

Sure thing, does he have a DGS email to link his profile?

Luke Shelton   January 5 at 2:20am

I'll ask

Michael Konopka    January 3 at 6:19pm

Which tees are we playing?

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Mitch G   January 7 at 1:35am

Anyone have salt for them in the am? I can bring a bag

Mitch G   January 7 at 2:41am

Just let me know.

Bill Vaughn   January 7 at 9:33am

pkease bring it Mitch if its not too much of a hassle

scott summers    January 3 at 1:59am

Can I pay day of? Rec division

Alex Colucci   January 3 at 5:28am

yep, can pay day of the event

Steven Cain   January 3 at 12:16pm

Thank you Alex.

scott summers    January 3 at 1:58am

Is it 20 bucks for every stop?

Michael Konopka   January 3 at 2:24am

It is $20 per event. You can pay at each the day of, although event organizers appreciate preregistration to help with organizing.

Steven Cain   January 3 at 12:16pm

Thank you Michael.

Rex Morey    November 18, 2017 at 2:28pm

Wow, been looking forward to this all year long only to find the first 5 events are on Sundays. What a shame.


Bob Cundiff    November 17, 2017 at 1:43am

Only women offered is open?

Steven Cain   November 17, 2017 at 10:21pm

I believe so, I would ask Bill Vaughn about it Bob.

PK Deaner   December 10, 2017 at 4:45pm

most people play up in these Charity events from my experience

Bill Vaughn   January 2 at 7:13pm

sorry didnt see this. we have way to track womens divisioned combined for series. more divisions can be offered