NADGT Exclusive @ Oshtemo

PDGA logoSunday, September 26, 2021 at Oshtemo Township Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Philip Van Strien    October 1 at 2:19pm

Disc Dots were an option for the player pack when registering but not available the day of the tournament. Do we have any idea when to expect them in the mail if we payed for them?

Chris Davis   October 2 at 11:34am

They were mailed to me later than the rest. Let’s plan a day to meet up

Philip Van Strien   October 3 at 12:56am

It might be too late, but if you have them at Territorial tomorrow, I thought you mentioned you were playing in it?

Hunter Brandt    September 25 at 2:16pm

It says the event is currently at 70 people. Will the first 2 people on the waitlist get added?

Chris Davis   September 25 at 2:45pm


Hunter Brandt   September 25 at 3:04pm

Thank you

Dave Nelson    September 25 at 2:22am

Small Divs.shooting short tees will be carded with other short tee Div. Players as possible, yes?

Chris Davis   September 25 at 2:44pm

I try to make this happen for the benefits of the players

Jack Bungart    September 24 at 10:49pm

Since the event is full, with waitlisters, if I drop, will I get the full refund?

Chris Davis   September 25 at 1:35am

Refund requests made after player packs being ordered (approximately 2 weeks) will be issued a 20% refund less DGScene and PayPal fees and there players pack will be shipped directly to their house.

Jack Bungart   September 25 at 3:30am

Yeah, I already read that. So you guys order extra players packs for the waitlisters then just in case people drop or do you just order new packs in order to keep the cash for someone who doesn’t show.

Jack Bungart   September 25 at 3:31am

Like after the fact.

Austin lally    September 17 at 1:15am

My rating just went up to above the cut off could I be moved from am2 to am1?

Kyle Harrigan   September 17 at 1:32am

Yes I moved you

Hunter Brandt    September 12 at 11:03pm

Is there much of a chance of getting in since I'm the only one in MJ18 and 6th on the waitlist?

Chris Davis   September 14 at 11:37am

yes, with a 6 waitlist. This doesnt mean you 100% wont be able to play. There are always people to dont show or drop very last minute. Get on the waitlist is my recommendation

Brian Poling    September 9 at 11:35am

Would it be possible for me to switch from MA1 division into the am40 division?

Chris Davis   September 9 at 5:14pm

of course

Craig Kacmarsky    August 31 at 10:23am

Will the divisions with two people be forced into another division?

Chris Davis   August 31 at 12:21pm

no, but I would advise joining the bigger division for more points and more payout value

Tres Trantham    August 30 at 3:00pm

If I registered myself and my daughter (FJ10 playing in FJ18), would we be able to card together?

Chris Davis   August 30 at 3:43pm

your daughter is required adult supervison. If you sign up in a division outside your daughter's(which you wil) then you will be carded with your division.

Tres Trantham   August 31 at 11:19am

Thanks for the clarification!

Chris Davis   August 31 at 12:22pm

No problem

Jack Bungart    June 28 at 12:15am

What’s with the course permit fees? There is no fee at Oshtemo.

Chris Davis   June 28 at 11:49am

You are correct, I will have Kyle on this ASAP. Thank you

Chris Davis   June 28 at 5:06pm

All taken care of . Thank you for seeing that