NADGT Exclusive @ Reidy Creek

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Reidy Creek Golf Course in Escondido, California
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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PDGA B-Tier Single Event Divisions offered: -MA1/MA2/MA3 -FA1/FA2 Age Protected Divisions offered: -MA4 ... more
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Diego Lopez    September 18 at 3:34am

Is there going to be a player meeting video?


Willie Metcalf    September 17 at 1:46am

14 min for teetimes to be posted!


Nick Nieto    September 15 at 9:06pm

Hi there! Recently saw I was offered a spot to play after being on the waitlist, but won’t be able to make it to the event due to the late notice. Would like to withdraw and make sure my spot is given to the next on the waitlist! Thanks so much and hope to participate in the next one- bang chains y’all!


Willie Metcalf    September 15 at 2:45am

Are we walking or are we riding in carts?

Robert Lake   September 15 at 3:18am

Everyone walks. Not enough carts for all so per PDGA rules everyone walks.

Willie Metcalf    September 14 at 5:13am

Is it too late to be moved from ma2 to ma1?

Robert Lake   September 14 at 1:23pm

I got you moved.

Willie Metcalf   September 15 at 9:24pm


Justin Berry    September 12 at 8:03pm

Just to clarify tees.. W is white, B is blue, what is X?

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Robert Lake   September 15 at 12:30am

Sorry I was only out there the one day. I would go off what the UDisc map says. thats where I will be putting the tee signs.

Justin Berry   September 16 at 7:12am

I don't see any specific colors on UDisc. I'm assuming what Robert mentioned for tees are the ones we use. What is the new tee, Christopher?

Robert Lake   September 16 at 1:15pm

When I was there creating the map on UDisc they had 4 new permanent tee pads. I put those on the map for us to use. From what I understand there are more new pads now but we wont use those. The map on Udisc is very accurate. I will be putting tee signs out tomorrow (Friday) when I get into town. Will be easy to follow.

David 'Wizard' Rodriguez    September 12 at 5:50pm

Tee times being posted soon or?

Robert Lake   September 13 at 2:47pm

I will have tee times posted on Thursday by 7pm

Robert Lake   September 13 at 2:53pm

Still have people dropping and tee times ould change between now and then.

Michael Sorich   September 14 at 3:47pm

Thanks Robert!

Lavell Payne    September 10 at 2:20pm

I got a new card because I lost my other one. Will I be able to get a refund on my new card?

Robert Lake   September 10 at 2:29pm

Lavell, You need to contact NADGT about that. Their email address is on their website. Or you can contact Kyle Harrigan.

Kyle Harrigan   September 10 at 2:31pm

You will need to contact Paypal about that. I have zero control of the card it is refunded to

Lavell Payne   September 11 at 12:55am

Okay thank you

Lavell Payne    September 9 at 2:06pm

I have to withdraw from this tournament, may i get a refund?


Darren Ziegler    September 7 at 7:45pm

Is it possible/too late to move up a division? I’m in MA2, but wanted to see if it’s possible to go to MA1. No worries if it’s too late.

Robert Lake   September 7 at 9:47pm

I will move you now.

Darren Ziegler   September 7 at 10:13pm


Jim Nesbitt    September 6 at 2:11am

What tees will be used for MA50? Playing Reidy tomorrow and wanted some idea of the way it will play.

Robert Lake   September 6 at 7:34pm

Everyone is playing the same tee pads. There is a map on UDisc "NADGT Exclusive 2021".

David 'Wizard' Rodriguez    September 5 at 10:39pm

Are caddies/spectators allowed?

Robert Lake   September 6 at 7:34pm

Reidy Creek has not told me no and the last I talked to them about it they said spectators and caddies were fine. I will reach out tomorrow and make sure.

Robert Lake   September 8 at 6:45pm

Just confirmed with the Reidy Creek. Caddies and Spectators are allowed as long as as they sign the waiver to be on the course.

Jon Pagsanhan    September 2 at 9:36pm

I need to withdraw from the event. I’m in ma3 . Thx JP.


ryan omer    August 26 at 5:07pm

the event page stated that the t-times for saturday the 18th may start as late as 1030 am.
do you know approximately when groups will tee off?

Robert Lake   August 27 at 12:30am

Tee times on Saturday start at 10:30am because of a smaller ball golf group teeing off before. groups will go out in the normal order starting with MJ18, FA3, MA3 and so on. Tee times are every 10min.

David Arterburn    August 24 at 10:24pm

I just saw a comment where it said that waitlisters who hadn't paid may not get in. I feel like I got on the waitlist without paying. How do I pay if I'm already on the waitlist so that I can make sure I get in if the time comes? I am currently #3 on the waitlist.

Robert Lake   August 25 at 12:25am

Waitlisters don't pay unless they get in. If someone drops and you get added to the tournament you will be sent an email to update your registration and pay the fee.

JEFFERSON S    August 22 at 10:30pm

Why would you cap AM1? For the spirit of competition, wouldn’t you want as much potential talent as possible?

Kyle Harrigan   August 23 at 1:20am

The event is full with a waitlist of 24 players, the cap is to keep balance in the field and to help

Kyle Harrigan   August 23 at 1:20am

Organize cards

Jeremy Little    August 13 at 5:55pm

So I saw that the last open spots were filled in from the waitlist, but there weren’t any spot added to the rec division. I’m already in the tournament but my uncle is first on the waitlist for rec and I was hoping that at least one spot would have been opened when you filled those spots. Was there any reason in particular for not adding rec spots?

Robert Lake   August 14 at 11:40pm

I had 9 spots left. 1 for FA2 that extra will play with FA1. 2 for MA1 that will play with 2 from MA40. 2 from MA50 will play with 2 from MA2.

Robert Lake   August 14 at 11:41pm

I wouldnt be surprised if more drop and waitlisters get in. I have already had a few. Also those that don't pay will be removed ahead of time and players added.

Jeremy Little   August 15 at 2:15am

Okay thank you I was just curious about how they were spread out.

Tim Lloyd    August 9 at 2:31am

Will we be walking this course or do we use golf carts? Thanks

Robert Lake   August 9 at 1:14pm

Walking. They don't have enough golf carts for everyone so everyone will be walking. You wont be able to rent or ride on a golf cart.

Tim Lloyd   August 11 at 3:47am

Ok perfect thank you

Michael Lightner    August 8 at 11:25pm

I was just added from the waitlist, but I will be out of town. Can I remove myself somehow?

Robert Lake   August 9 at 1:13pm

Yes you can click on the refund button that is located on the registration page.

Michael Lightner   August 9 at 2:46pm

I haven’t paid anything, just looking to remove myself so someone else on the waitlist can add

Joshua Rodney    August 3 at 2:41am

Hello, I am currently registered for MA2 and recently qualified through the NADGT at Kit Carson. Would it be possible to move this registration to MA1?

Robert Lake   August 3 at 12:55pm

Yes I can move you. Just so you are aware, If you are logged into discgolfscene with the account you registered with you can go into any tournament you signed up for and change your registration. They don't charge anything to change it. Like if you decided down the road you wanted the Beef Jerky you can go in and add it.

Joshua Rodney   August 4 at 3:23pm

Oh nice, thank you very much for the information! I’ll definitely do that in the future.