NADGT Exclusive @ UWF

PDGA logoSaturday, April 10, 2021 at University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA B-Tier Single Event Divisions offered: -MA1/MA2/MA3 -FA1/FA2 Age Protected Divisions offered: -MA4 ... more
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Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings    Sticky April 10 at 10:32am

!!!!!!!! Lightning Delay !!!!!!!!!

New checking time 10:30am
Tee off 11:30am


Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings    Sticky April 4 at 2:35pm

Kyle has sent out a email regarding a covid waiver for the event. We must have a reply to this waiver by Wednesday April 7th at 5pm.

If you do not see a email please respond to this post with your email so we can get it to you asap!


Jaden Yohe    April 11 at 2:58am

Any idea when the payouts will be emailed?
And thank you so much for a fun, safe day!!

Kyle Harrigan   April 11 at 3:11am

Information about Payouts will go out on Monday

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 11 at 3:12am

^^^hes fast! Thank you Kyle.

Blake Bullock    April 10 at 1:20pm

i need to request a refund, i have obligations at 6 and will not be able to play both rounds

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 10 at 6:07pm

unfortunately at this time you will only be able to claim your players pack. Please shoot me an email at [email redacted] and we will setup how you want to get that taken care of.

Colby Girard    April 10 at 3:59am

Hey Rob I thought u we’re going to take me off the list in MA3. I will not be there due to traveling issues.

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 10 at 10:44am

I see you refund request as of 11pm 4/10, we will get you removed

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 10 at 6:37pm

Please shoot me an email at [email redacted] so we can set up your players pack

Chris Crowder    April 10 at 12:44am

Are spectators allowed if they sign the uwf form?


Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings    April 9 at 5:54pm

We are showing only around 40 people that have signed the UWF Consent form that is at the bottom of your email that Kyle sent out on the Covid Waiver. Please understand if you do not sign up for the website and sign the consent form you will not be allowed to play in the tournament.


TIM OUIMET    April 9 at 3:08pm

Hey Rob I need to request a refund due to an injury and weather thanks Tim couldn't find confirmation email thanks again


Cade S    April 9 at 2:25am

Hey Rob, this is Cade. I will be needing to drop out of the tournament, I hope it doesn't rain on yall

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 9 at 2:40am

Please request a refund

Gary McFadden    April 8 at 10:29pm

Bad weather maybe gone start time.

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 8 at 10:40pm

I’m banking on a day of rain. I suggest all do that same

Chris Crowder    April 8 at 9:54pm


Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 9 at 1:40pm


Chris Crowder   April 10 at 12:47am

This was somehow posted in my pocket... Ha I just saw this. My bad!

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings    April 8 at 4:41pm

Groups are live! The player's meeting will be out by Friday night!


Max Matri    April 6 at 1:37pm

Awesome. Thanks guys.


Jaden Yohe    April 5 at 4:47pm

Looking at the weather Saturday, looks bad all day. Will we play thru the heavy rain?

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 5 at 7:14pm

Only thing that we will stop for is Lightnin.

Gary McFadden   April 5 at 7:40pm

If it ain't rainin. We ain't trainin.

Jaden Yohe   April 6 at 3:51pm

Lol thx

Colby Girard    April 5 at 4:02pm

Hey Rec Rob sorry bud but I will need to drop out of the tournament due to traveling issues.


Max Matri    April 5 at 1:33pm

I registered for this tournament before I had a PDGA number. Now I have one and it’s linked to my account but it isn’t showing up.

Kyle Maute   April 5 at 1:37pm

what is your PDGA number? We can add it to your reg page.

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 5 at 1:49pm

Got you updated Max :)

Kyle Maute   April 5 at 1:55pm

Thanks Rob!

Jack Landers    April 4 at 8:39pm

What pads will MA50 play? (I looked through all the comments and didn’t see it, but may have missed it). Thanks.

Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings   April 4 at 11:07pm


Robert "Rec Rob" Hastings    March 30 at 2:07pm

Your OB list, please note for locals this may be a little different then what you are used to! Let's make sure we read it :) These will be updated on the PDGA Live Scoring notes as well.

1) OB Parking lot long and sidewalk/road and beyond
2) OB Parking lot - Sidewalk is NOT OB
3) OB Parking lot - Mando Left - if missed play from DZ flagged
4) OB Road, missing mando proceed to Blue Tee throwing 3
5) OB Over Wall & Road. Sitting on the concrete wall is NOT OB
6) OB Parking lot - ... more


James Letts    March 23 at 9:15am

Did i get a refund i see that im out but never got a email for the refund

Kyle Maute   March 23 at 9:21am

Sorry about that. NOt sure what happened but refund has been issued.

Sean Harrison    March 21 at 10:42pm

I’m going to need to request a refund and withdraw please and thank you